Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C8 You Are Bullying a Child!
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Rebirth: Don't Provoke Me/C8 You Are Bullying a Child!
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C8 You Are Bullying a Child!

Jin Chengye was completely stunned by the kid's focused gaze, but it only took a short time for him to reach out his hand and touch the child's baby fat face.

As he moved, the ink that had been on his fingertips, whether intentionally or unintentionally, all fell onto Yi Dong's fair cheeks. Her originally round and petite face was now somewhat ridiculous due to the ink-black ink, and her somewhat sluggish movements made her seem even more adorable.

This kind of reaction only lasted for a short time, and in the next moment, Yi Dong's eyes opened wide as if he wanted to pounce on Jin Chengye and bite him. If she could, she wanted to spit in his face.

"You are bullying my child!" With a "pa" sound, she placed the brush on the table, jumping swiftly onto the ground, her hands placed on her hips as she looked at Jin Chengye with anger, "What kind of ability is this!"

When Jin Chengye saw that she was so angry that he started laughing out loud, Old Madam Yi peeked her head out of the kitchen window and took a glance at them as if they were playing. She turned around and shouted, "Old man, Chengye is here!"

Yi Dong pricked up his ears, and immediately stomped hard on the ground. This was only a small event, how did he change from Jin Cheng to Cheng?

Hearing the noise, Old Man Yi slowly walked out of the room. He greeted Jin Chengye with a smile at first, then he walked over to the table and looked at Yi Dong's calligraphy.

He picked up the xuan paper and carefully read through it from the beginning. He nodded his head several times. "Not bad, not bad. You have improved a lot compared to yesterday. Tomorrow we can switch to 'Zhi' and continue practicing."

Old man Yi turned his gaze towards Yi Dong. He was stunned for a moment, then burst out laughing, "So you're both going to put ink on your face and play?"

"Yes." Yi Dong heavily replied, he originally wanted to say that Jin Chengye was bullying her, but although the difference in strength could be seen with his eyes, he at least had his face painted on, no matter how he said it he couldn't be one-sided.

Sighing in her heart, she felt baffled by her earlier, devil-may-care way of thinking. She turned her head and walked back into the house, deciding to stay as far away from Jin Cheng as possible.

He had no skin or no face, but he was also like a playboy. Apart from his skin and wrist, he could not find anything good to eat.

Yi Dong continued to count Jin Chengye's weaknesses in his heart, slowly calming himself down.

Old Madam Yi sat in the living room with her fan down, choosing her dishes. Yi Dong walked over and sat down beside her, then obediently picked up the stalk and removed the old meridian.

"Yi Yi, do you want to go to the city and live with your parents?" Old lady Yi suddenly asked.

"Hmm?" Yi Dong looked up, his eyes filled with doubt, "Why? "I don't like sister, I like grandma and grandpa, I want to live with grandma and grandpa."

Yi Dong understood the reason behind Old Lady Yi's sudden question. In the end, the elders were still thinking from her best point of view. Old Madam Yi looked carefully at her face, but didn't notice any unwillingness from her innocent and childish face. Only then did she stop worrying and smiled, "Then Yi Yi will live with grandpa and grandma, we'll go to the city when we get to junior high school."

However, Yi Dong couldn't shake the notion of going to the city during junior high school. In his previous life, she had finished her primary school in the town and then gone to the provincial capital to study there. She had to admit that no matter if it was her teachers' qualifications or education philosophy, there was still a big gap between Peace Town and the provincial capital.

"Alright." Yi Dong lowered his head and agreed.

The cicadas in both far and near continuously chirped. The summer had just begun, and the liveliness everywhere seemed to never end.

To Jin Chengye, coming over to play chess was just a form of fun to pass his boring time with. On the third day, when Yi Xian's father took the time to show them around, Jin Chengye no longer thought of the Yi family's exceptionally cool little courtyard.

At this time, agricultural tractors could not be considered a common tool. Usually, there was only one in each village, so when the farmers were busy, they would have to borrow it to go around. Yi Zhenggang's dad finished the latest batch of work he had on hand and vacated the date by two days. He specifically brought this guest of nobility, who was currently living in his own home, to see the countryside.

At this time, the dividing point between the countryside and the city wasn't that obvious, but after all, the city had started to accelerate its development, and Jin Chengye grew up in the provincial city, so the countryside was indeed new to him.

The narrow ridges of the farmlands were soaked through with the wetness of the river water. Stepping barefooted on the soil, one could feel the familiarity of the earth and the real earth touching each other. Even the simple tools made from bamboo sticks, followed by a few six or seven year old disciples, seemed extremely interesting.

In the past few days, Jin Chengye had become darker than before.

On the day before she left, Yi Xian had even specially run over to Yi Dong's house, and excitedly asked if she would like to follow her to the bus station to see Jin Chengye off.

"My brother will leave after lunch. Do you want to send him off? You can go to Lin County. " This was what he was happy about.

Lin County was not small and later developed into a county city. It was currently the only bus station within a hundred miles that could go directly to the provincial capital.

Although he knew that the meaning behind Yi Qiang's words was most likely to pull her to Lin County to play, Yi Dong's worries were mostly for Jin Cheng. She shook her head and pushed it away with the excuse that she still needed to practice writing.

On the other hand, Old Man Yi seemed to be more interested in hearing this. He asked, "Did your dad drive there just now? Is there anyone else? "

Old Madam Yi gave him a sidelong glance. "Why are you joining in on the fun with that old skeleton?"

Old Man Yi chuckled. "I was just asking …"

After they finished their lunch, Yi Dong took out a brush and began practicing calligraphy. The rumbling sound of the tractor grew closer and closer. She put down the pen in her hand and moved her butt. Just as she was hesitating about whether she should run out to take a look, the tractor outside drove to the Yi family's small courtyard.

"Yi Yi, are you still not going?" Yi Xian shouted to Yi Dong while holding onto the piece of metal that had risen out from the back of the car.

Yi Dong was wearing a pink and blue cotton dress. The place that didn't fit him had been added with a small bow by Old Lady Yi. He looked both fashionable and foreign. The gauze on his head had been removed the day before yesterday, and the faint scab on his forehead would not have been noticeable if he had not looked carefully.

The little girl's tender pink cheeks tilted as she looked outside. Jin Chengye's originally lazy and open eyelids couldn't help but fully open, and his eyes rested on this pretty little girl.

This time, agricultural tractors were not as safe as future tractors. Although the future generation of tractors could not be said to have much of a reliable safety, their design was still a lot better than today's, and there were also rules prohibiting agricultural tractors from carrying people. Yi Dong didn't want her to mistreat his butt when he told her to sit on a small stool and wobble all the way to Lin County.

"I'm not going," Yi Dong took a step forward, first greeting Yi Qiang's father, then smiling as he waved towards Jin Chengye, "Chengye, leave well, come back and play next time."

Yi Zhenggang's father poked his head out with a smile, "We, Yi Yi, are the best at talking, our mouths are so sweet."

Yi Dong replied with another big smile.

Jin Chengye suddenly stood up, supporting himself with the railing, he whistled at Yi Dong, "Dong Dong, when shall we meet again?"

It had been quite a while, and the sunlight was similar to the time when Yi Dong saw him in his previous life. Yi Dong blanked out for a moment, then he took two steps back, put away his smile, turned his head and walked into the room.

Jin Chengye didn't think he would be left in the same place like this, waiting for him to say something more. Suddenly, the loud sound of the engine of the farm vehicle and the rolling wheels stopped all his words from leaving his mouth.

Originally, this trip to the countryside was only the Jin family's punishment, after all, he had provoked quite a big matter. However, after staying for a week, he did not feel any pain. Instead, it was fresh and interesting everywhere. Even the children he met here were different from the others. All of the children in the city who were five or six years old were delicate and charming. All of the children in the countryside were rolling in the mud.

He didn't know whether or not he would come back to Peace Town. Fresh fried snails, fresh and tender chicken, soy milk and youtiao in the market, cooked meat in the fire, and even the pot of white rice under the stove.

But in the end, things in the city were more important. Jin Chengye stared at the blue sky, seemingly in a daze, but in his heart, he was planning to take care of Lu Zheng who came to scam him before.

Lu Zheng was younger than Jin Chengye by two months, but he was a real brat. Jin Chengye's lackeys were obviously not pleasing to the eye, but Lu Zheng's age was very cautious, but he was very uncertain, who knows if he would still have a good temper yesterday, and would get beaten up the next day. Jin Chengye had heard of him before when he was in the capital, but he never expected that his family would come to this city every two months. When the two of them first met, they were at odds. Finally, last month, Lu Zheng found someone to block Jin Chengye in the alley.

If Jin Chengye had to say, that would have been a very enjoyable fight. Who knew if Lu Zheng had been looking for soft-footed shrimps, and the last person he had failed to beat up was even beaten up by Jin Chengye. Originally, it was a common occurrence for children to fight, and these two second generation ancestors were famous for it. Originally, the Lu family wanted to come and apologize, after all, this was their own child taking people to beat up other people's children. His own child was in the wrong, but wasn't this Jin family child a bit too ruthless? He used a stick to hit someone on the head. Was he afraid that nothing would happen to him?

In the end, Commander Lu was the one who made the call to Jin's father, tactfully expressing his views on the matter. No one knew what he said, but Jin Chengye was exiled to Peace Town in the name of a family visit.

He didn't know how that Lu surnamed fella would spread the rumors, Jin Chengye was somewhat angry, but he soon came to regret it. Why did he pick a conspicuous place to beat him up at that time? Next time, I'll have to remember this lesson.

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