Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C5 He Actually Didn't Leave
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Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C5 He Actually Didn't Leave
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C5 He Actually Didn't Leave

Yi Dong turned his head to look at Jin Chengye, his eyes were filled with worry, after hesitating for a moment he nodded, "Okay, uncle, then you have to quickly bring big brother back."

Jin Wei suddenly felt that this little girl was more sensible.

If Yi Dong hadn't tripped him, Jin Chengye would have believed that this little girl whom he had teased on their first meeting was truly worried for him.

He was played around by a six year old little girl, these words exploded in Jin Chengye's heart, causing his anger to explode.

"Alright," Jin Wei straightened his body, and lifted his face, "What are you playing around for here? If you don't keep that smelly attitude of yours safe, see how I'll deal with you when I get back! "

Jin Chengye's temper was quite bad, and this point was often picked up by Jin Wei. For a long time, he only had a little fear towards his father.

Therefore, although Jin Chengye was extremely unwilling, he just glared at the two kids and followed Jin Wei. However, that last little movement was unavoidably slapped in the back of the head by Jin Wei.

In his previous life, when Yi Dong met Jin Chengye, he had always been complacent, but when had he ever seen Jin Chengye look like he couldn't hold back his anger, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

When Jin Chengye heard this, he took advantage of Jin Wei's inattentiveness and turned around to give Yi Dong a fierce look, with a look that seemed to say that the future was long.

Yi Dong didn't mind, just looking at Jin Chengye's defeated appearance was enough for her to be happy for a few days. And judging from Jin Chengye's words from his previous life, this would probably be the only time they would cross paths since they were young.

Even if it was just for the past, Yi Dong thought, there would no longer be any worries or connections in the future.

Yi Dong lowered his head as he thought this. Unavoidably, his heart was suffused with a little sadness. In the past and Jin Chengye's beginning weren't what she had expected, but the emotions that came up between them were undeniable existences, and now, along with this new beginning, they were all thrown to the side.

"Yi Yi?" Yi Zheng, who was standing beside her for a long time, asked curiously, "What's wrong?" Seeing that Yi Dong turned his head to look at him in confusion, he thought for a while, then comforted, "Don't worry, my big bro must be fine. I'll follow you home later and tell your grandma not to scold you."

My grandma won't scold me, Yi Dong thought, but he felt soft inside as he watched the handsome little shota comforting him with a serious face. She reached out her hand to hold Yi Zhenggang's hand, smiled and narrowed her eyes, "It's alright, my grandma won't scold me."

When he saw that the two of them were standing hand in hand, he also looked at Yi Dong, then looked at Yi Tinggang, feeling that he shouldn't hold the girl's hand so tightly. Thinking of this, he casually pulled Yi Zhenggang's hand and held it tightly.

Yi Sanjiu frowned and looked at him for a second, then moved her wrist a little. In the end, she didn't take her hand out.

This shameless fellow, he thought, he would catch him later anyway, so he might as well let him hold onto it.

Yi Gang raised his head, feeling that he had become more sensible.

However, what Yi Dong didn't expect was that Jin Chengye actually didn't leave, but stayed in Peace Town. Early the next morning, Yi Dong was sleepily holding an aged ceramic jar and being led by Old Mrs. Yi to the market place in town to make soy milk, when he happened to see Jin Chengye holding a bowl of bean curd in one hand and a fried dough stick in the other, eating with extreme familiarity.

Yi Zheng was sitting beside him, rubbing his head. The two of them were eating a bowl of steaming ramen noodles, with beads of sweat dripping down their foreheads.

"Yi Yi." The two children, seeing Yi Dong, quickly waved towards her and greeted Old Madam Yi, "Yi, why don't you sit here and eat?"

Jin Chengye glanced at Old Madam Yi, then greeted her.

Old lady Yi looked at Jin Chengye and laughed, "Yi Yi already told me yesterday when he came back, I already said she was a little troublemaker, that's why she went out and caused trouble, didn't the child get scared after falling into the river yesterday? When we went to Grandma's house for dinner tonight, how many good dishes did Grandma cook for you to calm down your nerves? "

Yi Dong was dozing off with his eyelids drooping. If it wasn't for Old Lady Yi holding him, he might have been able to fall face first onto the ground. But even so, she could tell that the matter of falling into the river was brought up again, causing Jin Chengye's expression to change, but he immediately nodded his head.

"Then I'll be troubling Grandmother."

Yi Dong's originally unclear state of mind was immediately jolted. These words meant that he agreed to come to their house to eat? Only then did she turn her puzzled gaze to the faces of the people sitting at the table. All of them were extremely subtle.

Yi Dong thought back to yesterday when Jin Chengye on the riverbank had been gnashing his teeth, wishing that he could eat him and Hairy # 1, but now he could make Hairy # 1 eat with him on a table.

She had always felt that Young Master Jin was used to being arrogant and despotic, but she didn't expect that he would be so patient at the age of thirteen. Was this already the beginning of a new story, or was he planning to settle it later?

Old Man Yi, holding a large fan in one hand, waited at the entrance of the courtyard for a while. From afar, he saw his granddaughter and old partner walking over while chatting and laughing with the fried dough sticks in one hand and the soya-bean milk jug in the other.

"Yi Yi, are you awake now?" Old Man Yi lowered his head and rubbed his beard against Yi Dong's face, making her shrink back with a smile. "Grandpa, it's itchy …"

Old Madam Yi glared at him, "Why are you causing trouble? Weren't you supposed to serve the dishes I cut in the kitchen?"

Hearing this, Old Man Yi slapped his head in realization. "Aiyo, look at my memory. I'll go get it, I'll get it."

When the family was seated at a small table in the courtyard, each of them picked up their favorite dishes. Old Madam Yi said, "Just like that brat who gave Maozi and Yi Yi the river last night, from what his mother said, he seems to have a strong background. Do you remember when you were a young boy, did you forget to leave Peace Town and join the Jin family?" "I remember that when I was a girl, I had seen her walk in the rain of bullets twice. I heard that she had fought with the Chairman before. Even in the capital, she is still a good person …"

Old Madam Yi spoke endlessly, everything involved. When Old Man Yi heard this, he could not care less. Finally, he concluded, "That is, you are born with a life of toil!" As he spoke, he picked up a piece of the dish and placed it into his mouth.

Yi Dong laughed out loud, then turned to look at her with a smile, "Yi Yi, don't you think so? "Isn't life about seeking peace and quiet?"

Yi Dong simply couldn't agree more. She kept nodding her head, while Old Man Yi made Old Lady Yi give him a fierce glare.

"Just teach your child these things!" You'll be a lazy person by then. "

Old man Yi curled his lips carelessly. He didn't plan on retorting. So what if he was lazy? He couldn't stop him from living a life of leisure and leisure. Descending to a child naturally had its own blessings. As for everything else, he didn't care too much about it. This wasn't quite the way things were going.

Old Madam Yi had always been a hot-tempered person, but she had followed Old Man Yi for half her life and understood his temperament. Even though she said this, she wouldn't take it to heart like she did when she was young.

This wasn't the first time Yi Dong had heard his grandfather speak in such a manner, but it wasn't the first time he felt that his grandfather's words made so much sense. Isn't it? [People just want to be free and quiet for the rest of their lives, don't they?] What kind of amazing success or success could he get in the end while he was alive? Although he couldn't exactly put it that way, there was still a certain amount of truth to his words. Yi Dong felt that her grandfather had practiced too many calligraphy and had also become a bit ethereal.

"Master, I will learn calligraphy from you from now on." Yi Dong gulped down the soy milk in his bowl.

Old lady Yi looked at her with suspicion, "Why did Yi suddenly think of this?" You're so young, you don't even have to think about it. "

"It's not small at all," Yi Dong put down the small bowl in his hands with a serious face. "Grandmother, after the summer vacation, I will be attending primary school. I heard from Mao Tou and the others that quite a few of the children in the town have gone to apply for cram school. I also want to learn something …"

This era's cram class was still fresh. Although it wasn't as popular and popular as the later generations, it still made many parents crave for a girl like a dragon and phoenix.

It was only then that Old Madam Yi remembered the class. Yi Zhenghua had mentioned that Yi Xia had enrolled in a ballet class in the city. This matter was rather infuriating, but Old Madam Yi did not want to show any displeasure in front of Yi Dong.

"Learning calligraphy from your grandfather?" Old man Yi laughed, obviously in a happy mood. In his entire life, he had never been very good at anything. He only practiced a little calligraphy and it could still be considered as his advantage. "Yi Yi is not young anymore," he said as he turned to Old Lady Yi, "Quite a few kids started practicing three or four years ago."

Hearing Old Man Yi's words, Old Madam Yi no longer objected.

Meanwhile, the grandfather-grandson pair did as they were told. After cleaning up their breakfast, they took out pen, ink, paper and paper from Old Man Yi's study and set their stance.

Old man Yi taught Ye Zichen the same seriousness, starting from the beginning, he had to correct every single one of the gestures and gestures of the pen. After a day of practice, Yi Dong was still drawing in the afternoon with a brush in his hand.

No matter what ability he had, going deeper and deeper into the matter wouldn't be easy. Yi Dong slowly breathed out twice. He put down the pen in his hand, picked up the paper he had just finished, and gave it to Old Man Yi with both hands.

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