Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C33 Swimming Pool
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C33 Swimming Pool
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C33 Swimming Pool

In the afternoon, after lunch, Lee Qiangdi was slowly walking in the hallway of the man's spacious mansion, eating and enjoying the scenery around him.

As he didn't like to walk anywhere, there was a group of people carefully following him, as if he was so fragile that he would break into pieces soon. After protesting with that man countless times, Lee Qiangdi finally got the right to walk alone.

As a mermaid, Lee Qiangdi liked places with water the most. Thus, after a short period of time, the Ducal Mansion Residence which originally carried a cold and desolate aura with it, became like a dense, romantic, flowing river bridge, and a poetic scene.

After turning a corner, Lee Qiangdi found that he had lost his way.

The surrounding environment was very unfamiliar. He did not know where he had accidentally walked to. The youth frowned and began to search for something familiar to him.

As a noble's residence, especially for a great noble like Hades, his mansion took up the most space and was built in the most luxurious and magnificent manner. Lee Qiangdi said that he had been living here for a while and was still not completely familiar with it.

What should he do? This mansion was too big. If there was no one to lead him out, he might not even be able to find the right way out even if he were to die here.

With a frown, the youth began to walk down the long corridor. There was always a chance to meet people. Moreover, if he didn't return for a long time, Hades would definitely send someone to look for him. Thinking of this, Lee Qiangdi was not worried at all. He started to enjoy the classical and elegant scenery around him leisurely.

It was a rare sight in his day.

Because of the industrial development of environmental pollution, the green gradually disappeared from the city, and the fresh air of the originally clear river was replaced by a dull gray. The original lush green had long since disappeared.

Lee Qiangdi was standing at the fence at the edge of the corridor, holding onto a wooden pillar. He looked at Liu Yiyi, who was standing opposite him. A charming smile appeared on his beautiful face.

Not far away from the youth, a person stood there at a loss of what to do. His honest face revealed a stunned expression.

It was the mermaid …

Natural Mermaid, who could freely change her fish tail and legs, was the most beautiful and charming young man Lord Duke brought back.

When Lee Qiangdi recovered from the beautiful scenery, he suddenly felt that someone was staring at him from behind. Because of God of the Sea's Divine Spark, his senses were abnormally sharp. His original six hundred degree nearsightedness had long since healed, and now he could see it clearly even from afar, even if it allowed him to tread at full speed.

The youth turned around to look at who was standing behind him.

A tall, simple and honest man was squatting in a bush of flowers. In his hand was something that looked like a pair of scissors, and he seemed to be pruning a bunch of flowers.

"You, come here!" When he finally saw the people in the mansion, Lee Qiangdi was a little excited, so he hooked his fingers at the man not far away.

"Lian, Young Master Lian Hua, are you calling me?" The man in front of him was startled, as if he had not expected the noble mermaid to speak to him. The man with the scissors didn't even know where to put his hand, fearing that the dirt on his body would poke at the alluring young man.

"Yes, you."

Such an honest and foolish person was really unusual. In the past, in their chaotic information era, even people from the countryside would not be able to have such simple qualities. This made him feel a strange feeling of bullying an honest person.

The youth's expression was somewhat conflicted.

"Lotus, Young Master Lian Hua, do you have any orders?"

Standing up, the honest looking man wiped his hands on his clothes. Then, he walked in front of Lee Qiangdi and stopped a meter away, not daring to go forward again. His gaze was fixed on the ground, as if there was a flower growing on the ground, but he did not dare to raise his head to desecrate the noble deity in front of him.

He was just a lowly slave. Let alone seeing a noble and beautiful mermaid, he couldn't even get close to her.

Although the excitement in his heart was uncontrollable and his rough face had a look of reverence and admiration, the man still didn't dare to take a step forward.

That was a noble existence that he could not even touch!

"Ahem, um, I would like to ask, where is this place? I'm lost. Can you show me around? " Lee Qiangdi, who didn't notice the abnormal excitement in the man's eyes, who was completely unaware of the high status that mermaids held in the Shen Nuo, couldn't imagine that just a single sentence he said to someone could affect that person for his entire life.

At this moment, the youth was in a trance with his head held high.

Lee Qiangdi's grief flowed like a river as he looked at the man who only knew how tall and sturdy he looked when he got closer.

It was actually taller than him by a large margin. Looking up at his neck was very tiring. Why did he have to be a big as a chimpanzee? Standing together with him, she felt a lot of pressure.

This made him look even shorter. It seemed that he should find a few people shorter than him in the future to be able to heal his heart that had experienced many vicissitudes of life.

Noticing the lack of attention in the youth's eyes, the simple and honest man smiled foolishly. The tone of his answer was impatient, but it seemed like he was stuttering from excitement.

"Good, good …"

Young Master Lian Hua talked to him, but Young Master Lian Hua actually talked to him …

"Thank you."

"No, there's no need. It's what I should have, it's what I should have …" Wiping his clothes with his hands, the man was at a loss for a moment before finally regaining his senses and leading the young man around.

Lee Qiangdi followed behind him and looked around. He remembered all of them in his heart so that he wouldn't be unable to find the way next time.

After walking for about a quarter of an hour, the youth suddenly stopped.

"Wait, this path doesn't lead to …" The surroundings suddenly looked familiar. He seemed to have been here before.

"In front of us is the swimming pool. "Because Lord Duke had instructed a while ago to not let anyone go in, Young Master Lian Hua, how about we go to another place to take a look?" Seeing that the youth had suddenly stopped at the fork in the road on the left and was staring straight ahead, the big bloke who was leading the way also stopped, not knowing what to do.

A swimming pool?

Lee Qiangdi's eyes flashed and he waved his hand.

"No need. Since Hades said that no one is allowed to enter, just wait for me here. " After saying that, the youth wanted to move forward.

"Young Master Lian Hua, you …"

"Hades, if you ask, I'll tell you myself. Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

"Young Master Lian Hua!" Seeing that the youth had not stopped and left, the tall man looked hesitant. He took a few steps forward, wanting to hold onto the youth, but not daring to touch that noble fish. When he came to his senses, the youth's delicate figure had already disappeared from his sight.

What should he do?

The man was somewhat anxious. The swimming pool was a place Lord Duke ordered for no one to go near. He was just a slave, so it was impossible for him to enter.

Walking in circles, the man would occasionally raise his head to look at the left fork in the road in front of him, hoping that the beautiful figure would appear faster.

Should he go in and take a look?

Forget it, this road leads to the swimming pool. As a mermaid, Young Master Lian Hua would definitely go only after hearing about the water in front of him. He decided to wait here and be on alert so that no one would go in and scare Young Master Lian Hua.

Lee Qiangdi was very excited, he naturally didn't know what the big guy was thinking after he left.

The swimming pool, his treasure, that super defensive item that could allow him to travel freely under the sea, wasn't it right there?

Lee Qiangdi couldn't hide his excitement when he thought that he could finally take back his clams.

The last time he woke up, Hades had brought him to the swimming pool once. However, that time, Hades was by his side, so he didn't dare to take back his clams in front of Hades. After that, because he was busy with familiarizing himself with Shen Nuo, familiarizing himself with this place, and even familiarizing himself with all sorts of things that were completely foreign to him, he simply did not have the time or the opportunity to secretly sneak over and take back his clams.

He didn't know what Hades was thinking by looking at him like he was some extremely fragile glass. No matter where he went, there would always be people following him. It was such an unbearable service for him.

Could it be that he looked so weak, so weak that he could die at any moment?

Lee Qiangdi was confused about that man's attitude.

However, after getting along with him, Lee Qiangdi found that the man was really a nice guy with a cold face and a warm heart. At least he treated him so well that Lee Qiangdi felt a bit embarrassed.

He was hurting himself as a son, wasn't he?

Even his parents had not indulged him in such unconditional love. How could he, who was in his twenties and was about to graduate and work, endure it!

Speaking of which, apart from that man, there didn't seem to be any other master in this luxurious manor. He also didn't seem to have any family members living here either.

As he thought about it, he could faintly sense the extraordinary liveliness of the water particles in front of him.


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