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C36 Out(2)


Days hurry by...

After staying in the luxurious Ducal Mansion residence for almost half a month, Lee Qiangdi, who felt that it was boring, started to want to see the outside world to see what exactly had happened outside. Unfortunately, he was unable to convince the tyrannical man.

That's right, tyrannical. He treated his subordinates like soldiers. His entire body was suffused with an imposing and solemn aura.

After getting along with him for a while, Lee Qiangdi finally had a better understanding of that man. He was usually very indulgent towards himself. Whatever he wanted, he would immediately bring it to him. Even if he hadn't told him, it was just an unintentional mumble, that man would still give out instructions very seriously.

However, Hades refused to agree to his request no matter what, which made him very discouraged.

So what if he was a mermaid? Could it be that a mermaid was rare enough that he was not allowed to go out? Furthermore, who could be so powerful as to see that he actually had a mermaid's fin when walking on two legs?

That man might have meant well and didn't want to risk his life when he went out, but it wasn't a good idea for him to stay here and not understand what was going on outside.

The youth was extremely anxious. He wanted to flutter about and fly outside to see the world of flowers.

On this day, an esteemed guest came to the Ducal Mansion. At that time, Lee Qiangdi was in Hades's study room.

Immediately, the man sitting behind the chair in the study looked at the young man while hurriedly signing the documents in his hand. When he heard Old Steward report who it was, his face darkened. Lee Qiangdi was sitting on the soft couch on the other side. His eyes were twinkling with calmness on his face. He was thinking about how he could take this opportunity to leave the house.

As far as he knew, the person that could suppress Hades and even make him change his mind was not born yet.

Lee Qiangdi, who ignored his influence on the man, raised his head and stopped reading. He secretly rolled his eyes and looked at the man with a handsome face as sharp as marble.

Eh, I've been caught.

Lee Qiangdi didn't expect that man to be looking at him. He felt a little guilty and embarrassed. He immediately lowered his head and stared at the book on his lap, trying to reduce his presence so that the man wouldn't see through his thoughts. Unfortunately …

"Qiangdi, come here."

"What?" Lifting his head, the young man was perplexed.

What was Hades doing? Why wasn't he going to meet the guests?

"Come here." The man's voice was low and persistent, as if something he didn't want to see would happen if he refused.

Lee Qiangdi suddenly didn't dare to be dishonest. He stood up obediently and walked over. Unexpectedly, before he could even get close, the man grabbed his waist and pulled him into his embrace before sitting on his lap.

Lee Qiangdi's body stiffened, and he instinctively wanted to refuse. However, he suddenly froze as if he had thought of something.

He forgot to mention that this man seemed to have lost his soul recently, or had suddenly suffered a huge blow due to his loss of love. He would hold him in his arms from time to time as a human pillow, making people ignore him for a moment.

Lee Qiangdi's resistance was futile. On the contrary, after that man became even more aggressive, Lee Qiangdi became obedient. Although his body was still unable to adapt to the man's intimate approach, he at least stopped struggling.

Even if he was useless, he himself would be tired. With his current physique, he obviously couldn't beat that man. A wise man knows his place. He might as well wait patiently for his body to recover.

Seeing the teenager sitting obediently in his arms like a kitten, Hades was satisfied. He didn't raise his head and said to Steward Ulise, who was waiting for his command.

"You go down and let him go back."

"Yes, Lord Duke." Ulise Old Steward tactfully bowed slightly and prepared to leave, leaving space for these two masters who needed to hone their feelings.

Lee Qiangdi moved his body. He wanted to say something to stop Old Steward from leaving, leaving him alone to face Hades, who was getting more and more confused. However, the iron arm that was at his waist tightened, causing the youth to abruptly shut his mouth.

It had only been a few minutes since Ulise left. Just as Lee Qiangdi was feeling a little uncomfortable, the study room's door was suddenly forcefully pushed open. A tall young man walked in casually.

"Hades, Hades, so you are here."


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