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amelia gave bacK the baby to its mother , looking at the baby amelia couldn't stop thinking on how her baby will be

they both had lunch together

later on they got to know that the woman they saved used to be a famous actor jane

everybody was shocked jane was so famous and was known by many people, she was known as the queen of beauty but looking at her now she looks more like an old lady due to lack of food and care

she just gave birth few days ago and her so called husband wanted to kill the child due to the hard life they were going through , cause he didn't want another free loader but when jane disagree , he left them alone to die, few days later they tried to contact him for help

the man got angry and wanted to kill them both cause he thought of them as a burden

amelia who was sitting near her husband glared at her husband as if warning her if he dared think about abandoning her and her baby

" i wouldn't dare abandon you and our baby " said jack holding his wifes hand

" you better not or else i will skin you alive my self " said amelia pouting her lips

" you wont get that chance, cause i would never abandon you both " said jack and kissed her forehead

" its okay now you can stay here untill you have a place to move to we have an empty room, so you can use it " said amelia and then she looked at criss for confirmation

" okay, and as for justine. .... he can sleep in james or kens room " said criss

" he can stay witb me if he doesn't mind " said ken smiling

" thank you very much for your kindness, i will be sure to repay you for saving me and my kids " said jane with tears in her eyes

"okay we will be in our room you can call us when you need something urgent " said Michael as he stood up holding criss hands pulling him to their room

criss was stunned a little ( is he angry that we let outsider in our house? ) thought criss as he walked to their room

when they entered the room criss was nervous and wanted to explain about the reason why he agreed on letting strangers stay in their house, but before he could say a Word, he was pinned to the door and was kissed hard in the mouth by Michael which made him release a moan and clung on to him kissing him back, after few few minutes when they separated from their intense kiss , criss was painting hard

"i thought you were angry at me for agreeing on letting strangers in our house " said criss while panting

" i trust your desicion , and lets not talk about irrelevant people for now " said Michael and kissed him again, his hands couldnt sop wandering in criss body, he pulled criss legs up and wounded it on hos waist like he was straddling him and he put one of his hand on criss butt as a support the kisd took longer than the first and they only separated when they were out of breath

criss legs were like jello leaning himself on Michael for support

Michael walked toward the bed with him in his hands and laid him on bed and hovered on top him and continue kissing him hard and started removing clothes from theirs bodies

criss was lost in Michaels kisses and didn't even noticed about when he got nacked and arched his back and moan harder when he felt Michaels hand on his naked member,

Michael started stroking and playing with criss member driving him crazy from the sweet sensation

Michael could feel precome coming from the tip of criss stiff member leaving criss screaming for more

" im close "

" then come for me criss " said Michael with his deep voice

" aaaah im cumming " screamed criss as he come in Michaels hand

he got flipped, and his face was facing down, although he knew what next was going to happen still he couldnt help himself from getting nervous

when he felt Michaels finger, playing with his asshole, his but muscle tensed a little and after few minutes, plus Michael encouragement he relaxed and let Michael finger slip into his asshole using his come as a lubrication

criss wince a little due to sudden intrusion of the naughty finger and after few minutes he relaxed and started feeling good

Michael added a finger after every few minutes untill it reached four fingers and removed them and after few second he replaced his fingers with his already hard member, and with one thrust he was deep in him which made wince in pain from sudden intrusion

" gentle " said criss with an angry voice

" just bear with it for a moment, it will feel good in a moment "

" your too big "

"be good now okay, i will make you feel better " said Michael as he started moving slowly in and out

criss felt pain at first but as the time went by, he started feeling good and good untill he started moving his waist following Michaels movement while moaning for more

and Michael started moving faster and faster complying to his lovers demands, banging him hard, making him moan hard from time to time

it took few minutes for Michael to come deep in him, and criss collapsed breathing hard

then he felt a hand on his body and was turned around

and he looked at Michael with a question gaze

" we are not done yet little brother " said Michael and kissed himhard in the mouth and his hands started wandering on criss body again

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