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C8 lewd Michael

After a long steamy kiss Michael pulled back from criss

" breath dummy " said Michael and started kissing his neck and sucking it which made criss panting and his face was red from blushing

then Michael got on top of him and capture hos lips angain and started kissing him more which made them both aroused

when Michael felt criss hard-on and he put his hand on criss hard d**k and squeeze it a little through the pajamas

"aaaaah big brother i. .." said criss as he abruptly brocke the kiss

" dont worry we wont do it, we will do it when we are have settle down, but for now let me touch you more okay? " asked Michael looking at criss eyes whoch made him node subconsciously which made Michael smile and kissed him again and put his hand inside the pajamas and started playing with criss hard member with his hand which made criss moan hard in his mouth

he pulled back and pulled down criss pants leaving his cock open and started stroking him

" aaaah big brother faster please " said criss moaning and panting . and Michael started stroking faster untill he came in Michaels hand and criss was panting hard

criss brought a clean towel from the space and wanted to clean Michaels hand

but Michael took it and started wiping her clean which made criss blush so hard cause its his first time being seen naked by his brother Michael

after he finished wiping criss lower body Michael sat and wanted to leave the room

" where are you going " asked criss

" i need a cold shower " said Michael which made criss blush more thinking abou what happened few minutes ago

" i can help you with my hands " said criss and was suddenly pulled to hard and fierce kiss and when they separate they were both panting

dont ever say that again, you should remember your hand are not enough to cool me down dont tempt me criss " saod mochael with a deep voice

" i will be back After few minutes " said Michael and left cause he knew he might take him if he keep on staying here

criss face was red as tomato he read alot about gay s*x but now he felt so blank

he stoped him from going further cause he want ready to do it and also they are still on the run cause he knew the first time was painful and he wont be able to walk well and with everybody here he wont know where to hide his face

after few minutes Michael returned to the room drying his wet hairs , after that he got into bed and pulled criss in hiss arms spooning him from behind

" good night " said Michael

" good night " said criss as he fell into slumber in Michaels arms



at the other day criss woke up early in the morning still in Michaels hands and he started wiggling trying to get out of Michaels hugg

" stay still " said Michael with a hourse voice

" but. .....okay " criss wanted to say something but stoped when he felt his brothers hard di *k on his butt which made him blush

they stayed like that for few minutes and Michael let him go

and criss got up and ran to the bathroom after finishing his morning business he got out of the bathroom and met with Michael face to face outside the bathroom

and before he could say anything he was pinned on the door and felt Michaels lips on him kissing him so hard, so he opened his mouth and let him deepen the kiss and his legs were getting weak and leaned his body onto Michael

it was a long fierce kiss and the separated only when they were breathless

after the kiss he lay his head on Michael chest calming himself down

after calming down criss stood straight

" i will go look at james " said criss hurriedly and left the room

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