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C4 Freshmen

Chapter III. Freshmen

After a long time, Lee Qiangdi finally calmed down.

Now, no matter how much he wanted to say, it was useless. He could only let things be as they were, taking one step at a time.

Lee Qiangdi could also be considered a person with great adaptability. After overcoming his initial mental obstacle, he began to check his current body …

He purposely ignored the silver white fish tail that made his stomach ache by swinging continuously. Lee Qiangdi looked at his upper body.

Right now, the clothes he was wearing were a bit strange. They were very thin and light, like flowing water. It felt abnormally comfortable to wear on his body. Furthermore, the style was not a modern style, but more like some ancient country's gorgeous palace dress.

Lee Qiangdi also found a few silver bracelets on his right wrist. Each bracelet had a bright pearl pendant. And on his bare left arm, there was a delicate and simple golden bracelet. He dared to be sure that the bracelet was definitely a pure gold one, without a single trace of adultery.

Seeing the color and feeling the weight, Lee Qiangdi's eyes lit up.

Such a rare and natural undersea pearl, such a precious and exquisite golden bracelet, even if he had to struggle for his entire life, he might not be able to buy one.

Speaking of which, his family background was ordinary, and his life experiences from a young age to a young age were even more ordinary. Lee Qiangdi never thought that such an incredible thing would happen to him one day.

Right now, he was living in the deep sea …

The landlubber, who could not even swim before, was now an absolute swimmer. If he was allowed to use that beautiful fish tail …

Lee Qiangdi raised the corner of his mouth and smiled with a bit of depression.

The surrounding water suddenly moved. A bunch of long hair that was the color of ocean suddenly floated over and touched his lips. It was a little itchy …

Wait, long, wavy hair?

Lee Qiangdi was stunned as he reached out to grab his hair that was floating in front of him like seaweed.

As a pure Chinese, with black hair and black eyes, that was a very ordinary symbol. In other words, his body might not even be his now?

This was because even in the deep blue sea, he could not see his current appearance. Reflectively, Lee Qiangdi turned around and searched around, and he actually found a mirror with simple patterns on it in the big clam covered with soft silk.

He quickly picked it up, but hesitated at the end.

He suddenly felt a little afraid to look at his face in the mirror. He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to accept the fact that he might have already died in the avalanche.

The seabed was very quiet.


Lee Qiangdi was at a loss for a moment. His mind was in a mess, and his forehead was twitching in pain. In the end, however, he made up his mind. He was not a person who was used to escaping. Rather than a weak self-deceiver, he would rather face reality head on.

Besides, he smiled bitterly, was he allowed to escape from the current situation?

Lowering his head and staring at the beautiful fish tail in a daze, Lee Qiangdi suddenly felt weak and his future was bleak.

How was he to survive?

What suddenly pulled his thoughts back was the vibration that came from his hands.

Lee Qiangdi quickly looked down and saw that the mirror in his hand was emitting a faint purple light. The ancient patterns that covered the mirror began to light up one by one. After that, it struggled free from his hand and floated less than a meter away from him.

"What's going on?" Lee Qiangdi was a bit shocked.

He had taken a closer look at the mirror just now. Other than its exquisite exterior and a perfect piece of art, it was no bigger than a palm. It was very small and convenient for carrying around. Other than that, there was nothing else that was special about him. What do I do now...

The light on the surface of the mirror became brighter and brighter. Lee Qiangdi couldn't take it anymore and closed his eyes slightly. When he opened his eyes and looked at the mirror in front of him, Lee Qiangdi's mouth couldn't help but open in an "O" shape.

What was going on?

The mirror suddenly grew bigger? His heart almost stopped beating in fright. And what if the shark came? "He hasn't had enough life yet, and he still wants his wife and children to warm up his head, ah ah ah ah ah?!

Suddenly, a gorgeous mirror that had undergone a great transformation appeared in front of him. It was obvious that it didn't understand Lee Qiangdi's Soul-Slaying ability, which was why it stood so steadily in front of him. The huge crystal mirror was as tall as a person, and could clearly see the people around, as if it was completely unaffected by the sea water.

Lee Qiangdi had just recovered from his shock when he was stunned by the reflection in the mirror in front of him.

Who was that beautiful woman in the mirror?

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