Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C13 Something went wrong
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Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C13 Something went wrong
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C13 Something went wrong

After leaving the Shen's, Tang Xinyi returned home. She knew about it, so right now, the most important thing for her was to enter the company.

However, her father had agreed to her request the last time they met, but there was still no news of her. It seemed that she had to go and try to beat around the bush.

Just then, his phone rang, and Tang Xinyi picked up the call.

"Miss Tang, for some reason, the company we are registering with will not pass the examination."

Failure to pass the examination?

How could that be? Unless someone tried to interfere in the matter and didn't want this company to register. It was just the beginning, and someone was already starting to notice.

"Did you find out why?" Tang Xinyi asked calmly, her beautiful voice did not sound flustered at all.

"Not yet. I just don't know why I called you."

Lu Haoxuan felt a little guilty. He had obviously only told Tang Xinyi about this matter yesterday, and this matter could be resolved in half a month's time ?

"Fine, I will investigate this matter. Don't think too much about it. Do everything you can and communicate with the jeweller I mentioned earlier."

Lu Haoxuan promised on the phone. He felt that this frail body had shouldered many things that even he couldn't endure.

Anyone would like someone so beautiful and intelligent.

After Tang Xinyi hung up the phone, she turned on the computer, her fingertips quickly asking about the matter of registration. For a moment, the Supervising Bureau's network was hacked, and the computer experts there were unable to expel the hacker.

She quickly skimmed through it. When she saw the newly registered Lu's, there was no problem at all in this place.

Tang Xinyi directly hacked into everyone's phone, and checked them one by one until she saw Shen Xiu's text message on the bureau chief's phone. She finally understood.

It's Shen Xiu again!

This was obviously a new company that had yet to go public, but because she told Lu Haoxuan to go meet a jewelry merchant, it meant that Shen Xiu had directly sealed off her company in the cradle.

Tang Xinyi immediately sent a screenshot to Chief Wang's computer and told her that if she wanted to keep this a secret, she had to cooperate with him obediently.

Director Wang was in a dire situation due to the hacking incident because of the Bureau's information.

He had a big head and big ears, and his head was bald, making him look like a thief. If he didn't tell others about his identity, many people would think that he was the bandit leader.

A person like that, just by looking at it, would definitely not be a good person. Director Wang looked at the contents of the documents on the computer.

The sweat on his forehead was dripping down bit by bit. He had kicked a metal board. If he sent out this document, his black gauze hat would not be able to hold on!

"Just what do you want?"

Director Wang's hands were trembling, his lips were pale, and he seemed to be unable to hear what his subordinates were saying.

"It's very simple. Those companies that were originally approved, hurry up and give them to me. Otherwise, I will pass this document to the people and your superior tomorrow."

Tang Xinyi replied. The confidence in her eyes blended together with her face and could only be described with one word.


"Alright, I promise you, as long as you don't send the documents out."

Tang Xinyi received a positive answer, she immediately retracted her hacker's attack, and the Supervisory Office's system returned to normal.

When she sat down, she didn't even leave a single trace. She wanted these people to be unable to find her.

Tang Xinyi stretched her body and went out of the bedroom to eat.

"Dad, didn't I tell you last time that I want to go to the company to exercise? Anyway, my studies are very compatible."

Before Tang Zhenguo could say anything, Tang Xiyan was already dissatisfied.

"Dad, I haven't even gone to your company to play, so big sis will go first. This isn't fair, I won't allow it."

Tang Xiyan tugged on Tang Zhenguo's sleeve, his face displaying six words of unwillingness.

Liu Fanghua also placed down the exquisite porcelain bowl, and gently said, "Zhenguo, I also don't agree to this matter, after all, Xinyi is still young, so it's fine for him to just follow me to learn how to cook. As for the company, we can go after a while."

Tang Xinyi felt like puking when she saw Liu Fanghua's playful voice and expression. It was normal for the mother and daughter pair to disagree.

However, he thought he could stop her from going to the company. He really took her to be a little girl in her early twenties.

She knew how to act!

Tang Xinyi had not even opened her mouth to speak when tears had already started flowing. It made people feel like they could not bear to do so, it was simply better than being silent.

How could Tang Zhenguo still refuse her? Immediately, Tang Xinyi opened his mouth slowly, his voice was pleasant to the ears, like the sound of spring water tinkling in the mountains.

"Dad, I know. I'm still young, so I'm not suitable to go to the company. I'll stay at home. Never mind, I'm a girl."

After Tang Xinyi finished speaking, she prepared to leave the table. She was very clear about Liu Fanghua and Tang Xiyan's personality, and the more she refuted, the more the two of them made sense.

If arguing was impossible, then he would retreat and advance forward.

Tang Zhenguo panicked, he only had these two daughters of his. Eldest Daughter had lost her mother since she was young, so she was already very pitiful to him.

"Yi`er, come back. Daddy will arrange for you to go to the company tomorrow and find something for you to do. Don't think about that all the time."

Tang Xiyan sat on the chair, her hands fiercely holding onto the chopsticks, as if she had accidentally let his chopsticks be broken by her.

Tang Xinyi, so what if you go to the company? I will trample you under my foot.

Tang Xinyi turned around and immediately threw herself into Tang Zhenguo's embrace.

"Dad, thank you."

This scene made the three people sitting in front of him unable to watch any longer. Before this, they had never seen Tang Zhenguo like Tang Xinyi so much.

Zheng Xiunian frowned and said: "Alright, hurry up and eat, the food will get cold later."

Tang Zhenguo pulled Tang Xinyi's small hand, and sat beside him. The deep fatherly love between the two of them stung Tang Xiyan's eyes.

Ever since she was young, she had lived under Tang Xinyi. Even though her father liked her, his gaze never stopped on Tang Xinyi.

In the beginning, whatever good stuff Tang Xinyi wanted were all chosen by him. But her mother had told her at a very young age, that if she wanted to obtain what she wanted, she had to do whatever she could first.

Tang Xiyan moved the chair to Tang Zhenguo's side. She hugged Tang Zhenguo, her voice soft and sweet.

"Father, you better not forget that you still have Xiyan. I love father very much."

Tang Xiyan gave Tang Xinyi a pleased look.

Tang Xinyi didn't mind. Someone who couldn't even control his own emotions wasn't worth her attention.

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