Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C5 Unparalleled Attitude
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C5 Unparalleled Attitude
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C5 Unparalleled Attitude

Chapter IV. Unparalleled Attitude

He was shocked!

The youth in the mirror looked to be no more than fifteen or sixteen years old. His face might have carried some of the purest clarity of the world, but it couldn't conceal the stunning and stunning beauty he had.

Beautiful and peerless!

She had a cherry blossom rosy mouth, a perky nose, long, thick, perky eyelashes that fluttered unwittingly from her long and charming eyes, and a face that could cause crime. He was like the creator's most perfect masterpiece, the favorite of God, the sea demon that bewitched people into obsession.

This was an extremely beautiful and dangerous scene!

However, at this moment, the youth in the mirror seemed to be in a daze, as if he had seen something unbelievable. His narrowed eyes suddenly widened as he looked at him foolishly.

Lee Qiangdi's body stiffened and he moved his fingers with great difficulty.

Only then did Lee Qiangdi notice the reflection of the young man in the mirror. It turned out that he had a very long hair that was the color of the ocean. Her long hair flowed down in a fluid motion, causing her soft hair to spread out like this. The snow-white blanket beneath his body looked extremely charming.

The strong visual impact caused Lee Qiangdi to be slightly dazed.

This is him?

Lee Qiangdi reached out his hand subconsciously and touched his forehead. There, he noticed that in the center of the youth's smooth forehead, there were many small crystal purple crystals embedded, forming a strange imprint that he had never seen before and could not describe with words. A bit like an irregular gorgeous crown.

Mysterious, seductive, noble, and cold.

The youth in the mirror also raised his hand to touch his forehead. But...

Lee Qiangdi frowned slightly. He did not feel any bulging sensation in the middle of his forehead, nor did he touch those crystal prisms.

What was going on?

Perhaps it was in response to his doubts, a thought quickly flashed across Lee Qiangdi's mind.

A divine spark!

A divine spark? What divine spark? Could it be that the crystal polyhedron inlaid in the center of this forehead was a divine spark?

He wanted to take a closer look, but he discovered that the mirror was somewhat distant from him. What should he do? He tried to estimate the distance between him and the mirror. If he wanted to get close to the mirror, he would have to walk through it. If it was before, Lee Qiangdi would have passed without any hesitation. But now …

Lowering his head, he gloomily looked at his own tail.

Could it be that they wanted him to swim over?

But, how do I use this fish tail?

Lee Qiangdi controlled himself to calm down and tried to move his tail.

The next moment...

The fish tail suddenly moved, slapping uncontrollably against the soft quilt beneath him.

The scattered pearls on the quilt were struck by this sudden impact, and some of them tumbled out of the mussel and into the sea. Lee Qiangdi, who was not mentally prepared, was also shocked. Fortunately, he was still able to control his body after a few tries. It was just that he was not very familiar with it, so his movements couldn't help but appear clumsy and awkward.

It doesn't matter, practice makes perfect!

After adapting to his new body, Lee Qiangdi was finally able to move freely.

The young man let out a sigh of relief, then his body went soft, and he lied down on the soft quilt.

He felt tired after not exercising for such a long time.

This exhaustion was not only physical, but also psychological.

Narrowing his eyes, he saw that the young man's eyes were hazy and blurry. It was unknown what he was looking at, but he just laid there quietly, not wanting to speak.

Only after a long while did he gently raise his body with his hands behind his back and look at the crystal mirror in front of him.

Alas, the mirror suddenly grew larger, making it inconvenient to place. Was he going to leave the mirror outside?

However, would there be a problem if he just left it outside? The bottom of the sea is full of water after all. Don't mottle the mirror. Besides, if it was left outside for too long, would its surface be covered with a thick layer of asphalt? Also, there were many dangers at the bottom of the sea that he didn't know of. If he wasn't careful, maybe …

If only this mirror could suddenly shrink, it would be just like before. That way, he wouldn't have to …

While he was thinking, the mirror seemed to sense his thoughts. Just like before, it started to shrink slowly and then flew towards him. 'Pa!' It fell onto the soft quilt.


Lee Qiangdi looked at it in surprise. Then, he stretched out his hand and picked it up gently, looking at it over and over again.

"About this, how should I control it?"

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