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C7 Calligraphy

"Yi Yi, Grandma knows you're doing great, but you didn't know how to do this. Later on, you might accidentally break your grandpa's favorite porcelain bowl. You should be crying by now. Go to your room with Hairy # 1 and the others to watch cartoons."

After hearing this, Yi Dong slowly walked out of the kitchen and into the room.

The sound of the black and white television could be heard from a few steps away from the door. Nezha was on the sea and the two kids were watching intently.

Yi Dong walked over and sat in the same row as them. After watching for a while, he finally got some meaning. The three children laughed as they looked at the TV.

This was much more than the conscience of the popular cartoon of a certain sheep, Yi Dong thought, but before he could follow them into the next story, an old landline suddenly sounded.

Yi Dong first stepped on the stool to lower the volume of the TV, then she walked to the phone and picked it up. Mao Tou and Yi Xian also stopped watching TV, turning their gazes towards Yi Dong.

Yi Dong lifted the phone to his ear and did not speak.

The current landline didn't have the function of a caller ID, so she had to wait for the caller to speak first. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good for her to call the wrong person the moment she opened her mouth.

"Grandma?" On the other side, a small girl's voice first sounded out, testing the waters. Before receiving a response, she immediately called out with an even more cheerful voice, "Grandpa!"

"Who are you?" Yi Dong asked, knowing the answer.

Yi Xia choked on her words, but immediately said to the people beside her, "Mom, Yi Dong's brain is broken. She doesn't know her sister anymore!"

"You little bastard!" Yi Zhenghua's voice sounded again on the other end of the phone. Yi Xia then hopped away.

"Yi Yi?" Have you eaten dinner? " Yi Zhenghua took the phone and said softly, "Daddy will be back in two days to pick you up and play in the city?" On Saturday, Sunday, my mother and I will accompany you to the amusement park. "

"I can't take her with me, I can't take her with me!" Yi Xia's voice came through the microphone into Yi Dong's ears, making her want to agree for a moment just to anger Yi Xia.

"Dad, I'll ask grandma to come listen on the phone," Yi Dong didn't answer Yi Zhenghua directly. She really didn't have much of an impulse to go to the city. At this time, although the city was said to be the provincial capital, it couldn't be compared to the prosperous city that was built later. Going there wasn't fun at all.

"Chief Mao, come over here and say a few words to me. I'll go call my grandma." Yi Dong placed the microphone on the pillow beside the bed, then waved at the boy before running out himself.

When she walked into the room with Old Mrs. Yi, she heard Mao Tou talking there.

"Right, right, right, the person who was pushed into the river by Yi Dong was Yi Zhenggang's older brother. No, no, I just met him, and he's also from the provincial capital." Mao Tou sat on the edge of the bed, holding the microphone as he spoke.

Yi Dong burst out laughing. When the two saw Old Lady Yi and Yi Dong walk in, they immediately jumped off the bed and onto the floor, then said to the person on the phone, "Uncle, Grandma's here. I gave her the phone. We'll talk about it another day."

Yi Dong walked closer. He clearly heard the laughter of the people on the other end of the phone after hearing Mao Tou's words.

Old lady Yi took the phone from Hairy Ball and spoke a few cold words. It was obvious that she was unhappy about Yi Dong breaking his head.

Yi Zhenghua immediately slowed down his voice and spoke a few words of praise. Then, he brought up the matter of taking Yi Dong to the city for the summer vacation.

"Mom, our business has been busy for a while and we have a lot of free time during the summer vacation. Yi Yi can come over and accompany Xia Xia. The two of them can go to the juvenile palace to register for summer classes and learn more things …"

"We'll talk about it after Yi Yi Yi's head injury has healed," Old Lady Yi calmly said, completely stopping Yi Zhenghua from speaking any further, "As for the summer class, Yi Yi is now learning calligraphy from your dad, I think it's pretty good."

The two casually exchanged a few words, before Old Madam Yi hung up the phone first.

She turned her head to look at the three children who were watching TV on the sofa. She sighed almost inaudibly, wiped her hands with her apron, walked over to the children, bent down, and asked with a smile, "Grandma will cut watermelons for you guys, okay?"

No child shakes his head easily about eating.

A plate of neatly placed red melon pulp was placed on a plate in front of the children. Each of the chess players outside had also placed a plate. It could be said that they had taken good care of it.

Every place inside the house, every outside view, accompanied by the evening breeze of summer nights, could only be considered as the most ordinary miniature of countless ordinary little places in the summer.

The child was wearing a towel covering his entire belly, which was moving up and down as the child breathed.

Old Madam Yi was used to getting up early. Old Man Yi also liked to get up early to walk around on the cobblestone path a few times before going to the small market to buy soy milk and youtiao. Yi Dong was almost awake by this time.

"I wasn't able to practice yesterday, but Yi Yi will have to practice this today." Old Man Yi told Yi Dong about the events of the day as he watched Yi Dong eat his youtiao with a muddled face.

He didn't have much confidence in Yi Dong's patience and endurance. He thought that at most, it would be a temporary novelty, but now that he said these words, he couldn't help but look at her with a probing expression. If Yi Dong said that he wasn't going to learn, then Old Man Yi didn't plan on forcing her to do so.

Yi Dong carefully chewed the youtiao in his mouth and gulped it down along with a mouthful of soy milk. Then she looked up and said, "Grandpa, I understand. I'll learn when you paint for me."

Aiyo, this was completely out of Old Man Yi's expectations. But in the end, he was happy.

He nodded and continued, "Alright, alright. After grandpa finishes his breakfast, I will bring out everything to accompany our family's easy to practice calligraphy."

"Yes." Yi Dong nodded, trying his best to endure the little bit of sleepiness in his head.

"I'll draw a shape for you later, and then you can play two games of chess with me at noon," Old Man Yi said to himself with a smile.

Yi Dong almost couldn't swallow the soy milk in his throat. How come this time, anywhere could involve Jin Chengye? She frowned elegantly as she placed half of the youtiao back into the bowl, then picked up her small bowl of soy milk and ran to the kitchen. She handed it to the old empress dowager with a muffled voice. "Grandmother, give me a bowl of porridge. A large bowl …"

After drinking this bowl of porridge, she had to suppress her shock.

After eating breakfast, Jin Chengye was practicing his writing style. Not long after, Jin Chengye came. This time he came alone.

Yi Dong had already fallen asleep the previous night when the chess game had ended. In reality, the three children were each taking a spot on the sofa. It was quite fun.

When Jin Chengye arrived at the Yi family's courtyard, he saw that the little girl was writing on the table. He didn't know why, but he recalled the scene when he entered the room to wake Yi Xian up.

"Yi Dong?" He called out to the little girl. He didn't know why Yan Fei Yun didn't like this little rascal so much.

He didn't want to bicker with a little kid before, but now he had a good impression of him for no reason at all.

Perhaps it was because of that chubby face, Jin Chengye thought, when did he ever see such a chubby little girl in the city before? Not to mention fat, he had never even seen such a big girl before. What kind of people did he usually play with? Compared to his heavy mind and wrist, he was not the strongest.

Yi Dong looked in the direction of the voice, only to see Jin Chengye standing at the entrance of the courtyard wearing a white short-sleeved shirt. She pursed her lips, softly replying, "Hello."

Her official return made Jin Chengye very happy, he walked up to Yi Dong and looked down at the 'one' on the Xuan paper. The Xuan paper didn't have a square on it, but the little girl had neatly written down all the rules and regulations.

"Can you write your own name?" Jin Chengye sat across from Yi Dong, his fingertips tapping on the ink, he had the wicked intention of smearing the ink onto Yi Dong's face when he wasn't prepared, but he didn't expect Yi Dong to hold his breath and wait for him to act. The little kid's movements were extremely nimble, he raised his brush and wanted to smack Yi Dong's face.

Jin Chengye wasn't prepared for this, and even though he dodged it in time, his face was still touched by the brush tip, and an itchy feeling spread across his face.

"Hey, pretty smart." He wasn't angry, didn't even wipe the ink off his face. He just smiled and dipped some ink in the ink on his fingertip. He slowly wrote down his name in a corner of the paper.

"Jin Chengye, this is my name." Jin Chengye threw the remaining ink on the paper, then pointed at the three words and taught them one by one, "This is Jin Chengye's name, this is Jin Chengye's name, this is Jin Chengye's name, do you recognize it?" Yi Dong followed the direction of his finger and looked at his still young face, the summer breeze carrying the fragrance of the grass seemed to slow down the passage of time into the city. In that instant, she had to admit that even now, when she met him, she couldn't deny that she seemed to like him, no matter if it was from her previous life or now, even if he was still an undeveloped youth.

"Your name is Yi Dong, winter of winter, right? I heard from your grandfather yesterday, where's the word 'Winter'? Do you know how to write it? " Jin Chengye continued to ask her patiently.

Yi Dong put down the pen in his hand, staring fixedly at Jin Chengye, no one knew what he was thinking.

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