Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C39 Mecha Competition(1)
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C39 Mecha Competition(1)
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C39 Mecha Competition(1)

"Are you tired? Do you want me to carry you?" From the man's master bedroom to the majestic gate of the Ducal Mansion Residence, there was a long way to go. Lee Qiangdi was looking at his surroundings with excitement, as he walked towards the door leisurely.

He could finally go out and take a look, of course the young man would be happy. However, he didn't expect that the man beside him would be too careful, it was just that the distance between them was a little too long. That man seemed to want to say something but hesitated, wanting to pick him up as if he was paralyzed?

Lee Qiangdi's face stiffened as he firmly rejected the man's suggestion.

"No need, I can do it myself."

What a joke. In the past, he could even walk while carrying a huge bag of items. There was no reason for him to not have the body of a god now.

The blond youth behind Lee Qiangdi suddenly pulled the handsome man beside the youth and asked in a low voice.

"Hades, your Mermaid is actually the Natural Mermaid? No wonder it is said that it came from the Ezetrie Sea Area. Looking at the young man's pair of long, fair legs, the golden-haired aristocrat was amazed and incredulous.

When Hades was holding the boy, and the desk in front of him was blocking his view, he really didn't see the situation beneath the boy. Now, Hades was ready to take the young man out for a stroll. His eyes weren't blind, so he naturally noticed the abnormality.

Natural Mermaid!

It was not that there were no Natural Mermaid s in terms of Shen Nuo. Even if there were very few, one couldn't even count a single slap.

They were just the second generation of fish that were born after humans transformed into fish. Half of their human genes still existed. Even if you can switch your legs, you can't last more than eight hours. Moreover, although they loved water, they could not live in it forever. They were weak in themselves and could not possess strength.

With such a comparison, the golden-haired aristocrat looked at the youth with intriguing eyes as he recalled the day when the energy in the pool exploded.

It was from the sea, an absolute mermaid from the legends!

They possessed unimaginable power and even the purest of bloodlines. If they were able to have children with him, then their offspring …

Thinking of this, Vilar looked at Hades, who was beside him, with a variety of envious and jealous gazes.

"What's wrong?" The tall and strong man ignored the twisted expression of the blond youth. Instead, he suddenly darkened his face. His expressionless face gave people a serious look as they looked at Vilar.

"Vilar, I don't want a third person to know that Qiangdi has come from Ezetrie Sea Area."

"Alright, alright, I know the seriousness of this matter. I won't speak carelessly about it." Although he really wanted to announce this major discovery to the outside world to prove the existence of the real Mermaid, once this happened, it would bring him endless trouble. He didn't want to be sent by Hades to explore the wastelands, and even more so, he didn't want to be hated by the little guy.

Glancing at the slim and beautiful back, the golden-haired aristocrat smiled softly. The flirtatiousness and pretence of the past faded from his eyes.

"Hades, I really envy you." The young man said this in a very low voice. The man beside him who had already taken large strides forward did not hear it. Or perhaps it could be said that he heard it but did not care about it. His gaze followed the beautiful back that was attracting him.

When they came out of the door, Hades's CEO Casa was already waiting there.

The young man wore a uniform that didn't change at all, looking dignified and upright, causing Lee Qiangdi to feel envious. Actually, he also really wanted to wear such a set of military uniform. Not only was he handsome and cold, he also looked majestic. Unfortunately, Hades had prepared some elegant and refined uniforms for him.

The clothes were beautiful, elegant and cold, elegant and beautiful, especially when worn on a young man. They gave off the sacred and inviolable aura of a god, like flowers in a mirror of water, infatuated with but untouchable.

The first time Vilar saw the young man, he was slightly absent-minded and his heart was filled with amazement and admiration. However, he was a man who was used to playing games. After waking up from his stupor, the youth regained his composure and was able to control his thoughts.

Ignoring the golden-haired aristocrat, Hades walked over to protect the teenager.

"Milord." Casa lowered his head and took a step back. Beside him was a black suspension car that had been prepared beforehand.

Opening the car door, the black-haired youth who was the CEO of the men understood his duty very well. He did not raise his head to look at the beautiful mermaid whom the Duke was carefully protecting, but instead lowered his gaze, standing to the side with a serious expression and respect.

After Lord Duke and the young man entered the car, Casa quickly took a few steps forward and sat on the passenger seat, looking straight ahead.

The suspension car slowly drove away from the Ducal Mansion.

Inside the car, the noble, who sat on the carriage without any shame, gently took out a rose from his pocket in front of his chest. He looked at Lee Qiangdi lovingly.

"I am Vilar Karis O'Diallu, beautiful mermaid. May I have the honor of knowing your name?"

"..." Lee Qiangdi. "Also, please don't keep the mermaid on your lips. You will cause me a lot of trouble if you do that." After a moment of silence, Lee Qiangdi spat out his name with great difficulty. After that, he reacted with a bad expression.

Was this man doing this on purpose? Did he want to be found out and sliced for the sake of science?

"Huh?" The blond youth was stunned.

What did he say that made the beauty unhappy? He only said the most ordinary thing, didn't he? He didn't know how many times he had said these words to others in the past, but all he had gotten was a beautiful smile and a good impression. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation, and it was difficult to put it into words.

Hades's gloomy face immediately softened. Looking at the teenager's expression made the golden-haired aristocrat's hair stand on end.

No way. In such a short period of time, Hades, who was known to be a tough guy who didn't know how to flirt with women, had actually sunk so deep into the ground? This made them look forward to it bitterly. They wanted to marry their own child to Lord Duke as their matriarch, giving birth to a future successor. How could they endure the feelings of the subordinate aristocrat Chris who had always been attached to Hades?

Although that was just Chris's way of thinking, Hades had never paid any attention to him, but it had to be said, although Old Man Chris was a little stupid, and was a little out of tune, but the child he gave birth to turned out to be the Natural Mermaid. For this reason, many nobles broke the threshold of his home, but did not get a chance to let go of that old man.

That old man had always been thinking about Hades, but it was a pity that Hades was notorious and had no interest in the mermaids. Many of the mermaids instinctively feared him.

Thinking of this, Vilar couldn't help but look at the cold youth sitting close to Hades, who was sitting so close to him that he didn't notice it, and sigh inwardly.

Lee Qiangdi didn't know that he had caused the golden-haired aristocrat to lose his mind. The teenager was staring blankly at the rapidly retreating scenery outside.

There was no dense steel forest, no gray sky, no pollution from the dust of the twilight.

The outside environment seemed to be abnormally clean.

There were many lush green trees on both sides of the road. From time to time, he would see bouquets of flowers that were decorated in the city. Naturally, they were fresh and fresh. If it wasn't for the fact that he saw many other suspension cars that passed by, as well as some strange-looking things that he didn't know, Lee Qiangdi wouldn't have been able to tell that this was a bustling city.

At this moment, the youth who was busy sighing with emotion and melancholy did not know that what awaited him was even more horrifying.

The car moved for about twenty minutes before it suddenly stopped.

Hades gently hugged the boy's waist, and tidied up the hair and clothes that were messed up by the wind. Then, he opened the car door and pulled the car.

Casa stood aside and waited.

"Where is this place?" Was it the Mecha arena that the golden hair had mentioned before? "No matter how I look at it, it doesn't seem like it. Instead, it feels like the shopping mall I used to go to." After getting out of the car, Lee Qiangdi looked around at his surroundings. He frowned and raised his head to ask the man with the cold and paralyzed face beside him.

"..." Blondy? You can call me Vilar. " The golden-haired aristocrat almost jumped up. In the end, when he saw Hades looking at him coldly, he instantly became dispirited.

"Oh, Vilar, is this the competition arena? The competition is about to begin, do you have any Mecha s, and … "

"Qiangdi, this is not the competition arena. Let's not go there for now." Interrupting the youth's excitement, Hades looked at the youth dotingly and was prepared to pull him into the tall building in front of them. But...

"Qiangdi, what's wrong?" Feeling that the young man beside him had suddenly stopped and stiffened, Hades turned around and asked in concern.

"What, what is that?" His fingers trembled as he pointed at a teenager that was carefully supported by a burly man walking out of the door. Lee Qiangdi's pupils constricted and his voice became hoarse as he lowered his gaze to look at the dazzling fin under the fish-tailed skirt.

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