C16 reflex

after Michael finished bathing and wore a long pants and shirt he went directly to the dinning room and found everybody having dinner quitely and he join them in dinner cause he was so hungry

after dinner Michael told everybody about the ability she obtained which was lighting ability and teleportation his lighting ability was already at level one while his teleportation was at peak of level zero, which made criss stunned

(was it because of water in my space that he level up this instant ) thought criss

everybody went to rest early for the night in their room respectively, so they can explore the base the following day

when criss entered his room he changed his cloth and wore simple sleeping pajamas and tucked him self in bed, Michael also changed into his pajamas and laid next to criss and pulled him in his arms

when criss felt himself pulled in Michael embrace stiffen a little

" its okay i only want to hold while sleeping, i wont do anything " said Michael and criss body relax, Michael knew that criss was nervous so he didn't want to pressure him at all

at the other day criss woke up early as usual when he tried to get out of bed he was pulled back on bed amd pined down

" i want my morning kiss first " said Michael

" okay " said criss and pecked his lips but Michael didn't let him go at all

" what was that don't tell me that was the so called kiss " said Michael raising an eyebrow

"uuuh huh " noded criss innocently

Michael bent down and captured criss tempting lips with his, and criss could feel Michaels bulge pressed to his which made him moan

( ooh lord his bulge is pressed on mine and the feels so good ) thought criss and started grinding himself to Michael

Michael moved away from the kiss looking at the Naughty little lover beneath him , who was was arousing him more by grinding himself on him and use one of his hand to restrict his movement which made criss looking at him

" stop doing that if you really want to go out today , cause i cant promise that i will remain as a gentleman if you continue teasing me " said Michael looking at criss with lust in his eyes

" i . . . . . .sorry . .i didn't mean do that. 。。it was just my normal reflex " said criss whose face was red from embarrassment

" so that was your reflex hhuuhh " said criss and raise his waist a bit and brushed his hand on criss hard confined member which earn him a moan

"i want to see if those were really just reflex " said Michael and hold both criss hand and pinned them over his head and brushed his other hand on criss bulge

" i aaaah " moan criss hard when he felt a warm hand brushing his member , he buckled his hips subconsciously like asking for more

" dont tell me, also this is your reflex from touching " said Michael teasing him and squeeze criss member a little, he like it seeing criss lose his rationally and scumb into lust

".its. ..aaah ahh " moan criss and when he felt Michael stop with his movement he looked at him with tearing like eyes, looking like he was bullied, which made Michael laugh a little

( i really feel like bullying him more ) thought Michael

" please " said criss trying to buckle his hip

" please what criss tell me what you need " said Michael putting his hand inside criss pajamas and hold his member in his hand

" please, aaaah..... dont...... stop"

" dont stop what criss say it or im going to let you go "

" no no no dont please touch my di *k "

" does it feel good " said Michael and started pumping criss di *k

" yes aaaah " said criss cumming in Michaels hand

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