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C7 criss little confession

The apartment had three rooms and decided to divide it in pair criss and Michael, jajack and amelia, and ken with james but james said he will keep watch so he will stay in sitting room

i gave them their bags so they can change after bath and headed to the kitchen to make dinner

criss made a simple meal and they both ate and he didn't forget to give amelia a glass of milk

after the meal everybody went to their rooms exept james who was keeping a watch for the night

criss went to kens room and found him sitting on his bed doing nothing

" how do you feel now? " criss asked

" i dont know " said ken with distress and was afraid of sleeping knowing that he might turn into zombie

" here drink it will help remove the virus but it is painful "

" really? i dont care about the pain " said ken and drank it . then suddenly he started feeling pain all over her body and fainted

criss got up and left cause he did his best he only knows that the water help removing impurity so he hoped ken will make it

when criss arrived in the room he found his brother laying on one part of the bed so he went directly to the bathroom and had a hot bath and put on some pajamas and got out of the bathroom

when Michael opened his eyes he saw criss who was busy wiping his hairs, he looked so tempting which made him gulp

he knew he liked him more than a little brother

when criss felt someone staring at him he looked up and saw his brother looking at him like he was a piece of meat

he cleared his throat which woke Michael from his daze

" uum good night " said Michael and turned away and closed his eyes

criss knew his brother liked him more than a brother but he didn't mind at all cause he knew he also liked him more than a brother this time

in his last life it took him long for him to know that he also had feelings for his big brother, untill Michael died is was then he understood his feeling but Michael was not there anymore but now he is here

criss got into bed and tucked himself in bed and moved closer to Michael and hug her from behind

" a... are you okay? "

"mmmh "

" umm. ..you. .."

" do you feel unconfortable when i hug you like this " said criss with a teasing smile on whith his nose close to Michaels neck from behind

" no no not at all "said Michael nervously as he feel criss breath on his neck which made her shiver a bit and his little neighbor was hard as rock

" do you remember you asked me why i was saying sorry to you when you came back from abroad? "

" yes " said Michael with a deep voice

"do you still want to know why i said that? "

" yes " said Michael shortly

" because i realized that i also love you and i treated you bad all those time and i felt so bad "

" what did you say " asked Michael as he turned around looking at criss eyes

" that i treated you so bad " said criss

" no not that sentence "

" that i. .........also. ..love you ugh. ..." said criss and was kissed by Michael before he could finish speaking

Michael pulled him closer to him and deepened the kiss and kissed him hard like he wanted to devour him which made criss melt in his arms with his hand on Michaels chest

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