C6 scratched

when we arrived we found them shooting at zombies who were on security guards clothes two were down while three were still moving slowly and i just raise my gun and shot the one in the front while amelia and Michael shot the remaining two

i walked toward them while ken was still sitting on the floor like a dejected kid

" we have to go "

" you guys should just leave me behind i was scratched by the zombie "

" not all people who were scratched will turn ito zombies some might get a chance to gain ability so get up and lets go "

" but what if i turn to zombie "

" you wont, you have to trust on your self now get up we have to leave the city " said criss as he helped him up

" thank you "

and they started leaving

" hey there please take us with you " said a middle aged woman who appeared with three to four survival

criss stoped and looked at them coldly and started heading to the door as if she didnt hear them

" hey you how can you be selfish and leave us here alone "

" we are not your nanny and if you follow us i will blow your head

" what? how dare you do you know who im i will sue you " said the woman standing infront of them

" stay back " said criss as he point his gun to the woman

" you cant

" try me then

then the woman stepped back and to let criss group leave

" zombies are attracted by noise, and you should hi the head not the body " said amelia and left with her group

the both entered the car and Michael drove away

" lets ger out city of this city and lets not use a high way or we might get stuck " said criss as Michael drove them away while they were on their way they found a lot of cars passing running awy and while other cars were abandoned when they were out of the city

" don't we need to collect some food "

" no need all we have to do is get out of here i have already gathered the food that can last us few years " said criss and took out a big bottle of juice and and gave it to ken

" drink you need alot of immunity to fight against virus in your body and you amelia have something nutritious to the baby " said criss as she gave amelia two packt of liquid milk

" thank you " said amelia smiling

" your welcome and its almost sun set lets find a nearby hotel to rest for the night ''

" no is dangerous at night the zombies are more active and sensitive at night " said criss

" okay " said Michael and pulled over a small nearby hotel with three floor

the street was so quite like no body lived here criss looked around and when he saw it was empty he put the car in his space and everybody walked toward the hotel with caution when they entered they found with three zombies wearing coth as workers

and Michael who was ahead shot them both

but the gun was so loud and criss knew if there was zombies near they will follow th sound but he wasn't worried cause the hotel was small so there will be few people too so he walked to the reception desk and took a golden key card among blue card and he knew it might be a universal key card

" lock the entrance door and lets use the stairs to get up "

when they were going up they found only two to three zombies on each floor and when they reached the fourth floor they found only five rooms in which three of them were left open while the other two were closed

after checking the opened room if there was zombies and they found two , after they killed them all

they opened one locked door and looked and found the apartment was un used everything was clean and new

and they both decided to settle there for the night

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