Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C9 The Sea Goddess be Angry
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Rebirth: Deep Ocean Crown/C9 The Sea Goddess be Angry
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C9 The Sea Goddess be Angry

Chapter VIII. God of the Sea got angry

There was a rush of tension in the captain's quarters, and the crew members in their respective positions called up their electronic boards to give orders.

Outside the captain's room...

Due to the protective cover, everyone returned to their rooms in fear. Looking out the windows at the people outside, there were also a few brave and capable people standing outside, watching the ferocious sea in the dark.

Tonight, things were destined to not be peaceful …

"What's going on? Why is Hai Yang suddenly angry …"

Startled, the golden-haired man, who was almost thrown into the sea, patted his rapidly throbbing chest. His astonished face still had a tinge of paleness to it that could not be recovered in time.

"God of the Sea, I'm angry …"

Unknowingly, a handsome young man with long moon-white hair stood behind Hades and the golden-haired young man. He looked at the roaring sea surface and spoke with a faint voice.

"God of the Sea? Tch, stop joking. That is just the spiritual support a human can entrust themselves to. Do you really believe it? " The blonde youth sneered. Apparently, he did not agree with the words of the person behind him.

"Lord Vilar, I'm God of the Sea's Priest. I'm God of the Sea's servant. Naturally, I believe in God of the Sea …"

"I say, Ezesis, at least we have lived together in a military school for a few years. After knowing you for so long, how did you end up becoming a Priest of a godly temple? "I remember that time, didn't you say that you wanted to become a space military commander?

"Lord Vilar, the affairs of the world are unpredictable."

"Cough cough, Ezesis, can you not talk to me? It's so weird and I'm a bit scared."

Priest: "..."

"Hades, what are you looking at?"

He didn't hear the man beside him speak, but the man turned his head around with a strange expression. The man's face was solemn as he looked at the motionless sea. No one knew what he was thinking about, but his eyes were so dark that it was frightening.

"Hades, do you also think that God of the Sea is angry?"

The man glanced at him indifferently, but didn't reply. Instead, he asked the graceful Priest behind him in a low voice.

"Ezesis, did you hear something just now?" Before the wave came, he seemed to hear a wonderful sound.

It was just like the song of the fabled mermaids …

Even though the sound was faintly discernible due to the waves, it was very weak, as if he was hallucinating …

"Lord Duke, I didn't hear anything." The white-haired Priest had a very respectful expression.

"Is that so?" The man sounded a little disappointed.

"Cough, Hades, this is the sea. Other than the people on the ship talking, where is there any sound?"


"Hades, I say, are you …"

"Go back."

"Huh?" The golden-haired man was dumbstruck as he watched the man's tall back disappear into the deck.

He turned his head and looked at the young Priest beside him with an indifferent expression, begging for comfort and caress, "Ezesis, what do you think happened to Hades, why did he suddenly walk away with a cold face? Also, Ezesis, since you said that you are God of the Sea's Priest, then tell me, is there any Siren here that can bring misfortune to others? "

"Lord Vilar, the sea breeze is too strong. You should quickly go in as well." The handsome young man shot him a glance before following him out, leaving the golden-haired man on the deck to bite his handkerchief.

"Ezesis, even you abandoned me …"


Lee Qiangdi was dumbfounded!

He didn't even sneeze just now. He only shouted twice, yet he actually set off a wave …

He is not a butterfly in the rainforest of the Amazon region of South America. He can't stir his wings occasionally and cause a tornado in Texas in two weeks.

He was also frightened? He asked for comfort...

Lee Qiangdi felt that it would be best for him to hide at the bottom of the sea for a few days, go to the clams to count pearls to calm his frightened heart...

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