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C32 Study

Hades's study room was just like that man's. It had a cold and hard angle and was in complete disorder.

Due to the young man's arrival, there was a soft couch in the study, so no matter how he rolled on top of it, he was fine. Near the window, there was a wooden desk with a computer like cold metal on it. Lee Qiangdi guessed that the function of that thing might be the result of the computer being upgraded a few thousand years later.

Unable to restrain his excitement, the youth walked over uncontrollably.

The shape was even more exquisite, with smooth lines. Although it had changed a lot, it was still undeniable that it was a computer.

After looking up and down, Lee Qiangdi found that he couldn't find the open button. Or rather, he didn't know which one was the open button.

Thinking about the man behind him, this was Hades's study room, and he was a guest again, the young man looked regretfully at the "notebook" that he thought was unusually kind, which made him want to run over and kiss it.

He had to be reserved in order to not make his master unhappy. Perhaps one day, he would be kicked out of the house.

"Qiangdi, you like this?" Hades's tall body stood behind the young man.

From the moment the youth entered the study room, his gaze had never left it. As a result, he had naturally noticed the youth's fondness towards the computer on the table.

"Cough cough, I was just looking around." Right, can I read here? "

Touching his nose, Lee Qiangdi was a bit embarrassed from the excitement just now. He started to talk about other things, his gaze slowly swept around the study room, but he didn't dare to look back at Hades's eyes.

It was said that the nobles generally paid attention to privacy, especially in the important areas of the study room. They usually didn't allow others to enter, so Hades shouldn't be alerted about their previous actions.

He would say that he was truly innocent. His excitement from merely seeing familiar things was definitely not because he was trying to uncover some business secrets. Big Brother Hades, you have to believe me. I'm not a spy sent by someone else, and I don't have that kind of ability.

Lee Qiangdi looked calm on the surface, but he was deeply depressed inside.

How did he forget that the man in front of him was a real noble? He wasn't a close friend like Yiling and the others, who could joke around without restraint.

"Of course, this is all prepared for you. You can come in here and read whenever you want." Hades frowned as he heard the strange words from the young man, as well as the unnatural stiffness and politeness towards him.

However, his gaze was fixated on the side of the young man's face. The man let out a soft sigh, and his cold gaze unconsciously softened.

There was still a long period of time left. He would make the youth slowly let go of his heart and rely on him to the point where he couldn't be separated from him.

He had never lacked patience!

The study room was very large, and the bookshelves inside were filled with hardcover books. It seemed that they were very expensive.

Each row of books was neatly arranged, and it was clear that the owner's habits were very regular. Lee Qiangdi only casually swept his gaze over the books on the bookshelves. However, when his gaze landed on them, the young man's expression turned serious.

After obtaining the approval of the man, the young man lightly stepped forward. His slender and delicate fingers, which were well-maintained in a pampered manner, slowly traced across the books. His eyes were very serious.

After all, three thousand years had passed and the era of Shen Nuo was right now. Lee Qiangdi's gaze slowly swept across the bookshelves. He found that there were some books on the back that he didn't recognize. The Chinese books were also displayed on the shelves.

The youth slightly heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he no longer needed to be illiterate.

Standing in front of the bookshelf, Lee Qiangdi randomly picked out a book and opened it. Unexpectedly, what was written on the book was actually the theory behind the Mecha and the procedure for its construction.

The youth was excited.

The Mecha, what kind of battle equipment was that!

He was only imagining things in the past, but now it had become a reality. As a man who loved to fight, he instantly awakened his battle spirit!

If he mentioned it to Hades now, would he let him try to manipulate the Mecha?

Lee Qiangdi stealthily turned around and glanced at the handsome and cold man who was sitting on the chair and reading a document. He lowered his eyelids, pinched his chin with his slender and elegant fingers, and started to consider the possibility.

Hades, that man doesn't seem to be easy to talk to, especially when his face is dark.

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