Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C15 He was being eaten alive
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Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C15 He was being eaten alive
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C15 He was being eaten alive

The documents on the table were processed until ten in the night. Only then did Tang Xinyi finish organizing the documents and get off work.

It was really very fulfilling. She was very satisfied with this feeling. She didn't know why she felt bored working in her previous life, it was obviously very interesting.

When she arrived at the bus stop, Tang Xinyi didn't even take a glance at a Rolls Royce that was right in front of her.

She decided to stay away from this car...

Tang Xinyi walked over, and the car followed him.

It was lingering!

Whose car was it? She looked it up and down. Apart from seeing the market value of the car, she didn't see anything else.

"Who are you?" Tang Xinyi knocked on the car window as she said impatiently.

Even though it was late at night, it didn't give people any peace and quiet. Seriously, it was enough.

The car window slowly rolled down and a handsome yet familiar face appeared in front of her. That noble aura was still as strong as before.

"Get in." Mo Tianxing's lips slightly moved, his voice just right, and only Tang Xinyi could hear her.

What was he doing so late in the night? He even got on the car, but she didn't. She wanted to go home.

"What's the matter? Let's talk about it tomorrow. It's too late now, I want to go home."

Tang Xinyi continued to walk forward, not even sparing Mo Tianxing a glance.

Sitting on the carriage, Mo Tianxing was in a daze. No one had ever dared to reject him, not even in this straightforward manner.

The point was, he wasn't angry.

Mo Tianxing immediately got out of the car, the one meter eight big one displaying its full power, it was simply bewitching! It was a pity that he did not become a male model for his face.

Tang Xinyi still did not know that Mo Tianxing had already gotten out of the car, but in her eyes, this man was definitely so angry that he drove the car away.

Mo Tianxing came to Tang Xinyi's side. He directly held onto Tang Xinyi's wrist with his big and broad hands, and wordlessly pulled Tang Xinyi away.

Tang Xinyi struggled in the beginning, but when she saw Mo Tianxing's face, she stopped struggling.

In the end, Mo Tianxing threw Tang Xinyi into the car.

"Mo Tianxing, why are you looking for me so late at night?"

Mo Tianxing's lips slightly curled. He didn't know how to open his mouth, so for some reason, he wanted to see this woman.

He had originally planned to help this little girl solve her company's problem, but to his surprise, someone had already done so.

Who was this person? Although Tang Xinyi did not reveal any clues, Mo Tianxing had an instinct that this person was her!

"I just want to know who did Director Wang's thing."

Mo Tianxing observed all the expressions on Tang Xinyi's face but there was still no change. Had he thought wrong?!

Actually, waves had already started to surge in Tang Xinyi's heart, but she knew that she absolutely could not admit it like this.

"With my ability, I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with this matter."

Mo Tianxing drove and smiled. It didn't matter, he wouldn't admit it now, since he had plenty of time.

Tang Xinyi's heart was thumping hard, what should she do, continue to bite, or admit?!

She didn't know that, since hacking was her only trump card, she wasn't afraid of telling Mo Tianxing, but rather this person asking her how she learned it.

Then what should she say? In her previous life, she had specially learned to love someone, and in the end, she was ruthlessly killed by that person as he connected her to his closest sister.

Very quickly, she arrived at the door of Mo Tianxing's villa and slowly walked in.

Mo Tianxing immediately poured Tang Xinyi a cup of warm water.

Tang Xinyi didn't even have the mood to drink it now. She was a little anxious and restless.

Mo Tianxing sat beside her, staring at her with blazing eyes.

"Tang Xinyi, you can tell me what happened to Director Wang. It doesn't matter, just think about it. I have plenty of time."

What does Mo Tianxing mean by this? If he had the time, it was none of her business.

Could it be that Mo Tianxing really knew that he was the one who did this? He kept thinking that it was impossible, that she had never left any traces behind when she did things.

Facing Mo Tianxing's gaze, she was prepared to say what did it have to do with her, but she forcibly closed his mouth. This man treated her pretty well, he obviously had something on her, and he still helped her ?

If she said that now, it would be a naked lie, she thought ? He actually couldn't bear it in his heart?

"Hmm? This matter has nothing to do with you. "

Mo Tianxing's magnetic voice came out again.

Tang Xinyi nodded slightly, then pushed away the man who was a distance away from her.

The fragrance was no longer there, Mo Tianxing felt a little itchy in his heart. The smell on Tang Xinyi's body was really nice, it was different from the smell on the other women.

"Alright, I'm leaving." Tang Xinyi immediately stood up.

Mo Tianxing pulled her hand, lightly pulled back, and lost his balance and fell into Mo Tianxing's embrace.

Tang Xinyi's face immediately blushed red. Obviously, she had experienced all these before, why was she still as shy as a little girl ?

Mo Tianxing held the soft fragrance in his arms, his heart was beating a little fast. This was a kind of unique feeling, it was his first time experiencing it, and he felt that it was pretty good.

"Mo Tianxing, I have already admitted it. I am not you, so if I don't go home, my family will take advantage of me again."

Mo Tianxing felt his heart ache, the resolution and stubbornness in his eyes was actually forced on him by his loved one's family.

"No, I just want you to help me see if my company's system has been implanted with a virus."

Tang Xinyi's mind couldn't wrap her head around it at the moment, it turned out that he only wanted to help him, why didn't she say it earlier?

"Where's your laptop? Let me take a look for you."

Mo Tianxing immediately went to the study room in Tang Xinyi's place and turned on the computer. Tang Xinyi looked at the system in Mo Tianxing's company.

Tang Xinyi's fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard, preparing to expel the code.

She had still underestimated this person's ability. It seemed like he was an expert.

Time continued to pass minute by minute, Tang Xinyi was still typing on the computer.

"Tang Xinyi, I'll send you back. For this matter, it's the same for you tomorrow."

Tang Xinyi looked at the time and nodded.

"I can no longer see any movements from your company due to this person's virus."

Tang Xinyi turned around and left the villa and got into the car with Mo Tianxing.

It was obvious that they only had the last program and that was all. Why would she listen to Mo Tianxing, and leave now?

Tang Xinyi had a strong feeling that she was being eaten alive.

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