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C4 Bad Temper

"Don't touch me, I have a headache! My grandma said that anyone who loves to mess around isn't a good person! I don't play with big kids. "

Yi Dong hid to the side as he spoke, clenching his fists tightly. Only she knew how much sweat had flowed from within.

In the end, Jin Chengye still had some influence on her, no matter how many years had passed, even though he was still in his youth.

"My hands are swollen from the punch!" Jin Chengye was angered by the little girl's aggressive look and laughed. His sleeves were already high, and now he suddenly handed his hands over to the children beside him.

Yi Xian hurriedly grabbed Jin Chengye's arm, "Big brother, big brother, Yi Dong's head is still injured, you can't hit her."


"I can't fight!"

Hairy Head and Yi Jingjing reacted even faster. The two of them stood in front of Yi Dong, and with a wave of their hands, their small bodies took up a defensive posture.

Children's judgments of things are often straightforward and simple, right and wrong, good and bad.

If Jin Chengye and Yi Dong put together, everyone would naturally choose Yi Dong.

Jin Chengye impatiently fiddled with Yi Xian's arm, "Spread out! Who's going to hit her? Can this kid withstand one of my punches?"

This was originally his explanation, but to the children, it sounded more like a malicious threat. As a result, Hairy # 1 and Yi Jingjing refused to budge an inch as they continued to stare at him with their tiger-like faces.

Their side didn't have much movement, but having Jin Chengye as an outsider company was already enough to attract the attention of others. After a while, he saw that the outsider had matched up with the local kids. The young students who were fishing in the middle of the river stood up and asked from afar, "What's wrong, my ass?" Are you all right? If anything happens, let me know. "

The one who asked was Momo's cousin.

Hairy # 1 looked up and immediately seemed to have a huge amount of power to rely on. His face had a proud smile, and he nodded. "Big bro, it's nothing!"

Yi Dong was moved by the enthusiasm and maintenance of her childhood playmate, but she still regarded herself as an adult. Moreover, the person standing in front of him was Jin Chengye, and in his heart, she treated him differently. Perhaps Yi Dong hadn't realized at this time, but she still couldn't deny Jin Chengye's difference.

"Yi Gang, is this your brother? Why haven't I seen it before? "

Yi Dong clapped his hands, not looking at Jin Chengye, and changed the topic.

Yi Zhenggang carefully glanced at Jin Chengye, seeing that he didn't have any intention of refuting this salutation, he nodded and said, "Yes, it's my big brother from the provincial capital. My mom said she needs to take good care of him."

Hairy head used the tip of his tongue to push the fructose that he had gone through great difficulty to the side, and said in an indistinct voice, "So that's how it is." He raised his head to take a close look at Jin Chengye, somewhat puzzled, "Why doesn't your brother look like you at all?"

Hearing these words, Jin Chengye looked at the child who was curiously staring at him with a smile that was not a smile, "If he isn't born of a mother, then where would he go?" He stopped talking after he finished, as if he was not very interested in talking to a kid like that.

Yi Xian pointed to the river surface, and said a few words to Jin Chengye, waiting for him to nod his head before Yi Zhenggang ran over to the river bank.

The child inside was already holding a basin of snails with each of them. He licked his lips and remembered the mission that his mother had given him before, "Can any of you give me a basin first? My mom is in a hurry to cook, so when I bring her back, she'll come back and pick her up for you guys? "

Yi Gang was a teacher at the town elementary school, and more than half of the people standing in the river were taught to him by her subordinates. Upon hearing these words, they handed over six or seven washbasins, wishing they could push them into Yi QInggang's arms.

Yi Xian happily picked one of the basins and ran back in front of Jin Chengye, offering it to him as if it was a treasure, "Brother, look, the snails my mother made are delicious!"

"A fishy smell," Jin Chengye took a big step back, his white fingers immediately covering his nose and mouth, "Take it away, take it away."

Yi Xian didn't seem to care at all as he grinned, "Brother, I'll send this back first. You can stay here for a while longer." He then turned to Yi Dong and the others, "Help me take care of my brother."

If not for wanting to act like a child, Yi Dong would have rolled his eyes at Jin Chengye. She knew Jin Chengye wasn't a good person, but she didn't expect him to have such a bad temper ever since he was so young.

"Hey, kid," Jin Chengye stood by the river and watched as he caught the fish. Suddenly, he turned his head towards Yi Dong and said, "Who gave you this bag? You're not skilled at it either."

Young Master Jin had fought many times in the provincial capital, and bandaging injuries were a common occurrence. Now that he was bored, he might as well study the bandage on Yi Dong's head. But these words didn't sound good to Mao Tou, Yi Dong's brain was being f * * king cured, if Jin Chengye said this, he would be cursing his mother.

"What did you say!?" A strong and muscular man, with a strong personality. He glared fiercely, and pushed Jin Chengye away.

Jin Chengye was standing on the riverbank. Originally, this push wasn't enough to push him into the river, but who knew where this foot came from? Coincidentally, it tripped him.

With a splash, the man fell into the water.

Yi Dong calmly withdrew his foot, and then he stood together with Mao Tou and the rest on the riverbank, lowering his head to look at Jin Chengye, who was drenched all over and struggling to stand up.

Jin Chengye spat a few times. There were a lot of people standing in the river, so as he walked, he carried the silt and mud along the river bottom with him. It was currently muddy. He took a sip of water, half of it came from mud, which made Jin Chengye sick to his stomach.

The few youngsters who were originally standing in the middle of the river catching the fish, upon seeing this scene, stopped what they were doing, looking at Jin Chengye with half curiosity and half curiosity.

"Brat, you're looking for a beating, right?" Jin Chengye crawled onto the shore in a sorry state with an unfriendly expression, about to clean up his hair. Yi Dong pulled the hair on his head behind him, causing Jin Chengye's fist to abruptly stop in mid-air.

No matter how much of a bastard he was, he couldn't bring his fist down on a little girl whose head was still wrapped in gauze.

With this, Mao Tou's cousin, who was watching the show in the river, ran onto the shore. Hairy Head's brother was sixteen years old this year, and he looked just like Hairy Head. He was tall and sturdy, and he stood there like a wall. Although Jin Chengye's body was on par with his, he was after all still a young man who had just grown up, and now he had a picky eater's mouth. Jin Chengye's body was slapped, but the flesh didn't grow at all.

"What are you doing, bullying your child?"

Jin Chengye glanced at his cousin and impatiently retorted, "This kid pushed me for no reason, look at me!"

The clothes that had originally been hung with shiny expensive logos had now been muddied to the point where their original appearance could no longer be seen. Even the white sneakers from before were covered in black sloppy mud, looking very miserable.

Big Cousin Hairy # 1 didn't hesitate either. He grabbed onto Hairy # 2's collar and pulled him up from the back. "What's going on? Apologize quickly!"

Mao Mao casted a sidelong glance at Jin Chengye, his face revealing a gloating smile, but he also listened to his elder cousin's words, apologizing in a decent manner.

"Alright, Hairy # 1 has apologized. Go back and change, that's all." Hairy Head's elder cousin carefully sized up Jin Chengye, and turned to ask, "I just saw that he was brought here by Yi Xian, right?" The meaning behind those words were clear.

"En," Hairy Head nodded, "Yi Zhenggang will be coming over immediately."

"Do you know the way? Should I send you to Yi Zhenggang's home? "

Jin Chengye had never suffered so much, his temper was not something that he should be pushed into the river without being able to utter a word.

He really couldn't afford to embarrass himself by making him make a move on a child.

After all, the current Jin Chengye had nothing to do with her, but before that, she couldn't get rid of the relationship between him and her.

"About that, let me accompany you back?" Yi Dong took the initiative to touch Jin Chengye's finger, as a show of goodwill.

This little girl is really pretty, right? But this grandpa won't do that. Jin Chengye slapped Yi Dong's hand furiously, and was even trying to step on him a moment ago. What's wrong with pretending like he knows what's going on?

"Why are you fighting Yi Dong!" Mao Tou and Yi Jingjing stood to the side, unwilling to budge.

Jin Chengye's last bit of patience finally disappeared in such a stalemate. His face darkened, but just as he was about to erupt, he heard a surprised voice.

"Chengye, what happened to you?"

The one who spoke was Jin Wei, his father. Beside him stood Yi Zhenggang, obviously brought here by him.

"Brother, did you fall into the river?" Yi Xian had just arrived at the provincial capital and admired his big brother a lot. Seeing his sorry state, he was also scared. He turned his head to quietly ask Yi Dong, "Yi Yi, what's going on?"

Yi Dong pursed his lips and shook his head, she walked to Jin Wei's side, raised her small head and softly explained, "Uncle, just now we accidentally hit this big brother and made him fall into the river, we apologized to big brother, do you want big brother to go to my house and change? "I need to quickly take a bath …"

Jin Wei only had a son like Jin Chengye, but he had never seen such a soft-spoken little girl before. Although her words were spoken slowly but methodically, it really made people like her.

He bent down and patted Yi Dong's shoulder to comfort her. "It's alright, little girl. You can play by yourselves. Uncle will take this brother home."

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