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C13 meeting survival group

The three people walked toward them slowly and stood few meters away from them

" hellow we are people from base D, are you all also here in a mission? "

" no we are just passing by and decided to rest here " said criss coldly

" we are also resting here for the night we are staying and we are staying on the top floor if you dont mind we can stay together "

" no thanks we can manage here thanks for the offer " said criss expressionless cause he knew in apocalypse human were so scarry than zombies

" o....okay if you need help you can come upstairs "

" okay thanks " said criss and entered the hotel room with his team mates and close the door behind them leaving those strangers outside

outside the strangers were still glued there for seconds and after few seconds the leader said

" lets go " said the leader and started walking away

" boss why shouldn't we call the others and attack them and steal their supplies? " asked a comrade with a low voice

" stupid, dont pull me to death with you with your stupid i deas, did you see how clean they were? do you think anyone can stay clean with all these zombies around, that means they must be so powerful in combat and also they might have ability users in their group, provoking them means you do have a death wish " said the leader and left in anger

at the other hand criss and his fellows searched the room to see if it had anyone or zombie hiding although the bed was neat and clean which shows it wasnt used at all but they couldn't lower their guards and searched the whole room carefully and after confirmation that it was empty, did they relax a bit , the room was bog and spacious.

criss took his appliances, putted them in a room corner and startedmaking a simple dinner just hot noodles

and after everybody was done eating criss collected all his things back to his space and took two beds mattresses from his space and put them dowm

" wow you even remember carrying mattresses? how big is your space " aked james astonished, not only him everybody stunned exept for Michael who had already seen criss emptying the a ware house of supplies

" umm its just big as our mansion " said criss although his space was now a hundred times bigger than the mansion

" a mansion that big? my space is just as big as an apartment " said amelia

" dont tell anybody that you have a space that big if anybody ask just tell them you have only a small room, its not normal to have a biger space like that in your level " said criss seriously cause with amelia current level she should have a space wide as a small room, and criss knew that anomaly must have beed due to water he gave to her

" but you are also no where close to normal " said amelia

" i know , lets rest for now and continue with our journey tomorrow morning "

" i will keep a watch today " said james and everybody else lay down to rest

amelia with jack on bed , Michael and criss in one mattress and ken slept alon in the other matress alone

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