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C15 Michael awakening

criss and his group chose their rooms ken and james chose their rooms while jack and amelia shared a room, also Michael insisted on sharing a room with criss, which made everybody give them a knowing look

the already knew these two were more than brothers due to their intimacy on their journey weeks ago so they wasn't shocked that the get to share a room even thought there were more empty room in the house

later criss distribute some matress and bed sheets to everybody amelia gave jack and ken their bags which were full of daily necessary and some cloth which were in her space

criss left to prepare lunch for everybody, and after lunch everybody retreated to their respective rooms

when criss and Michael entered their room

criss found him self pinned on the wall and his lips were sealed with Michaels lips kissing her hard

Michael was like a starving wolf, he wasn't able to have a proper kisses from criss for few weeks cause the whole group shared a room during their travel few weeks ago, and he could only cuddle him to sleep but now that they are alone in their room, he decided to repay the days of hiss loss on being intimate with his lover , kissing him hard as if he wanted to devour him whole which made criss moan in his mouth

he then felt criss body turning weak from kisses and he used his hand to hold him up and started kissing his neck and sucking it leaving hickeys in his neck with one of hiss hands on criss ass squeezing them a little while criss was a moan mess

then suddenly Michael started feeling his body heat up and his head was a little fuzzy

'' i want more " said Michael near criss ear with a hoarse voice

" uuum . . . . . okay " said criss stammering a bit although he knew about male sex but still she was knew to a practical male sex and he was a bit nervous

then suddenly his thought were cut short by a domearing dominating kiss and his hands subconsciously moved to Michael face then suddenly he separate himself from Michael

" Michael your so hot " said criss looking at Michael

" really, you look hot too "

" i mean it literally your burning hot Michael, you have a fever, do you feel okay "

" yes a little fuzzy i guess "

"come. " said criss pulling Michael to bed and took a cup of water from his space and gave it to him

" drink it, i think your about to awaken your ability "

" what? why now? "

( how can the awakening be now from all those time it had to happen now when i was almost getting to taste criss ? this is not fair at all ) thought Michael and cursed silently his shitty luck

" i dont know, drink it, it will be a bit painful just bear with it "

" okay " said Michael and drank the water from the cup

then suddenly Michael started feeling intense heat and pain in his body which made his body sweat and blacked out

criss stayed close to him watching over his lover

when Michael woke up again it was already evening and criss was still by his side waiting for him to wake up

when Michael saw criss who was still there with him he felt so touched

" your awake , i will go prepare a bath for you " said criss and left in a hurry

then Michael noticed how sticky and stinky his body was, he really need a bath

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