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That man, how did he know that he was a mermaid? Could it be …

No, no, Hades would never tell anyone else his identity, even if it was the man in front of him. From what he knew about Hades, that man was one of those people that were absolutely loyal and reliable despite never saying much.

At least, that man had never broken his promise to her.

Then, how did the golden-haired youngster know that he was a mermaid?

Wait, blond hair?

Lee Qiangdi suddenly lifted his head and looked over.

That golden-haired man was very handsome, with a face that was enough to make countless young girls scream in adoration. He was tall, elegant, and dressed in luxurious gold. He was a very handsome man with a lot of gold. If this was in their era, who knew how many girls would dream of going out for a while.

However, he was not a girl, so he naturally would not sigh at that face. Facing Hades every day, he was already used to handsome men.

What caught his attention was how could that young man's blond hair look so familiar?

Lee Qiangdi lowered his head and pinched his chin with his slender fingers.

Had he seen this man before?

Where was he? Why couldn't he remember?

Ah, that's right, now that he thought of it, no wonder the man's voice he was facing sounded a little familiar. So it wasn't that guy who let him pry open his clams that day?

How outrageous, he actually still dared to come? I haven't even caused trouble for him yet, he actually couldn't help but come knocking on my door.

Lee Qiangdi raised his head and glared at Vilar.

"Hades, what's wrong with your little guy? Why are you looking at me like that?" I don't think I did anything to make him angry? " That fierce gaze was obviously filled with extreme anger. However, this was the first time they had officially met today. He hadn't even spoken a single word, yet he had already made the beauty lose her composure.

Touching his nose, the golden-haired youth felt very wronged.

"Your existence is extremely annoying." Regardless of Vilar's doubts and embarrassment, Hades felt very gratified.

Qiangdi was not bewitched by Vilar's golden jade like appearance and even disliked him. The corner of the man's mouth hooked up, it was obvious that he was in a good mood.

"Hades!" This man's words were still so venomous. No wonder no one dared to confront him directly.

Forget it, he didn't come here today to talk about this.

"Hades, there's a decisive battle between the Mecha at the Imperial City Battle field today. Should we bring the little guy to have a look?"

The battle of Mecha s?

Lee Qiangdi, who was tightly hugged by the man, couldn't move, his eyes suddenly lit up when he heard that. Unfortunately, what Hades said after that caused his eyes to dim and he felt slightly disappointed in his heart.

"No need, there are too many people there. Furthermore, Qiangdi is not suitable to watch the Mecha competition. " Mermaid did not like those hot-blooded battles between soldiers. What they liked was the entertainment with a gentle, graceful and noble temperament, they always kept their distance from the cold Mecha.

Furthermore, with the body of a mermaid, it was impossible to control the Mecha.

Hades was always thinking of the youth here, but Lee Qiangdi almost vomited blood when he heard this.

What do you mean he's not fit to watch the Mecha competition? Didn't he know that he was also a man? Did he like things that could make one's blood boil the most?

Lee Qiangdi thought for a while, then opened his mouth to convince the man, but the golden-haired aristocrat opened his mouth.

"Hades, you can't do this. He comes from the Ezetrie Sea Area, so he's not familiar with what happens on land. If we keep him from going out to take a look, how are you going to let him integrate himself better into our lives? "

Lee Qiangdi immediately shut his mouth and didn't say anything.

The man frowned and thought for a while. Finally, he looked at the youth that was looking at him expectantly and raised his head.

"Vilar, maybe you're right, I was wrong." It was impossible for him to confine Qiangdi to the Ducal Mansion residence for his entire life and not allow him to see anyone, nor allow him to have any contact with the outside world. In this way, Qiangdi would not only feel lonely, but also feel a barrier in his heart, a barrier that existed between him and the world, preventing him from merging into it.

If that were the case, it would undoubtedly have very nasty consequences.

How could he forget that Qiangdi came from Ezetrie Sea Area and was in the process of trying to figure out the world?

Not only should he not restrict him, he should also let him go out more. Look around, meet more people, make him feel a sense of belonging to this place.

Otherwise, if the boy kept thinking about the wide blue sea of Ezekiel, once he returned to the sea, it would be even harder to find him.

Hades's eyes darkened. It was unknown what the youth was thinking as he looked at him with a secretive expression.

Being stared at in such a deep and dark manner, Lee Qiangdi moved his body, and his expression was a little unnatural.

Why was this man suddenly so deep in his heart? He couldn't help but feel panicked.

It was just going out to take a look. Was there really a need to think so much? As expected, the nobility were used to complicating everything.

While he was in a daze, he heard Hades's low and magnetic voice.

"When does the match start?"

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