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The door opened gently.

The man wore a white shirt with two buttons open on his chest.

The room was very dark, and only the four-poster bed in the middle was lit with starlight due to its proximity to the French windows.

Based on his familiarity with the place, Hades walked towards the bed, gently lifted the curtain in front of him, then lowered his head to look at the peaceful and beautiful person on the bed with a gentle gaze.

Perhaps it was because it was a little hot, but the clothes on the youth's body seemed somewhat messy. The clothes on his shoulder slipped down, revealing a piece of snow-white skin that was like jade. He was lying on his side, his face buried in the soft pillow, his long hair flowing down his back, smooth and silky, causing the man's eyes to darken.


Just like the young man's name, he was like a musical instrument that he had left behind in the ancient era. The moment he saw him, he couldn't let go of him.

He brought him home, carefully stashed him away, wanting to keep him with him forever, unable to leave.

This thought might be selfish, but he couldn't care less. He was just a selfish and cold man. He couldn't just let go and watch the young man walk away from him.

If it's mine, it can only be mine!

His face darkened, the man's gaze suddenly landed on the young man's chest. To be more accurate, it should be at the young man's snow-white and enchanting collarbone. Over there, the light purple crystal necklace with the shell emitting a faint glow in the dark, looking exceptionally dazzling.

Hades's eyes narrowed and he could not help but narrow his eyes. He then gently leaned over the sleeping youth.

This is...

Perhaps because he felt the strong masculine scent from the man's body, the youth who was sleeping soundly on the four pillar bed smacked his lips. He kicked off the blanket and flipped over, his limbs wide open.

The man paused for a moment, then chuckled and extended his hand to crush the young man's quilt. However, when his gaze landed on the slightly bent snow-white leg that was exposed by the youth, Hades's breath tightened and he felt a scorching heat coming from underneath him that was eager to deal with the hustle and bustle.

The moonlight outside the French window was too captivating. Through the cold moonlight, the man lowered his head and quietly stared at the beautiful woman on the bed. His expression was in shadow and silent, giving off a feeling of a beast lurking in the shadows, filled with an oppressive danger.

"Qiangdi …"

Sighing, the man slightly narrowed his eyes as he stared at the young man's moist lips and the thin, snowy white skin underneath the tattered and thin clothes. He couldn't help but slowly lower his head and kiss it …

The next day, when the sun gradually rose and the bright light shone through the French windows, it was unknown when the curtains that had been drawn opened began to flutter even though there was no wind. The youth's eyelashes trembled slightly as his charming eyes opened hazily.

"What time is it?" Lee Qiangdi was still confused. He squinted his eyes and got off the bed.

The sunlight outside made his eyes extremely uncomfortable. The youth stretched his arms and went to the French window to close the curtains.

Turning around, he grabbed the clothes and put them on from the neatly folded bed. Lee Qiangdi yawned and walked into the bathroom with light footsteps.

He rinsed his mouth and washed his face. Lee Qiangdi put on the snow-white handkerchief and suddenly looked at the mirror in front of him.

In the mirror, the same pretty and delicate youth was doing the same action as him.

He stared at the youth in front of him, who was also staring at him with a pair of long, narrow, and charming eyes that were filled with a misty allure. Perhaps it was because he had just woken up, but the young man's face was lazy and his cheeks were red. Even though he didn't have a natural beauty between his brows, Lee Qiangdi still felt his stomach ache.

Did he have such a delicate and charming appearance?

God, just let him pry his eyes open.

Lee Qiangdi's mouth twitched, then he was ready to look away. He decided that in the future, if there was anything he had to do, he would try his best not to look in the mirror.

Thinking of this, the youth with a grin suddenly hissed.

What's with his mouth? Why does it feel swollen? Could it be that mosquitoes also came here at night?

Lee Qiangdi suddenly felt relieved when he thought back to the time when he slept in the dorm with his friends and still acted so arrogantly even when he was hung with mosquito nets. He would occasionally get bitten all over with red spots.

Forget it, let Ulise prepare a bottle of insecticide for him and spray around the bed at night.

With this thought, the youth walked out of his room.

Downstairs, he saw Hades, who was dressed in the luxurious clothes of a noble, leisurely sitting there.

Perhaps because he noticed the teenager on the stairs, the man raised his head. His gaze was deep and cold, causing Lee Qiangdi to have the urge to turn around and head upstairs.

Shaking his head, Lee Qiangdi looked calm and indifferent on the surface, but he was actually constantly disdaining himself. Why did he feel guilty and did not do anything bad? Why did the pair of dark eyes of the man seem weaker?

Thinking about this, Lee Qiangdi instantly became confident and walked over with his chest puffed up.

"Hey, Hades, good morning!"

"Morning, Qiangdi!" The man's voice was deep and magnetic, and it made his heart itch when he heard it. Lee Qiangdi shivered, a little uncomfortable.

This man is already so late, why hasn't he gone out yet? Did he know that he had gone to the swimming pool yesterday and taken his clams away?

That's right, such a big thing had suddenly disappeared for no reason. As the owner of this house, it was normal for him to know about it.

The clams were originally his, so there was nothing to be afraid of even if he took them away. Thinking like this, Lee Qiangdi calmed down.

Sitting down beside the dining table gracefully, Lee Qiangdi made up his mind that if Hades asked him later, he would tell him the truth without any doubts.

However, until the end of breakfast, the man didn't say a single word about it. Lee Qiangdi was confused.

Does he know about Hades or not?


Bite a handkerchief, ask for branches, have wood?

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