Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C17 To have a whole new level of respect
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Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C17 To have a whole new level of respect
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C17 To have a whole new level of respect

Accompanying the sunlight, Tang Xinyi welcomed a new day. Last night, she had clearly remembered that Zheng Xiunian had to kneel down.

However, she didn't panic right now. She had to go to the company to hand over the documents to Minister Wu.

When Tang Zhenguo came out, he saw Tang Xinyi dressed in a fresh set of clothes, with a high ponytail and a small bag in one hand. He was cute and skillful at the same time.

"Yi`er, come with me today."

Tang Xinyi shook her head, "Dad, I'll still leave alone today, so that the company won't find out about the secret between us."

Tang Xinyi casually stuffed a bun into her mouth and left the house satisfied.

She did not know that, but Tang Zhenguo's eyes were filled with satisfaction towards Tang Xinyi.

In the company, Tang Xinyi handed the documents that she stayed up late last night to Department Head Wu, the confidence on her face was something that could not be ignored.

The more Department Head Wu looked at it, the more shocked he became. All of these questions gave him a headache, to think that a young girl could solve them all in one night.

It was really not bad, as expected of someone brought by the chairman.

"Xinyi, you did well. You only returned home late last night."

Tang Xinyi nodded, her voice was bright and clear.

"Department Head Wu, this is what I should be doing. It's just a small matter."

Department Head Wu looked at the humiliated Tang Xinyi and said, "Alright, this is what you have to accomplish today. I will apply for the position of Vice Division Chief."

Tang Xinyi was a little surprised. At her age, would it be a little too early to be a deputy division leader?

"Department Head Wu, isn't this a little too fast? After all, I'm still young, so I can't handle a lot of things properly."

Division Minister Wu waved his hand at Tang Xinyi. He finally understood Tang Xinyi's capabilities, even if he were to take Tang Xinyi's place, the Chairman would probably not say anything.

Tang Xinyi returned to her seat, she was waiting to return home tonight. Her father's praise towards her, along with Zheng Xiunian's apology towards her.

It was likely that after this matter, it would be difficult for Zheng Xiunian to receive her father's special treatment again. This way, her life would be much easier.

Minister Wu contentedly took the documents to the chairman's office.

The door was lightly knocked three times, Tang Zhenguo's low and deep voice sounded.

"Please come in. The door is unlocked."

Department Head Wu pushed the document in and placed it on the table.

"Chairman, I recommend Tang Xinyi to be our Department's Vice Minister."

Tang Zhenguo paused for a moment, he understood Xiao Wu's personality well, she would never fawn over someone because of her identity, Yi'er's ability did indeed make him have a whole new level of respect for her.

"What? She's just a little girl that I brought with me. It's only been a day and she can already be a vice minister?"

Tang Zhenguo's tone carried a hint of astonishment, and was practically no different from usual.

"It's like this, Chairman. This is the information that Tang Xinyi spent last night to produce, I feel that I am inferior."

Tang Zhenguo turned it over and over, no wonder the child came back so late last night, it was because of work.

"Alright, I agree, let Tang Xinyi be the vice minister."

The excitement on Little Wu's face could no longer be concealed as she left the office.

He quickly arrived at the Finance Department and informed them of this matter. The expressions on everyone's faces could be said to be ever-changing.

Tang Xinyi was just a newbie, how could she receive such treatment?

The other male colleagues felt that it was still alright. The Vice Minister was a newcomer and a top student, and also a beauty. No matter what, this was something to be happy about.

However, the few female colleagues in the Finance Department all felt upset. Women were beautiful and young, which was easy to be envied by others. Furthermore, they were just here to be deputy ministers.


"Yin, tell me, if Tang Xinyi isn't a hidden rule, then what is she? I will definitely make it so that Tang Xinyi can't stay in this company anymore!"

Huo Xinru's eyes were as terrifying and ruthless as a snake's after being poisoned. She had worked so hard for so long just for this position of vice minister.

"Sister Ru, don't be rash. What if Tang Xinyi really has the ability?"

Xue Yin looked at the somewhat crazy Huo Xinru, and was a little afraid in her heart.

For a moment, with Huo Xinru taking the lead, she was an old man who had stayed in the Finance Department for an entire seven years.

"Have you heard? Tang Xinyi only been in the company for a day and she already became a vice minister. She said that it's because she encountered an unwritten rule."

"Which is to say, for a girl in her early twenties to become a vice minister of Tang's, it's very obvious ?"

The speed of the rumours was almost as fast as the speed of light. In the entire afternoon, all the employees of the company knew about it, and of course, Tang Xinyi was one of them.

Her face was filled with a mocking smile. She had just arrived at the company the second day, and such a thing had already happened. These people were really bored.

However, she must investigate this matter and find out who spread this rumor.

She came to the office and turned on the computer, directly connecting to the company's Finance Department's camera. She set the time to announce her becoming the vice minister, then, she clearly saw Huo Xinru's eyes that were as sharp as knives inside the computer.

She directly avoided all sounds, only her voice could be heard. Sure enough, she was the one who did this, it was really, very good.

Since she could not stay in the company anymore, she would let Huo Xinru have a taste of her own.

Tang Xinyi stopped the video and directly posted it on everyone's computer. Other than Huo Xinru, everyone else who was using their computers saw this video the first thing.

When Huo Xinru went to fetch the water, she greeted the people from the other departments. However, for some reason, when they looked at her, they were all terrified and felt that she was pitiful.

She didn't do anything wrong. These people just now were chatting and laughing with her. Why did it feel like they were isolated after a while?

Including in the Finance Department, Huo Xinru was a little anxious. She pulled her best friend from the shadows, Xue Yin.

In the end, Xue Yin couldn't bear to see this any longer and directly showed the computer to Huo Xinru.

Huo Xinru opened up the video, and her hands were trembling slightly. What was going on, why would this video appear at Xue Yin's place?

Moreover, the sound was very clear.

"Yin, are you trying to tell me that everyone in the company has seen this video?"

Huo Xinru was a little out of control, she wanted to hear a different answer.

"I don't know about that, but everyone in the Finance Department does."

Huo Xinru's eyes were a little blank. This matter, other than being done by the person involved, who else could it be?

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