Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C1 Loss of Consciousness
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Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C1 Loss of Consciousness
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C1 Loss of Consciousness

Yi Dong had been pushed down from the residential building by Yi Xia. His soft body fell on the concrete road and smashed into a pile of meat paste.

She would have been disgusted if she had said so herself.

Her soul was floating, and she had somehow reached the room full of police officers.

At that time, Yi Xia was wiping her tears. Her delicate makeup had a tinge of smudges on it. It was a lot more embarrassing than usual, but she seemed to be really sad.

Yi Xia's mother and father stood by Yi Xia's side. Both of them had been through a lot of ups and downs in their business life, and Yi Mu was very elegant and graceful, so her eyes were red, without a single tear in them. Only Yi Chenzi had a sorrowful look on his face.

Yi Dong stared blankly at them for a while. Suddenly, his entire body began to tremble. She then rushed in front of Yi Xia like a madman. She ruthlessly raised her hand and swung it towards Yi Xia, but her palm penetrated Yi Xia's hypocritical expression.

She was already dead, Yi Dong thought. She slowly crouched down and hugged herself, silently crying.

Everything was over. The good or the bad ended all of a sudden, at a time node that no one had expected.

Yi Dong and Yi Xia were identical twins. If one were to calculate the time of birth, Yi Xia was the elder sister.

Because they were different eggs, although the two carried the title of twins, they looked completely different. The adults all said that Yi Dong was someone who knew how to pick, but he chose the best part of the couple's looks. Yi Xia, on the other hand, was lacking a bit. His eyebrows and eyes gave him a nice winter shadow, but compared to Ye Chen, he was far worse.

Since they were young, Yi Dong had indeed been chosen. Yi Xia was probably unhappy about this, so no matter how busy their business was, Yi Xia would always be by their side. In winter, she spent most of her childhood with her grandparents in a small town.

Yi Xia's mother was especially pampered, and Yi Xia's personality was even more indecent. It was as if she had already decided that Yi Dong's excellence was a threat and a debt to her.

If I didn't have such a great sister, everyone would only pay attention to me. From the very beginning, this kind of thinking was wrong, but it was being nurtured by the people around him in the wrong way, allowing every dark thought to slowly take root within them.

Even Yi Dong, when she thought back, had become one of the helpers of this entire process. Why did she feel that she really owed Yi Xia? She was the one that had been abandoned from the start, wasn't she? Every success they achieved was not only not praised, but also viewed by their parents as a malicious act of trying to compare the two of them with each other. In the end, even death seemed to be the only thing that mattered.

If things were going to turn out this way, why not be the kind of bad guy Yi Xia talked about from the beginning?

Yi Xia's explanation to the police could still be heard, but a bright white light flashed in front of his eyes. All the scenes and sounds disappeared, and Yi Dong once again lost consciousness.

A small figure was lying on the reed mat.

The child's eyelids slightly blinked twice, and his fan like eyelashes cast a few different shadows.

Yi Dong slowly opened his eyes, his gaze falling upon the old wooden ceiling. Time and time had left deep, shallow marks on it, and she could still make out the headlines of old newspapers that had been hanging on the walls so many years ago.

"Promotes production..." She quietly said those words. This sound woke up the old man who was dozing off beside her, and he quickly stuck his head out to look at her.

"Yi Yi, how was it?" Does your head still hurt? " The old man looked kind as he helped Yi Dong to sit up on the small wooden bed, "Grandmother has packed up all of Yi Yi's things. I'll be able to stay in the city with mother and father later."

The old man said what he thought Yi Dong would be happy to hear it.

Yi Dong regained his senses, his gaze focused on the old man in front of him. At this time, the passage of time hadn't left the obvious marks on the old man's body as he remembered it. At this time, Old Lady Yi was only in her early fifties, even her hair was mostly black.

There was still a faint pain in his head. Yi Dong extended his hand to touch it, but was stopped by Old Madam Yi, "But you can't touch it. It's just been wrapped this morning. If you touch it and bleed, it'll hurt."

Didn't I already die? Yi Dong's consciousness had finally fully gathered at this time. She looked at her little hands and feet. There were a few flesh quincuncial holes on them. It was clearly the appearance of a child.

"Grandma?" Yi Dong suddenly sat up straight and cried out several times before jumping into the arms of the old man in front of him.

Old Madam Yi thought he was going to act coquettishly, so she quickly hugged her and coaxed, "Yi Yi, be good and follow your parents in the future, do you understand?"

"Yi Dong! Your parents told you to go down. " Yi Xia, who was at the door, had been watching for a long time. Seeing that Yi Dong had woken up, he immediately jumped out and shouted.

Only now did Yi Dong notice that Yi Xia was still standing at the door. The only thing that had remained unchanged was the hatred she held towards herself in her eyes.

Just like in her previous life, when she found out that she was pregnant, she pushed herself down the stairs without any hesitation. The deep hatred in her eyes must have started to accumulate from this moment onwards.

That child didn't have any expectations from the beginning, after all Jin Chengye was like Yi Dong, she couldn't be sure that the feelings between the two of them were enough to share the responsibility of a child.

But to feel a life gradually taking root within one's body, that kind of feeling was truly marvelous. Yi Dong even began to imagine her and Jin Cheng's future lives. With that child, all the sharp edges of their lives would be softened.

However, even that tiny bit of light was eventually destroyed by Yi Xia.

Yi Dong's gaze pierced into Yi Xia's body. Yi Xia was scared stiff by her cold gaze. He screamed, turned around, and ran out.

"Sister was staring at me fiercely just now!" While Yi Dong and Old Madam Yi were holding hands and walking out, they happened to hear Yi Xia's complaints as he pulled Yi Xiao's mother, Li Qiujian, by the hand.

Before Yi Mom could say anything, Yi Dong called out, "Mom!"

Li Qiuping followed the voice and looked over. The little girl's originally tender cheeks had turned paler from the loss of blood, and the gauze covering her head also made her look even more pitiful.

She quickly walked over, bent down and touched Yi Dong's face, smiling, "Yi Yi, are you feeling better?"

"I feel dizzy," Yi Dong said as he pursed his lips. "It's very uncomfortable."

Yi Dong didn't want to immediately judge what had happened to her. Although she hated people, she could only suppress her emotions for the time being.

"What's the matter with you? Knowing that Yi Yi was sleeping, he still asked Yi Xia to call her over. Was it because it was easy for you to come over, or was it because it was easy for Yi Yi to come over? It was all thanks to the child's understanding, "Old Madam Yi scolded Li Qiuping with a frown," There's also Yi Xia. Your little sister broke her head, and you're still chattering here.

"Mother, Xia Xia still doesn't understand." Li Qiuliang smiled as he pulled Yi Xia to his side, then ignored Old Madam Yi's expression and said to Yi Dong, "Yi Yi, go spend the summer vacation with your mother, wait for your mother to send you back when school starts."

"Don't come over here …" Yi Xia stood behind Li Qiujian and whispered, "I don't like you!"

The latter was said with a raised voice.

Yi Dong's brain slowly turned as he remembered what had happened.

He envied Yi Xia for being able to stay by his parents' side. He wanted to take advantage of Yi Xia's departure and go with him. However, they didn't expect that Yi Xia would push them away while they were talking. His head hit the stairs and a chunk of his forehead was broken. Blood flowed out and he fainted on the spot.

When she woke up, Yi Yeyu, who didn't approve of her following her to the city, changed her tone. However, it was only to let her stay for the summer vacation. At that time, Yi Dong didn't understand the cause and effect of all this and was extremely excited to be able to go with his parents.

Now that he thought about it, this was just a necessary concession to protect Yi Xia.

Yi Dong looked up at her mother.

This woman had always been a stranger to him. They did not have the emotions of an ordinary mother and daughter, much less be as intimate as an ordinary mother and daughter. At this time, she had already left him for more than four years, she had only treated Yi Xia as her daughter for more than four years. Yi Dong looked at Li Qiurou with an ice-cold gaze. All of this was concealed beneath his childish appearance.

Yi Dong smiled slowly, but it was extremely bitter.

"I'm not going, Mom. I heard from them that the city isn't fun, and the town is much more lively."

"Is that so?" Li Qiuping seemed to be very relieved, but he still had to put on a caring expression. "If that's the case, how about I stay at home for two more days with you?"

It was only after hearing Yi Dong's words that Li Qiuping remembered that the number of playmates in the city was truly too few. Yi Xia should have let her feel the lively atmosphere of the children in the town more.

Yi Xia didn't raise any objections to this. He only held Li Qiuping's hand and said in a delicate voice, "In that case, mother will stay at home to accompany me for two more days."

"Alright, alright, alright. Of course you have to accompany our Xia Xia."

Yi Dong looked at his mother and daughter standing in front of him, not expressing anything. Old Madam Yi became angry seeing that. She picked Yi Dong up and was about to walk home, muttering, "I've been with you everyday, but I can't remember how precious she is to have another one of her own at home?!"

"Grandmother." Yi Dong felt as if the grievances in his heart had found a way to escape through Old Madam Yi's nagging. The little child hugged the old man's neck tightly, tears almost instantly dripping down Old Madam Yi's collar.

Li Qiuping, who was watching from behind, jumped in fright. She hurriedly walked up to check on Yi Dong, feeling a bit worried. No matter how much Yi Xia's pain was, it still seemed like what Old Lady Yi had said. Yi Dong was also her child born in October.

"Yi Yi, what's wrong? Is your head hurting again?"

"I hate you! "I hate Yi Xia!" Yi Dong stared straight at Li Qiurou and yelled, "It was Yi Xia who pushed me. You know, you lied to your grandma that I fell down. You're Yi Xia's mother, not mine, I don't want a mother like you!"

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