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C29 Blue Pool

At night, the moon hung high in the sky.

Lee Qiangdi was tossing and turning on the soft bed and couldn't fall asleep. He couldn't help but recall what happened during the day.

The history that he had learned from the photon processor was no small matter, causing him to feel somewhat dispirited.

I can't go back. The wheel of history had walked for more than three thousand years, but he was left behind in time, as if in a dream. When he woke up, the sky outside had already changed, and he could no longer find his way back.

Also, Hades, that man is just a stranger after all. He doesn't have any relationship with me, so he can't stay here forever.

When he thought of his future life, he suddenly felt restless. The teenager abruptly sat up on the bed.

Looking at the moon hanging high outside, perhaps only this full moon was the thing he was most familiar with. History took a big step forward and took away too much of his longing. Only, it didn't take him away.

If he said he wasn't afraid, that would be a lie. No matter who it was in his current situation, no matter how calm a person was, it was impossible for his heart to remain calm.

Lee Qiangdi lifted the blanket and gently stepped onto the soft, thick blanket with his bare, snow-white feet. He walked to the French window and couldn't help but sigh.

After all, this was not his era. Without the things he was familiar with, there was no sense of belonging here. Perhaps, when he married and had children here in the future and adapted to this era, he would be able to let go of the knot in his heart and live a peaceful life after him. However, this did not include the current situation!

The moon shone brightly on the balcony on the second floor. The youth's heart was suddenly moved as he watched the pool grow increasingly tranquil, reflecting the cold moon in the sky.

Flowing-stream Pool...

Perhaps it was because his body was that of a mermaid, Lee Qiangdi, who hadn't touched water for many days, couldn't help but be stunned. An impulse suddenly surged in his heart.

Turning around, the young man stepped on the ground with his bare feet and prepared to open the door. However, Lee Qiangdi couldn't help but look down as he felt the softness beneath his feet.

This soft blanket was laid by the handsome man named Hades after he woke up. He said that it was to prevent himself from getting hurt.

He remembered that time, he was still in a daze. How could he be injured when he was in his own room? After thinking about it, he understood. That man must have known about his status as a mermaid and was afraid that he would hurt it if he used his tail to walk.

A careful and gentle man who was completely different from his cold and majestic appearance!

For Lee Qiangdi, who was alone at the moment, he had a good impression of that man. Not only because of his kindness and enthusiasm, but also because he had given the homeless him a temporary safe haven, extending his hand of friendship in his most lonely and terrified moment.


Lee Qiangdi couldn't help but be shocked when he thought of the man with a strong and tall body, who always made him look up at him. When he came back to his senses, the young man shook his head, opened the door, and gently walked out.

In the yard, the jade-green pond, which had only taken five days to finish with advanced technology, was shining brightly, and the budding lotus flowers were emitting fragrance under the moonlight. Lee Qiangdi's body instinctively liked and liked the water, so he couldn't help but walk over.

Upon contact with the water, the young man's cells seemed to have relaxed, and due to the worry for his Shen Nuo having dissipated by a bit, his face revealed a peerlessly beautiful smile.

He had not been playing water for days, and he was suddenly not used to it. In the past, he had been free to go wherever he wanted in the vast azure sea. He had almost never left the water, and at most, when he was bored, he would rise to the surface and find a rock to sit on while watching the sunset slowly descend to the horizon, there was nothing else he could do.

The silver white tail of the fish lightly swayed on the surface of the water, but Lee Qiangdi didn't realize that at this moment, his rejection towards the original mermaid body had unknowingly disappeared.

His long hair was like seaweed floating in the water. The young man lowered his head, staring at the reflection of her beautiful figure on the water's surface.

She was a peerless beauty from the myths and legends, and the charm and enchantment between her brows could easily cause others to lose themselves and sink into depravity.

Her eyes were charming and alluring, filled with a natural flirtatious charm. Anyone who saw her would feel their entire body turn hot and dry. At this moment, the youth slightly tilted his head as three pairs of earrings inlaid on his left ear glimmered under the moonlight, adding to the enchantment and mysteriousness of the youth's beautiful body that was immersed in the lake.

How many people had lost their hearts and souls to that bewitching Siren? They had even lost their lives, but they were still infatuated without regret!

On the shore, a man held a snow-white towel in his hand. His eyes were dark, but he couldn't shift his gaze away from the youth in the lake.

Lian Hua...

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