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C8 Luxury Ship

Chapter VII. luxury ship

AD 5048, the current era of Shen Nuo 3035. July 15, night, the night sky was resplendent.

Aboard a luxurious ship that was sailing from Weihaiga port in the northern region to the port at the shore of Kwyjk.

Holding a cup of fragrant red wine, the tall and sturdy handsome man gently shook his head as he stared deeply at the calm sea.

The day after tomorrow, he would return to his own domain.

Raising his head and gulping down the last of the wine, the man, expressionless, stretched out his hand beyond the ship's railing. He loosened his hand and the sparkling, translucent goblet fell into the sea in a straight line.

"Hades, so you are here."

"What's the matter?" Without turning back, the man's voice was slightly deep and filled with a pleasant magnetism.

"Hey, it's fine. By the way, what are you looking at here? There are no gorgeous mermaids in the sea. "

Although mermaids love water, their bodies are relatively fragile and are unable to adapt to the capriciousness of the sea. Moreover, with the rarity of mermaids, who would place a mermaid that everyone was fighting over into the sea and let it perish on its own?

After 3000 years, with the advent of the Shen Nuo, the weaker women had long since lost their reproductive ability because they could not bear the sudden huge calamity that had struck them during the last century of mankind. Those who were able to survive were all men with robust bodies and powerful strength.

Therefore, for the sake of human reproduction, in 1013 Shen Nuo, a group of scientists who excavated the underwater remains of a place near the Norwegian Sea, originally from the Northern Europe, came up with a gene that could transform humans into fish to reproduce.

Mermaid has since become the rarest species, replacing the role of women in the human century of yesteryear.

"Hey, Hades, is it time for you to apply for the job?" It's been so long. You're not in a hurry, but the other subordinate clans are. After all, you are the most respected Duke, and those old-fashioned people have always been staring at you, wanting to see the successor of Aryari Family. "

A blond man came out from behind the man. He stood beside the man and looked at the night sky.

"I don't need it." A hint of displeasure flashed across the eyes of the handsome man who had previously been scowling. His voice became even deeper.


Those weak and delicate mermaids who could easily turn purple with a slight touch, and whose cold faces could scare them to tears, he did not have the patience to coax them and treat them like pearls. What he wanted to do, no one could change.

"Cough, it's only you who is so unromantic. Right now, who knows how many people are lining up to request for fish, or how many years have you been queuing up for? You aren't in a hurry at all." I really sympathize with your subordinate nobles, and when faced with a cold tyrant like you, they can only silently shed tears. "

Yes, Hades was definitely a tyrannical and cold dictator.

In the current four major domains, other than the northern lords who were more mysterious and rarely appeared in public, only Sir Duke Hades from the east was an absolute dictator.

He ignored the golden-haired man's words, then turned around and left.

"Hey, Hades, you …" Seeing that the man had left, the golden-haired man immediately rubbed his nose, preparing to chase after him. Yet, he didn't expect …

The ship shook violently, and the blond man managed to hold on to the railing to keep his body from being thrown into the sea.

On the other side, Hades, who hadn't left yet, stood firmly on the deck. He looked at the vast sea under the silent night sky with a grave look in his eyes.

"My great God of the Sea, what's going on? What happened? "Someone, come …"

"Ah, what's going on, oh, what's going on, god, who can tell me how the ship... "Ah …


The surface of the sea, which was previously calm, suddenly began to churn. Huge layers of waves emerged without any warning. Caught off guard, the aristocrats who had been standing on the giant luxury wheels while chatting happily with each other suddenly fell into a state of panic.

"Don't panic, don't panic. Calm down, calm down. Everyone go back to your rooms first, back to your rooms …"

"This way, this way …"

In the captain's quarters.

"Quick, quickly activate the protective cover …"

"Yes, Captain."

"Activate shield, energy increased by 30%. Activating 'Ocean Blue' system. Calling out the cause of the sea's unusual weather …"

"When will Sea Blue find out?"

"It should take five minutes."

"Five minutes? That long? "No, try to find out within three minutes."

Five minutes was too long, especially in the suddenly dangerous sea. Perhaps in less than a minute, they would be overturned by the huge waves.

"I'll try my best …"

"William, report."

"Yes." "The waves are currently at level 5, and in a minute they will rise to level 8, surpassing the protective cover's safety warning line. They need to be activated …"

"Not good, Captain. The left wing of the shield has been damaged. Energy loss is 40%. Sea Blue has temporarily been interrupted for unknown reasons …"



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