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C3 Rogue

"Do you think I'm your Wen Tuntun's temper?" Old Madam Yi gave him a sidelong glance and quickly set the pot of food aside. "Her own daughter doesn't feel bad, so why would she make me feel sorry for her?"

The dining table was outside in the little yard, and the sun had already set below the horizon, leaving only a little light. Old lady Yi prepared three side dishes, then made a small bowl of egg-drop soup for Yi Dong Dan. It was warm from the blowing and was placed in front of her.

Old Man Yi sat on a low stool and fanned Yi Dong with a large fan.

These actions were so natural and familiar that Yi Dong almost burst into tears again. She lowered her head to clean the moisture from her eyes before the two old men noticed her.

"Yi Yi, your grandma will be home for the next two days. I'll get someone to remove the air conditioner in your parents' room and put it in Yi Yi's room. It's cool, right?" Old Madam Yi said with a smile while she served the dishes to Yi Dong.

"Okay," Yi Dong nodded without any pretense.

The air conditioner at this time was still considered rare, at least in this small town. Since he hadn't developed a power saving function, if he didn't spend the whole summer vacation on it, it would still be considered a big expense.

"Put it in my grandparents' room and move my bed over," Yi Dong said after thinking for a bit. His round eyes smiled and said, "That way we can cool down together."

The smile on Old Man Yi's face deepened. Just as he was about to speak, he caught sight of a small person at the entrance of his residence with a glance.

"Ah, Yi Gang, come here." Old Man Yi beckoned towards the child with a smile. The child no longer hesitated and quickly ran in.

Yi Gang's forehead was flushed red with sweat. He eagerly ran to Yi Dong with concern and surprise in his eyes, "I heard from Mao Tou that you have a big bag on your head. I came to see you."

Mao Tou's mother was a doctor at a health clinic in the town. She was the one who had bandaged Yi Dong's head.

Later on, Yi Dong's impression of Yi Zhenggang was already very stable. She almost forgot that he still had that meat bun look. Speaking of Yi Zhenggang, he was also able to have some connections with Jin Chengye. It was said that some unknown generation of relatives had appeared, and Jin Chengye's father had then returned to his hometown to marry his relatives. Only then did he start walking again.

This was something to be said later, but now that he saw Yi Xian Gang, Yi Dong couldn't help but think of Jin Chengye.

Perhaps there really was a parallel dimension. If that was the case, Yi Dong smiled bitterly. Before she died, she really didn't look good. Young Master Jin always liked pretty girls, he probably wouldn't like them even if he saw them.

"Yi Yi, is your head hurting?" Yi Qing-jie looked closer. This was the first time that Yi Dong had such a ugly smile on his face. "If you don't want to laugh, then don't laugh. I know you're crazy."

"You're the one with a broken brain," Yi Dong said as he came back to his senses. He placed both his hands on his waist. When he spoke, his voice was a little louder, and his head was starting to hurt.

"My head is fine, I just broke it." Seeing the worry on Yi Xian's face, she tried to comfort him, "I'll be fine after two days of rest."

"Qiang Gang, are you going to eat dinner at our house? Gran will get you a pair of chopsticks. " Old lady Yi stood up.

"Ah," Yi Xian nodded his head and turned to Yi Dong, "Yi Yi, tomorrow we agreed to catch some fish, are you still coming?"

Yi Dong hesitated for a moment, but just as he was about to nod his head, he heard Old Man Yi say, "Yi, go. But just watch on the side. Don't touch the water on your head."

"Mm." Yi Dong nodded. "I'll watch from the side."

Yi Zheng looked at Old Man Yi and nodded, "Then I'll give the fish to Yi." With that, he laughed, showing his small white teeth. He was still missing one tooth, so he felt a sense of joy.

Yi Dong burst out laughing. No matter how many years had passed, this place was still familiar to him. There were too many people and things he needed to cherish, Yi Dong thought. She didn't even have time to be sad, to be nostalgic for something that had already disappeared in her previous life and had never existed in this life.

There were quite a few children standing by the river bank. From the age of four to seventeen or eighteen, there were all kinds of people of different ages. They were all gathered together to watch the same liveliness.

Yesterday, in order to guide the water to irrigate the paddy field, the upper reaches of the river was cut off at the waist. This downstream water has been less seen since yesterday, to the point where it is now only four or five years old, knee-high.

Since the water level was low and there were many people, the parents didn't have to worry too much. The children just gathered there.

All the children in town knew each other, but they were too big and too big to play with, too small and too small to play with. Yi Dong stood beside Hairy Head, talking to a little girl with two braids.

The little girl's name was Yi Jingjing. She was the same age as Yi Dong and was also the same as Yi Dong in a kindergarten. The two of them had to be good.

Of course, it was difficult for Yi Dong to recall these distant memories. Every time Yi Jingjing talked about what had happened in kindergarten, Yi Dong would have a confused expression on his face the day before yesterday or tomorrow.

"It's okay, I know you broke your head." Fortunately, Yi Jingjing didn't pursue the matter any further. She patted her chest to show her understanding, "Yi Gang has already told me."

Yi Dong's forehead was full of black lines, but his mouth had no choice but to giggle foolishly in response.

Yi Jingjing used to be a ghost, but this time she gave him a reason, which was better than his messy lies.

"Where's Yi Zhang?" Yi Dong turned his head to look around. There were many familiar faces in the crowd, but he just didn't see Yi Xian Gang.

"He said he'd be late," Yi Jingjing took out two pieces of fruit candy from her pocket, one for Yi Dong and one for Hairy Head, "My dad brought them back from the capital," the little girl said with a bit of boasting pride and joy on her face, "It's delicious."

He grabbed the candy and stuffed it into his mouth. Unfortunately, the quality of the candy was good, and the quality of the candy was also very good. He chewed on it for a long time before he finally ate it.

Yi Dong took the candy and carefully tore off the candy paper along the irregular jagged teeth.

Banana-flavored fructose is sweet in the mouth.

Yi Dong narrowed his eyes in satisfaction. The sky was bluer, the water greener, and even fructose was much more sincere than the colorful fruits of the future generations.

Teenagers have rolled up their trousers and now fish in shallow water with a variety of tools and a bucket to fish for screws. At this time, the water level was shallow. The screws that were originally attached to the rocks on both sides of the river had been hidden in the shallow water. They were piled up in a pile, so it was not difficult to find them. Two or three bouquets were for dinner, with leeks and spicy chilies, and the scent could be wafted from the east side of town to the west.

"There's fish!" There's fish! " Yi Jingjing pointed at the middle of the river and suddenly shouted.

"Interesting," a male voice rang out from behind Yi Dong, but Yi Dong didn't pay much attention to it at first.

There were still many children in the town, and there were two that she was not familiar with.

Someone in the middle of the river had caught a big fish, and it was very lively.

Yi Zheng ran up from behind and called out to the people behind Yi Dong first, then he stood beside Yi Dong and gasped for breath, "Yi Yi, is your head still hurting?"

Before Yi Dong could say anything, Yi Jingjing suddenly shouted and pointed at the person behind Yi Dong, "This is your brother?"

Hearing this, Yi Dong's brows fiercely jumped twice. He didn't even want to turn around.

Thinking about what happened in his previous life, it seemed like Jin Chengye did mention it once. He had come to Peace Town when Yi Dong was growing up. When he spoke, his eyes had a look of regret.

"Little girl." Yi Dong heard a man's voice behind him say with an indifferent smile. He then stretched out a bony hand towards him and placed it on her shoulder, "Oh? Did this little girl's head get taken out by someone? "

This time, his words were obviously mocking. If Yi Dong had been able to comfort the person behind her earlier, then it might not have been Jin Chengye, but now that he was laughing, his appearance made her completely certain who was standing behind her.

The hand on his shoulder seemed to carry a burning heat that made Yi Dong abruptly shrink backwards.

She quickly turned around, and the face that entered her sight, although it was still young and tender, was indeed one that she was familiar with.

At this time, Jin Chengye had just turned from a child to a teenager, but when he talked, he still looked as if he had the grandeur and arrogance of his previous life.

As soon as the little girl turned around, she looked at him with her moist eyes, causing Jin Chengye to be stunned, as if trying to reflect on his words just now.

However, since Young Master Jin was already used to being arrogant, he never would have thought that he would apologize.

"How did his brain get split open and turned stupid?" He raised his eyebrows and felt that the little girl in front of him was rather pleasing to the eye. As he spoke, he wanted to reach out and touch her face.

Therefore, Jin Chengye's scoundrel hadn't come here for just a day or two, and had already started to show some signs of himself by this time.

Yi Dong then completely reacted, she turned her head and dodged Jin Chengye's hand, but that was not enough, she turned around and ruthlessly slapped Jin Chengye's hand.

The young master Jin's hand was raised so tender that a small handprint immediately appeared on the back of his white hand, shining brightly in the young master Jin's eyes.

Jin Chengye was a bastard in his previous life, and Yi Dong had dealt with him many times. Although at that time he was mostly at a disadvantage, at least he had the experience, and was able to clearly understand Jin Chengye's temperament.

Therefore, before Jin Chengye could open his mouth, Yi Dong fired off a string of words.

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