C19 Day after

Criss woke up the next day, he was alone in bed and his body was sour as if he was hit by a truck .

( damn you Michael ) cursed criss, cause he knew that, he(Michael ), was the cause of his sweet misery

criss tried to get up, but his legs were so weak and fell back on bed

( damn that man is not good at provoking at all, he is a monster in bed ).

After few minutes of trying, he managed to get up and entered the bathroom he used water from his space to wash himself clean and changed into a clean long sport wear

when he got out of the bathroom and found Michael sitting near the bed with a tray of food in his hands

criss could feel hunger from his stomach and walked toward Michael

" Sleepy bug " said Michael smiling

" I'm not " said criss not even bothered looking at Michael and directly took the plate and started eating, then when he was eating he remembered that Michael was still there looking at him eating

when he looked at him, he found him staring at him with a wicked smile

" Um. ..have you eaten? "

" Not at all "

" Then let's eat together "

" Nah, i want to eat you " said Michael shamelessly making criss choke on his food .

" Are you okay? " asked Michael, giving him a glass of water to drink .

" You shamelessly pervert " said criss while blushing .

" I didn't do anything, i just said i wanted to eat you "

" How can you think about that early in the morning, haven't eaten your fill yesterday " said criss glaring at Michael.

" It wasn't enough at all, yesterday was yesterday and today is a new day " Said Michael snaking his hand on criss back.

" No way, im. ...im. ...im still sour " said criss while blushing .

" Its okay, but there is still one fine hole you have " said Michael looking at criss

" What ? no i don't, how can i hav...... " said criss and stop mid way and turned to look at Michael in the eyes

"You. .mean ......" said criss not knowing what to say more

" Yeah " said Michael licking his own lips while looking at criss lips

" Damn you pervert, how can you think about that when i'm eating " said criss glaring at Michael

" It's all your fault , i was tempted by you when your lips were wrapped around the spoon while eating " said Michael shamelessly while licking his own lips.

" Shameless " said criss, and he could feel his face getting more red .

" But you seduced me first " said Michael looking at criss, making criss roll his eyes at him.

" I have to go out today " said criss as he removed the clingy michaels arms on him.

" Why ? , i think we should just give ourselves a free day today and rest " said Michael as he used his hands to stroke criss's back .

" No thanks, cause there is no way i would be able to rest with you around " said criss hurriedly, as he put the plates aside and left the room in a hurry.

When criss left the room he met with both Amelia and jack in the corridor, and Amelia had a knowing smile

" We didn't hear anything " said Amelia smiling making Criss blush so red, how could he forget that people with abilities have enhanced hearing ? Criss started to curse himself in his head.

Criss coughed a little to cover his embarrassment.

" I will be going outside today, i want to know the condition of this base. " said Criss changing the subject.

" I will go with you then " said amelia

" No need, you should rest more at home " said Criss looking at Amelia, whose stomach now is visible.

"But you will be alone, and " said Amelia .

" I will be going with him, so you don't need to bother yourself " said Michael walking toward Criss , and when he reached him, he used one of his hands and snaked it around criss waist.

" You could have told me that you are going on a date " said Amelia pouting

" No that's not it, it's. ." said criss but before he could finish , he got interrupted

" Yeah it is a date, but criss is a little bit shy, to say so " said Michael

" Ooooh good luck then " said Amelia, grinning.

" Let's go take a walk around the house, " said Jack .

" Okay " said Amelia and followed her husband .

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