Rebirth Of Medical Princess

Historical Romance
91 Chapters
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9.3 (14 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C91
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After the war horses died in large numbers, everyone thought that the situation had calmed down, but they didn't expect that on the second day, when a large number of war horses began to die, everyone was shocked when they woke up early in the morning. The horses that were fine last night had all collapsed in the stable this morning. When he went up to check, he found that they were all dead. Xua


framing she was going to dissolve it forge a gang it wasn't her style he accidentally teleported to the weak young miss of the ancient general's mansion who was bullied and bullied he accidentally caught the attention of the fourth prince saw how sharp she was killed the villain abused the wicked woman and killed everyone who blocked her path there were many corpses under the pomegranate skirt the path to the harem was not easy but the prince of the windflow had already pulled her into his arms couples working together they will have a bright future



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