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C17 meeting the future killer

criss got out of his room with his face a bit red from shame thinking on how his brother cleaned his naked body

when he reached the dinning room he found everybody body having breakfast and he knew it was amelia who used to help him cook sometimes

" the love birds are up " commented amelia which made criss glare at her and she just laugh hard, his face was getting red

" stop teasing him " said Michael and they also sat down and started eating together their breakfast

after breakfast, james and ken left together for a tour, Chris left with amelia and jack while Michael decided to stay at the house

criss and amelia toured most of the places in the base and lastly the decided to look at the market areas there were alot of things sold, amelia suggested to buy a vacuum and a washing machine, and chriss bought them by paying with food ( two kilos of rice and two pack of biscuit ) and amelia collected them in her space

when they were on their way going home, they met with a fight, there was a man who was beating a woman shielding an infant in her arms not to get hurt, even she her self was bleeding and from a side there was a six to seven years Boy who tried to shield his mother from time to time but was beaten and he kept on falling aside but still he stood and up again and again

although the boy was bleeding and young criss could identity this little boy in a glance and he was so shocked that boy was the legendary killer in his last life, despite his young age he could kill people without battling an eyelid, he even killed his father who was the cause of her mother and little sisters death

" how dare you try asking money from me, why dont you all die " said the man hitting the woman more

" stop it " said amelia who was angry and a metal like knife appeared in her hand which made the man to stop and move back a little

" what do you want this is a family matter "

" stand down " said criss coldly which made the man shut his mouth

" are you okay? " asked amelia helping the woman up

" thank you " said the woman weakly holding her child in her arms

" criss " called amelia with her puppy eyes and criss just noded to her, cause she knew what amelia wanted to do

amelia took the little infant in her hand and wrapped the little baby on a small white towel from her space , cause it cold for the baby this young, jack helped supporting the woman back to the house

criss walked toward the boy and stretched his hand to the boy on the ground to help him up and the boy took it hesitantly and stood up

" im sure they will throw you all away when they get to know how useless you all are " screamed the man from behind

" lets go " said criss telling the boy

the boy followed him back to their house, although the boy was suspicious still he followed criss

when they arrived the boy was stunned to see the house it was so big than any house in where they were living, it was clean and beautiful

inside they found amelia holding a baby while the woman sat in a wooden chair

" is everything okay? "

" we dont have water ability so. ."

" okay i will go put some water in the un used room " said criss and left and after few minutes he returned

" done " said criss, and amelia took the woman to bath , while jack followed and waited outside the room as a bodyguard ,

criss took the boy in his room and let him wash himself cause the boy didn't want to be bathed

after the boy cleaned himself he wore the clean cloth that criss left for him, the cloth was new, and still had a price tag on it

he never knew that he will be able to wear new cloth again

at the other hand criss went to the kitchen and prepared lunch for everybody which was noodles as always, punch cake and two bowls of rice porridge

amelia made powder milk for the baby and started feeding her till the baby was full

when the woman the woman finished cleaning her self her baby was clean and sleeping in amelias arms

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