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C9 plan for survival

criss left the room and went james room directly and she found ken coming out of his room with wet hairs and new clothes

"i see you made it " said criss looking at james

" thank you young mast.... i mean criss if not for you i would have killed my self long ago " said ken happily if not for criss telling him there was a possibility of not turning zombie after being scratched he would have killed him self already cause he didnt want to turn into a monster

" its nothing i will go make breakfast wait in the sitting room so we can all have breakfast together " said criss and headed to the kitchen

after he finished cooking before he could carry the food he felt someone hugging him from behind and he knew it who it was

" let go i have to carry the food "

" i dont want to " said Michael and he started kissing his neck and sucking it which made made criss moan

then they suddenly heard someone clearing his throat which made criss separate himself from Michael and when he looked at the door they saw it was jack and Ken standing there which made criss blush

" sorry for the interruption we were here to help with the food you can continue we will take the food only " said jack with a knowing smirk and carried the pot food and ken just carried the other two and left

criss wass blushing hard and left and went to the sitting room and Michael followed

they ate together after the meal ken suggested to wash the plates

later they were both sitting in the sitting room

" i think we should stay here for few more weeks and wait if there will be base created and we will go settle down "

" okay " said amelia

" so what will we be doing in here "

" we go out and train " said criss

" i dont feel good my body is on heat " said amelia and jack stood up to jold his wife

" she is in changing stage " said criss and got close to her and feed her the home made fruit juice with well water from his space

" will she be okay "

" i guess " said criss feeding her more juice although it might be painful but with the help of the water in her space she might make it

jack Carried her in their room

jack was scared as hell he didn't want to lose his wife and child

" which ability did you gain? " asked criss asking ken

" fire ability " said ken and raised his hand and flame appear in his hand

" good after today we should start practising on how to defend your self cause the whole world will be full of wondering zombies "

said criss

then suddenly the light turned off

" the electricity is off? "

" yeah and it wont be coming back " said criss smiling

they kept chatting about apocalypse and abilities, Michael was just watching his little brothers who was talking casually without any fear as if he was used to apocalypse, when apocalypse hit he thought his little brother would be scared but it was the opposite of what he expected, his little brother was like a new person

later at the afternoon amelia woke up and she also awaken sapace and metal ability and she was so happy although jack was worried about his wife

and criss made hot instant noodles for everybody cause it was easily made

later on criss took amelia and gave her some of food and baby stufs cause her space was not so big it was only big as a small room

at evening when everybody had dinner they both went to rest exept for ken who was keeping watch for the night

whe criss and Michael entered their room, criss was pinned on the wall and was kissed hard on his lips squeezing a breath out of him whith naughty hands wondering on his body which made him moan in his mouth

criss felt his body being lifted and laid down in bed with Michael on top of him and he just let him do what he wanted

after few hours of kissing and sucking he was pulled in Michael arms to sleep

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