Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C30 Moonlight Enchantment
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C30 Moonlight Enchantment
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C30 Moonlight Enchantment

Lian Hua...

That pretty fairy floating in the water was like a lovely lotus flower emitting fragrance under the moonlight. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

He had never known that his self-control would be so poor. He just watched silently as the beast he had been suppressing in its slumber broke free from its bindings, roaring nonstop. The man's eyes were deep and dark. His face, which had always been unsmiling, now gave off a heart palpitating feeling of danger.

That was a Mermaid that only belonged to him!

Under the sparkling blue water, the youth's exposed snow-white shoulders, the smooth white neck, and the small and attractive collarbone, they were all filled with a heart palpitating beauty under the moonlight.

The autumn water was the divine jade as the bone, and it was referring to the youth in the water.

The man's dark eyes narrowed slightly. There was an emotion that no one could discern in his eyes.

Because his back was facing the shore, the youth in the water didn't notice that someone was standing behind him at some point. He only reached out his hand to push the water gently, then his entire body sank into the lake.

The translucent fish tail was very useful in the water. Lee Qiangdi opened his eyes and swam happily in the water for an hour before he finally surfaced.

With the sound of water splashing, the youth's relaxed expression could not help but stiffen when he saw the person on the shore. His expression was somewhat unnatural.

"Aha, um, you haven't slept yet." Lee Qiangdi touched his head as he greeted, then looked up at the tall and strong body of the man on the shore. At that moment, Lee Qiangdi felt a bit awkward.

Running out to swim in the middle of the night in someone else's home and disturbing the master's rest made Lee Qiangdi feel really ashamed.

"Um, sorry, I was just unable to sleep so I came out to take a walk. I didn't expect to disturb you. I'm really sorry."

"Come here."

"Huh?" Lee Qiangdi was stunned and did not know how to react.

"Come here." The man's deep, magnetic voice once again rang out in the quiet night, carrying a doting and indulgent tone that he did not even realize he was doing.

"Oh." Lee Qiangdi didn't know why, but he felt a little scared facing that man's cold face. He subconsciously swam over, not daring to resist.

The clean and warm towel suddenly fell on his body. Before he could even react, his body was scooped out of the water by the man.

"What for?" Lee Qiangdi's body stiffened as he struggled to get up. The beautiful fish tail subconsciously slapped towards the man, but it did not make him feel any intention of letting go. The youth could not help but blush.

He had lived for more than 20 years, and even if he sometimes put his arms around his roommates' shoulders, he still wouldn't be in such an awkward situation. Compared to the tall figure of the man, the youth who was only about one and a half meters tall was carried by the man. From afar, it looked like he was as soft as a bird.

His hand subconsciously rested on the broad and firm chest of the man behind him. His breath was filled with the strong masculine smell. Lee Qiangdi looked away and tried his best to pull away from him.

He didn't know why, but the strange atmosphere made him feel uncomfortable. He was like a frog being watched by a snake, which made his blood run cold.

Well, can you stop looking at me like that, he said, his eyes twitching.

"Don't move!" Above his head, the man's voice was deep and hoarse, carrying a trace of an unknown pressure. His pair of large hands that were like steel bars wrapped around his waist didn't loosen in the slightest. Instead, it became even more forceful.

Lee Qiangdi stopped struggling. He looked up in confusion to see Hades's expression to see if he was angry.

However …

Could you keep your chin off my head? He can't even see the man's face.

Unable to see his mood, Lee Qiangdi, who was a little unsure of himself, gave up.

Speaking of which, it was all his fault. He was embarrassed about running out to swim in the middle of the night and being caught red-handed by his master.

After a long while, a gust of night wind blew from beside the Flowing-stream Pool. Perhaps because he felt a little cold, the youth couldn't help but approach the source of the hot air.

A burst of laughter came from above his head. Before Lee Qiangdi could raise his head and glare at him, his body suddenly leaped into the air and was carried by the man. He then walked towards the room in the yard with steady steps.

"It's night. Let's go back to sleep."

Lee Qiangdi opened his mouth and shut it, making it hard for him to breathe. He forgot to say what he wanted to say just now after he was interrupted.

He pouted and suddenly felt a bit stifled. Why did it feel like this man was born to deal with him? Why did it feel like he was the one being led by the nose every time he faced him?

Hades lowered his head and gloomily looked at the Tsinghua University young man in his arms. He stared at his frown and smile, unable to shift his gaze away.

The moonlight was enchanting, but the young man in his embrace had messed up his usually cold heart.

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