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C6 Chess

Old man Yi read it over carefully, praising, "Not bad, not to mention how good it is written, our Yi Yi's patience is at its peak. In the future when we slowly practice it, Yi Yi will be much stronger than grandpa."

"This isn't good at writing," Yi Dong curled his lips. He knew he shouldn't have too much disappointment, but after all, he was an adult. He couldn't even draw a bar, so he was more or less disappointed.

Old lady Yi was killing chickens in a corner. She agreed that tonight, she would have someone come to her house to eat dinner, so she had to prepare more dishes.

Yi Dong was sitting at a small table, bored out of his mind. He dipped a brush in ink and began to write on the remaining piece of paper. She felt that something wasn't right after writing the character. How could someone of her age write her name? She hurriedly used ink to blacken the character while Old Man Yi wasn't paying attention.

"Yi Yi?" Just as Mao Xu and Yi QIng stuck their heads into the Yi family's little courtyard.

"Hmm?" Yi Dong raised his head and looked over, he saw two children first, and behind them, Jin Chengye was expressionlessly looking at the people in the yard with his hands in his pockets.

Yi Dong retracted his gaze, lying on the table lifelessly.

Jin Chengye followed Yi Xian into the courtyard, calling out to them one after the other. Finally, he stopped and stood beside Yi Dong.

"Child, are you painting?"

Yi Dong moved the brush in his hand to the side and gave a noncommittal "En". Then, he jumped down from his chair and ran into the room.

Jin Chengye picked up the piece of paper that had been left on the table. Through the last bit of sunlight, he could faintly make out the character "Yi".

I think it's called Yi Dong, he remembered it in his heart when Yi Qiang mentioned it yesterday, but he didn't know it was the word "dong".

Jin Chengye's mouth was sweet, and he could speak. As long as he didn't have the heart to be muddle-headed, he had the appearance of someone who liked children. In the time it took to eat a meal, he had already become the favorite of Old Lady Yi and Old Man Yi.

If it wasn't for the fact that he only stayed a week before returning to the provincial capital, Old Man Yi would have been tempted to accept him as his disciple and teach him calligraphy.

"I've also learned calligraphy for two years, but after that, I practiced it at home," Jin Chengye said.

Yi Dong didn't think that Jin Chengye would have something to talk about, she didn't remember him having a hobby of practicing calligraphy before.

"This is a good thing," Old Man Yi said with a stern face. "It's a calm and peaceful thing. It's still recovering."

Jin Chengye smiled and continued.

So, it was at this time that Smiling Tiger began to show his shadow. Yi Dong held his small bowl, quietly lowering his head, but in his heart, he could not help but silently curse.

The three children ate their meals quickly, and when the two of them finished eating, Hairy # 1 and Yi Xian had already put down their cutlery. Old Madam Yi also cleaned up Yi Dong's bowl and chopsticks and put a lunchbox into her hands, and watched the three children holding hands as they walked out. She reminded them in a worried tone, "Watch the car when you cross the road. Be careful, if it gets dark when you come back, ask Hairy's mother to send you back."

The two children wanted to accompany Yi Dong to remove the bandages on their head and replace it with a small piece of gauze. The wounds weren't very deep, and after two days, they had basically scabbed over.

Seeing the children leave, Jin Chengye didn't seem to feel uneasy, sitting there leisurely and eating his chicken.

The three children were heading down the road to the town's health clinic, and the mother of the three was on the night shift.

Three small figures held each other's hands as they talked about the strange things that were happening in their heads.

Hairy Hair contentedly held onto a child with one hand. He smiled as he listened to Yi Qiang talk about primary school. After listening for a while, he suddenly thought of something and instructed Yi Dong.

"Yi Yi, you and Yi Zhenggang's brother will be fine in the future. Don't give him any trouble."

At first, Mao Tou only wanted to push Jin Chengye, but with his little strength, if Yi Dong hadn't stuck out a foot, he wouldn't have pushed Jin Cheng into the river.

However, this wasn't Yi Dong's fault. After all, Jin Chengye was still talking about his mother at that time, and when he thought about it, he was quite happy about Yi Dong's kick, even though he wasn't as happy after being beaten up by his father.

"I can only conveniently use that kick …" Yi Dong muttered in a low voice, at the same time feeling somewhat puzzled, "Hairy, why did you get bribed so quickly!"

Her watery eyes rolled around as she looked at Hairy # 2 doubtfully.

Hairy # 1 seemed a bit embarrassed. He said with a weird tone, "Then I, this, he, isn't he the brother of Gangzi? I think, he's always half a family."

Yi Dong looked at the smiling Yi Zhenggang and dragged out his voice to express his understanding.

Yi Qing-jie and Mao Di did not think too much about it. Yi Dong felt that the relationship between them was like a clear match between childhood friends in the eyes of the corrupt ladies of the future. It gave Yi Qing-jao more leeway to daydream about it, but today, the two of them were interacting with each other, and Yi Dong could see some clues.

But in the end, Yi Dong didn't dare to make any wild guesses. What if the other party was just purely in a brotherly relationship, and he just had to complicate it? That wouldn't be good either.

As the three of them walked leisurely, they arrived at the entrance of the infirmary. There was an orange light in front of the infirmary, a warm shade to match the last rays of the setting sun.

Hair's fuckin 'figure in a white coat inside the glass door, flipping through a thick book.

"Aunt!" Yi Dong followed behind Mao Tou into the room, smiling as he called out to the white-coat scientist.

Sun Xiuqin turned around with a slow smile on her face. She pulled Yi Dong into her embrace and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then, she carefully pressed the edge of the wound on her head. "Does it hurt here?"

Yi Dong shook his head, "Aunt, it didn't hurt last night."

Sun Xiuqin let out a sigh of relief. She stretched out her hand to slowly remove the bandage on Yi Dong's head. After a careful look, she took up the alcohol ball and wiped off the slightly frozen blood around the wound before replacing it with new gauze. This time, apart from the small wound on his forehead, Yi Dong did not wear a full head of bandages.

"Auntie, my grandma cooked it tonight. It's delicious!"

Yi Dong placed the lunchbox on Sun Xiuqin's table. Hairy # 1 quickly nodded and replied, "Mom, it's really delicious."

Sun Xiuqin glanced at him and said, "You gluttonous monkey, did you go to Yi Yi's house for dinner?"

Hairy Head scratched his head and chuckled, "Didn't you say you didn't go home to cook? Dad isn't here either …" I just had a snack on the way. "

Sun Xiuqin opened the lid of the lunchbox and a burst of fragrance assaulted her senses. She and Old Madam Yi were old acquaintances, so she naturally did not hold back on her words.

"Well, leave it for a while until I send you back," she said, and took a metal flashlight from the drawer under the table. It was as long as Yi Dong's current forearm.

What a nostalgic old thing, Yi Dong thought. How many years had it been since he'd seen such a flashlight?

Sun Xiuqin escorted the children to a place not far away from Yi Dong's house. She held the flashlight up high so the light could reach as far as possible, then instructed Mao Tou, "Lit, stay at Yi Dong's house for now. I'll come pick you up tonight."

Lit was the real name of Mao Tou, but rarely called out. If not for Sun Xiuqin's occasional shouts, everyone would have forgotten that Mao Tou had such an unusual name.

He waved his hand at her, indicating that he knew.

Sun Xiuqin stood at the intersection and watched as the three of them entered the Yi family's courtyard. Only then did she turn around and walk away with relief.

The time they had spent going back and forth wasn't short, it was enough time for them to eat. Yi Dong just didn't expect that when they came back, Jin Chengye would still be here.

Not only was he still there, he even played chess with Old Man Yi in the courtyard. The Yi family was located in the center of the main road of the Peace Town. Many of the old men would sit here during the summer night, so the next game of chess was a common occurrence. However, the person sitting opposite Old Man Yi today was a youth. This was clearly too different from the past, so he attracted quite a few gazes.

In just a few short sentences, Jin Chengye, who came from another province, became a close relative of the elders.

Mao Tou and Yi Zhenggang didn't like to play chess. In their eyes, it was a very boring activity. The two of them familiarly entered Old Lady Yi's room. Inside was a black and white television with West Lake brand name.

Yi Dong finally got his long hair free with great difficulty, and hurriedly asked Old Lady Yi to comb his hair for him. Anyway, there was a lot of fuss here and there, and by the time she came out of the house, the game outside was already hot.

The few spectating elders clearly didn't expect Jin Chengye and Old Man Yi to come to this state. Although Jin Chengye's defeat was obvious, he had also caused the famous King of Chess, Old Man Yi, to lose several generals, so this teenage boy was definitely not a simple character.

What does chess require the most? Patience and scheming. Just these two things were not something that every child of his age could have.

Yi Dong didn't expect that Jin Chengye, who originally thought he wouldn't make much of an impression even if he stayed for a week, would let all the elders in the world know about him in a mere two games of chess.

She didn't know why she felt so discouraged, but she slowly walked into the kitchen to wash up with Old Madam Yi. He accompanied her, but it could be said that he was watching. Just as she wanted to help wash the dishes, she was coaxed back home by Old Lady Yi with a smile.

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