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C5 first day in apocalypse

Criss got out of his room and found everybody outside his brothers room so he also walked to them

" meteor are falling does this means its apocalypse? isnt it supposed to be tomorrow? " asked jack

"but its here now it doesn't mater if it happening today or tomorrow all we have to do is prepare for moving away from here and search for more supply " said criss as he got near them

" yeah your right but why move today "

" people will be many zombies in here so its stupid to stay here we can only search for more food now that many people are focused on running away and the zombies are weak and it wont be hard to kill them and it will be easier to find baby product " said criss looking at them

" go pack too? " said Michael telling criss

" i have already packed everything i need you also go pack i will be in the kitchen making breakfast "

" okay " said Michael looking at the back of criss walking away from him, he couldn't stop thinking how his little naughty brother changed

after everybody finished packing they went down stairs with their bags and found the lunch was already made and they ate together

after breakfast criss stored all the bags in his space and they both went into the underground parking and stored all the cars for future use

cause all the cars were bullet proof and he took out a bummer which was mostly used by the military due to its stability and its ability to be driven in rock areas without a problem

although everybody was shocked exept Michael but they entered the car and Michael was the one driving

" when we get to the Supermakets make sure you dont get scratched or bitten by zombies as a precaution or else you might turn into zombies too " said criss while they were on their way

" is there anyone who doesn't know how to use guns? " asked criss

" none i was a me and jack we were in military before becoming doctors " said amelia

criss took out guns and handed everybody one exept for Michael who was driving with big school bags which contain bullets to everybody

" good here shoot directly at the hed dont let it get closer to you and pack evething important especially food " said criss to them

" we are here " said Michael as he parked the car looking at them and criss handed him a bag and a gun like everybody else

they got out of the car and headed to the supermarket

the door was closed and it was so silent

" be alert all the time " said Michael as he opened the door and entered

we will stay in group of two everybody can collect all important stufs and you criss your coming with me " said Michael and they all separate

Criss and Michael went directly to the mini malls upstairs and started collecting some cloth and other stufs like beddings pillows, bed sheets and beds and left few for other survival later

the supermarket was empty free of zombies due to that when the apocalypse strike in midnight time the supermarket was closed so there will be few people but that doent mean it will be for long

when they got down stair he and Michael walked toward baby product mini supermarket and collect almost the whole shop and when they got out of the shop they met face to face with amelia and jack coming towards the baby shop

" i have already collected all baby stufs so lets find james and Ken "

" ooooooh okay "

then we suddenly heard the gun shots and they knew it might be Ken and james so they both headed there toward the sound

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