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C31 Interacting

"Young Master Lian Hua!"

There was a light knock at the door, and a silver-haired but spirited Old Steward led a group of people in, their eyes full of respect. In the hands of those people, they were carrying all kinds of clothes and accessories. Lee Qiangdi, who had just come back from the balcony, couldn't help but twitch the corner of his mouth and feel a dull ache on his forehead.

He was a bit feminine right now, so there was no need to dress him up like a woman.

That whatever skirt, the heck is it for him to wear? And those pearls and earrings and necklaces, they were all for him to wear.

Lee Qiangdi was roaring in his heart, but he still maintained a polite and warm smile on his face. He didn't want the warm-hearted elder in front of him to see through the conflict in his heart.

"Young Master Lian Hua, this is the newest and most popular style of Beijing Aqua Moon Jade Shop. Take a look and see if you like it or not?" If you don't like it, I'll make them do it again. " He gestured to the servants behind him to step forward and let his future mistress choose the beautifully designed fish-tailed skirt. A benevolent smile blossomed on Old Steward's face, and he sized up the young man in front of him with a more satisfied expression.

He was truly an extremely beautiful mermaid. Every time he saw one, he couldn't help but marvel at the creator's gift.

Although her body looked a little flexible, it was definitely not weak. She was countless times healthier than those human-made fish. If that was the case, then even if he gave birth to Lord Duke in the future, the risk would be much lower, and Lord Duke wouldn't have to worry too much about the pain.

Also, looking at the youth's long hair that reached his knees, and his long and perfect legs, his bloodline was extremely pure, even more dazzling than a noble's. In addition, the young man had an appearance that could be said to be unrivalled among the merfolk. With his noble and elegant temperament, he was a match made in heaven with his family, Lord Duke.

Isn't this the destiny of a marriage!?

His family's Lord Duke had been cold-hearted for so many years, but he had never put up with other people, not even having the interest to take a look. Didn't he know that it was all for today?

"No, thanks. I have clothes to wear. And, Steward Ulise, just call me Qiangdi, not Young Master Lian Hua. " Hearing the old man's strange satisfied gaze, Lee Qiangdi felt a chill down his spine. He shifted his body and coughed uncomfortably.

"That won't do. Young Master Lian Hua, your status is honorable, how can this old servant not lower myself to you? " Even though he was now the butler of Ducal Mansion Residence, one must know that many years ago, when Old Duke was still a teenager, he was merely a lowly slave.

Ulise had always viewed people with a higher status and a lower status. Even the other people in the mansion did not dare to exceed their status.

The young Lord Duke had a cold and strict personality, he did not like others coming close to him, and had always been known for being cold and solemn.

The young man's face at this moment was beyond ugly!

He was used to eating heartily, but now that he had suddenly arrived at a place where he could eat whenever he wanted, he felt a little uncomfortable! The next generation of independent youth from the twenty-first century said, corruption and luxury or something, ah ah not!

At this moment, the door of the room opened by itself. The man walked in with an imposing manner and a tall and muscular body.

"Lord Duke!" The servants on both sides bowed slightly before quietly retreating to the side.

"Hades!" Hearing the voice, Lee Qiangdi turned his head and saw the man's face that was as handsome as Apollo.

As the man walked in, the young man suddenly felt a little pressured, especially when he saw the man's much bigger body and the height that he needed to look up to. Lee Qiangdi unconsciously took a step back and left the man's shadow that enveloped him.

"Qiangdi." The man's voice was very low, but it was very pleasant to hear. When he walked in, his gaze had never left the youth.

"You don't like fishtailed skirts?" His gaze suddenly noticed that there were no clothes in the servants' hands that had been touched before. The man frowned and then felt relieved.

Looking at the young man's clothes, they were exactly the same as when he had carried him out from the clams in the sea. The retro and complicated style of the clothes made him look a little like Han Chinese clothing from the ancient times.

He had no idea what this material was made of, but it felt as comfortable as flowing water. If it wasn't for the fact that he couldn't find a place to sell it, he would have had someone buy it all back and make more sets of gorgeous clothes for the young man.

Qiangdi was, after all, a mermaid, and their skin was not as tough and tender as a man's. A slight mistake could hurt them, so they needed to be extra careful with their clothes. The fish-tailed skirt was created for this reason and was widely loved and admired by mermaids.

Hades didn't think that the young man would not like it.

"Since Qiangdi doesn't like it, just take it off and find someone else to make it for you." The man waved his hand and said carelessly.

"Yes, Lord Duke." Bowing slightly, everyone took their clothes and left.

In the room, besides Old Steward and Ulise, who stood to the side and listened to his orders, there was only Lee Qiangdi and the man with twice his size and build.

"Why did you let me wear a woman's clothes?" Lee Qiangdi still didn't look too good when he saw the man come in, even after those people left. He was fuming, especially when he saw the man's cold and calm appearance.

"That's a fish-tailed skirt, specially made for mermaids. If you don't like this model, I won't let them bring it over from now on, okay? " Hades reached out his hand to wipe the black hair on the boy's forehead, then stared at the boy who was only at his shoulder and explained in a low voice.

"Fish-tailed Dress? "What is it? I don't need it." Lee Qiangdi's heart jumped and he immediately rejected the call.

He wished that no one would know who he was, so how could he wear a fish-tailed skirt to attract the attention of others? He looked at her strangely. Now that he had legs, he could fish tails whenever he wanted them. He could fish legs whenever he wanted them, no need to trouble others with how convenient they were.

"Alright, if you don't like it then don't. I'll have the embroidery master in the mansion come another day to listen to your instructions. You can tell him anything you want to wear." The man said he was pampered with a gentle face, but Lee Qiangdi didn't see any difference from that cold face.

Ever since he opened his eyes and saw that man, he had always been like that. Therefore, Lee Qiangdi naturally did not know what expression Hades had when he faced others, and even more so, he did not know the deterrence that Cold-face Duke had in the hearts of the people outside.

"Hades, why have you come looking for me?" Lee Qiangdi let out a sigh of relief when he saw the line of people finally leave with their stuff in their hands. At least he wouldn't have to wear that fish-tailed skirt anymore.

Lee Qiangdi suddenly realized that the man beside him didn't seem to have any intention of leaving. He couldn't help but raise his head and look at Ye Zichen in confusion.

Wasn't this man very busy these few days? Why did he come back at this time?

"Didn't you say yesterday that you wanted to read? I had it sorted out. "

Hades gestured for Ulise and Old Steward to leave before he took a few more steps forward. His tall and big body was completely shrouded by the youth's slender and delicate body.

"A book? "Where is it?" Hearing the words' book ', Lee Qiangdi didn't care that the man beside him was so close to him that he felt pressured.

Due to his lack of understanding of this world, Lee Qiangdi's first thought was to understand the knowledge of this era through books. Unfortunately, the room he was staying in seemed to have been specially arranged by someone. Let alone books, there was nothing hard at all. If he didn't have to sleep, he probably wouldn't even be able to keep the four-poster bed in his room.

Although Anfey contained a tremendous amount of information, he still couldn't handle Anfey's movements proficiently.

The youth let out a light sigh. It was a sigh filled with the vicissitudes of life.

"My study. If you want to see it, I'll take you there. " After saying that, the man carried the young man, who was still in a state of excitement. He didn't expect the young man to be so stupid, so he walked steadily towards the direction of his study.

"Oh, wait, put me down, put me down, I'll go myself. It's not like you don't know how to walk. Why are you always carrying me? "

Lee Qiangdi's body stiffened and his mouth twitched. He was very angry at Hades for always treating him like an infant.

Tell me, tell me, how many times have I hugged him? Didn't I tell you not to carry him around like a sandbag? Even if you want to train your arm muscles, don't always use me as your gravity hoop.

"Sorry, I forgot." Hearing the dissatisfaction of the young man in his arms, Hades stopped and looked down at him.

Because at Shen Nuo, a mermaid's tail is extremely fragile, it's easy to get hurt, and it's impossible to support the body for a long period of time, so people with partners usually carry them wherever they go. This is common knowledge.

"Alright, let's go." Ye Zichen jumped down from the man's arms lightly. Lee Qiangdi walked in front and called the man behind him.

Thus, he did not notice the deep and fiery gaze that the man was looking at him with.


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