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C28 Phosgene

Lee Qiangdi didn't expect the man to keep his word. Within a few days, he brought him a photon processor with similar functions to his.


The most advanced photon processor model of the Shen Nuo Academy of Science and Technology was the one that had the highest authority other than Duke Hades's photon processor, Bo Sai Dong. At the same time, it was also a multi-functional intellectual brain specially designed for humans. Of course, Lee Qiangdi did not know about this. He was keeping his current status as a mermaid a secret.

These days, Lee Qiangdi restrained his mind and kept trying to think of a way to talk to Hades without leaving any trace, wanting to understand the situation he was in right now.

In such a strange era, he was surrounded by people he didn't know and his identity had become sensitive again. Naturally, Lee Qiangdi didn't want to just muddle along like this.

He wanted to control his own life so that he wouldn't be in a disadvantageous position. He could only be at the mercy of others.

It had to be said that the existence of the photon processor Anfey had solved a big problem for Lee Qiangdi.

The young man couldn't help but sigh. That nobleman named Hades was really generous. He was only slightly curious about the advanced technology, but the man had already given him such a big gift. Regarding his life in the Ducal Mansion residence, that man had also meticulously thought about all aspects of it for him. Because of his status as a fish, that man even changed the structure of the courtyard and expanded a lotus pond that was not small.

To be honest, even someone like him, who was very vigilant, couldn't help but feel touched by the man's good intentions.

He had spent a lot of money just for a stranger, but this man didn't care at all and even treated him like a guest. Was it worth it?

It wasn't that Lee Qiangdi hadn't thought about what intentions that man had for treating him so well.

But, looking back at himself, he had nothing now, so what would that man want from him? Not to mention that the other party was a noble with a high status, the furnishings in his house were all precious items, so how could he possibly be interested in him?

As long as he could not figure it out, he would not think of it. The young man's attention was completely focused on the processor in the man's hand, which was in the shape of a bracelet.

"For me? Are you sure it's for me? "

"I'll put it on for you." Hades looked at the youth's incredulous face with his dark eyes. His gaze was gentle and his tone was soft and full of magnetism.

"Uh, thanks." Although he wanted to wear it, since he didn't understand it, Lee Qiangdi didn't reject it.

To him, the other party was a man, and he was also a man. So what if he wore a watch for the other party? Back in university, he had worn the same pants as Yiling and Huang.

Seeing that the young man did not refuse, Hades's cold, marble face could not help but soften even more. Looking at Old Steward, Ulise, who was at the side, almost started crying again.

Wuu wuu, Sir Old Duke, young master Hades has already found a partner that he likes. Ulise's worry that young master Hades will not have a son in the future can finally be put down.

Besides, Young Master Lian Hua was extremely beautiful, had an excellent personality, gentleness and elegance, and was also very polite. Even when facing underlings, he didn't make things difficult for them, and he never saw Young Master Lian Hua willful before.

Later on, he would instruct the people from Ducal Mansion to prepare, and maybe one day, he would prepare for Lord Duke's and Young Master Lian Hua's grand wedding.

Furthermore, Young Master Lian Hua was the most beautiful mermaid he had ever seen. Not only was he a mysterious and noble creature, but he also possessed a power that would make people feel ashamed of his beauty. He was even more powerful than the human-made fish outside. Furthermore, Young Master Lian Hua was the most precious Natural Mermaid.

The Natural Mermaid had two legs, so her physique was much better than a human-made fish.

The most important thing is, it can't be compared to what Young Master Hades likes.

This was the first time he saw Master Hades fall in love with someone in so many years. How could he let go of the future mistress who occupied an important position in his heart?

Old Steward and Ulise naturally didn't know what Lee Qiangdi was thinking about. At this moment, Old Steward had his head lowered as he played with the photon processor in his hand excitedly, listening to the man beside him explain the situation. As for Hades, he might understand this in his heart, but he was obviously happy to see it happen.

From a man's point of view, he could only see the Lian Hua's enchanting and eye-catching crystal prismatic mark in the center of the boy's forehead, as well as the boy's thick and perky eyelashes that lightly fluttered like a butterfly's wing.

Because the youth didn't understand much about the photon processor, the man's tall and muscular body was very close to him. There was even a faint feeling of the youth being wrapped within his embrace. However, Lee Qiangdi, who was familiar with advanced technology, could not realize what the man who helped him understand the functions of the photon processor was thinking.

Not only did the photon processor Anfey have a beautiful design, but the 3D image of the processor itself was modeled after the mermaid.

The silver bracelet was securely worn on his hand. Lee Qiangdi couldn't wait to check it out.

In the year 2012 of the Human Era, a great calamity suddenly broke out in the world. The first thing to strike was the avalanche and melting of the snow-capped mountains. Because they were caught off guard, no one knew that they would face the apocalyptic waters. Many cities were flooded, and humans and goods had no time to evacuate. They could only be buried under the sea forever.

The coastal area and the lower regions of the world were turned into a vast ocean. Three quarters of the world's land had sunk, leaving behind only the high areas that had formed the four major areas.

The apocalypse had not only brought about the collapse and reshuffle of the original world, but also a change for those lucky enough to survive. Perhaps it was because of the great water, but many people possessed the elemental power to control water. Of course, apart from the fact that the water element was more powerful and abundant, metal, wood, fire, wind, earth, lightning, and other elemental energies were also abundant.

After more than a thousand years of training, the four great domains gradually formed with the four great dukes in the lead, and the ten great aristocrats as their subordinates. The aristocrats would then completely rule over the four great domains.

There was no royal family here, but the four noble families were much more powerful than the royal family in their respective territories.

Class and status were very distinct between the aristocrats and the commoners, and their strength was not on the same level at all. Among the commoners, it was possible for those with power to gain the right to become nobles through military exploits. As for those who were born powerless, they could only live at the lowest level of society.

The difference between a noble and a commoner was obvious with a single glance.

Other than his luxurious clothes and temperament, the aristocrats had tall and sturdy bodies. Their average height ranged from 1.9 meters to 2.2 meters. They are the survivors of the survival of the better in society, the elites who hold the power of a region. Compared to the aristocrats, the commoners had weaker bodies. Their average height ranged from 1.8 meters to 2 meters, and their bodies were not as strong or as beautiful as the aristocrats.

In the Shen Nuo, there were many weak commoners who would choose to transform into mermaids because their families were unable to support them. For example, if one family had two children, and one family had a weaker system, he would transform into a mermaid when he reached adulthood and become the partner of another man, who had the ability to support his family.

After a man transformed into a mermaid, his body would become even weaker and he wouldn't even be able to move. because their tails can't support upright walking.

After more than three thousand years of development, the technology of Shen Nuo could be said to be extremely advanced. For the benefit of the merman fish, so that the merman fish can better life, the Institute of Science and Technology has invented a lot of specially designed for merman fish supplies. For example, in just a few days, Hades had installed quite a number of settings that Lee Qiangdi didn't know were used in the rooms that originally had soldiers around them. This added a bit of flexibility and warmth to the man's room.

Of course, Lee Qiangdi didn't know yet, he only saw the front part and couldn't help but be shocked.

So, the avalanche that he climbed the mountain with Huang was not a coincidence? It wasn't because they were particularly unlucky that they ended up dying tragically.

The youth's mood could not help but become complicated.

Speaking of which, he didn't even know if he should be happy or sad anymore. Even though Huang and him died in the avalanche, they were much happier than those who died in despair after experiencing the apocalypse. At least, they died without pain. Moreover, they still had a chance to wake up.

After waking up, three thousand years had passed. The world had changed, and it was now even more prosperous and prosperous now.

The youth closed his eyes and continued to read.

When he read the introduction for the aristocrats of this world, Lee Qiangdi couldn't help but to look at the man beside him.

No wonder he was so tall. He was just following the flow of the world.

Speaking of which, his body was still slender and couldn't compare to those tall and strong men. The fact that he was standing next to a man made him seem even weaker.

I wonder if my current appearance is considered a third-rate cripple in this Shen Nuo era?

What if those women despised being short? Where did he go to find a wife to have children?

He finally understood the pain of being short.

The youth frowned, suddenly feeling vexed.

If he added more calcium now, who knew if he could grow taller in the future?

He looked to be no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. There should be a possibility for him to grow, right? Maybe, when I'm twenty, I'll be as handsome and powerful as Hades?

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