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C6 Mirror

Chapter V. surface

How to control the mirror?

Perhaps, it was directly relying on one's consciousness?

Lee Qiangdi, who was feeling lazy a moment ago, didn't want to move at all, but he was immediately aroused by the thing in front of him. He suddenly sat up, lowered his face, and excitedly looked at the mirror in his hand.

"Grow bigger, grow bigger, grow bigger …"

"Small, small, small …"

The mirror in Lee Qiangdi's hand was obedient, it did whatever Lee Qiangdi said, and it didn't resist at all.

"Looks like this is indeed controlled by consciousness." Lee Qiangdi concluded as he touched his chin with two fingers.

That was true. If he could wake up and become a legendary mermaid, why couldn't he have the ability to control something that belonged to him?

This big clam and the pearl gems inside the clam were all things that belonged to him, Lee Qiangdi. With Lee Qiangdi's brand, no one would be able to snatch his wealth from his hands. These things might be of great use to him when he landed one day.

Lee Qiangdi, who had lived on land for more than 20 years, had the right to speak.

Looking at the "house" that he was sleeping in, Lee Qiangdi raised his head and looked at the deep sea in front of him. He couldn't help but decide to explore and get familiar with the environment.

Controlling his body, he swam out and floated in the air above the big clam. He turned around and glanced at "Home" behind him. Then, he started hesitating again.

If only the clam could close, lest something should come and remove his pearls while he was gone.

"Eh, it moved?" Just as the thought left his mind, the opened clam slowly fell down and closed up.

"Could it be that I can even control this clam freely?" Lee Qiangdi immediately felt better.

He didn't have to worry about the fish that had taken over his bed when he left. As long as he could control it, he could retrieve it anytime he wanted.

This time, Lee Qiangdi finally felt completely relieved and left without any hesitation.

The sea was like a child with changing emotions. He could have been calm and collected just now, but he might have been furious in the next moment.

The raging ocean could easily devour the lives of countless people. Lee Qiangdi never dared to underestimate this point.

He used to be a landlubber, and he was more afraid of water. At this moment, he was living in the sea.

Lee Qiangdi didn't dare to swim too far as he was worried that a dangerous creature would appear at the bottom of the sea. He just looked around where he lived.

Luckily, other than him, there was no other danger.

He had suffered too many setbacks in one day. Even though Lee Qiangdi had a strong brain, he still felt mentally exhausted.

If he lost his friends, he might even lose his family. With his current appearance, even if he went ashore and returned to his home, would his family still be able to recognize him? Would they still accept him? What sort of status would he have at that time to meet his aging parents?

Besides, he had no legs now.

Lee Qiangdi suddenly became dejected. Seeing that the time was almost up, he went back to the place where he put the big clams.

After ordering the clam to open, Lee Qiangdi lied down and decided not to think about anything else. He should first rest up, maybe everything will return to normal when he wakes up tomorrow. He only had an absurd dream. After waking up from the dream, he was once again that ordinary Lee Qiangdi.

There was no deep sea nor was there any fishtail …

If this was really a nightmare, after waking up from this dream, he would definitely be far away from the sea, not even a step closer.

As a mermaid, Lee Qiangdi's clam was obviously very comfortable under his previous master's decorations. The soft layer below his fart didn't make people panic when they slept. The inner walls of the clam were inlaid with several large Night Pearls, glowing with a sparkling light deep within the sea.

Perhaps it was because the blanket was too soft and comfortable, Lee Qiangdi blinked his eyes sleepily and finally closed his eyes slowly.

In the deep blue sea, in the center of the coral circle, a rare giant clam was glowing faintly.

In the dead sea, there seemed to be something celebrating the return of the master of the sea …


For that reason, no one left any messages, only tears.

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