Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C19 Tang xinyi's techniques
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Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C19 Tang xinyi's techniques
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C19 Tang xinyi's techniques

He was not in charge of managing the Finance Department to begin with, but now that Tang Xinyi was the Vice Minister, he had to plan even more carefully.

As Tang Xinyi was handling the documents in his office, she didn't know that someone was already staring at her. Her phone rang, and she looked at the two words on it.

Her heart felt a little warm. Last night, this man's words were still ringing in her ears.

She picked up the phone.

"You left work a long time ago today, so I came to pick you up. There's a bigger problem with the company system."

Tang Xinyi frowned, she shouldn't have. Very few people could remove the code she planted in, she knew that it would trouble the hacker, but blocking it for a while would not be a problem.

Who exactly did Mo Tianxing offend? It's really hard to get a hacker of this level to pay for one.

"You should come pick me up now. There's nothing major anyways, just call me when you get there."

"Alright." Mo Tianxing said succinctly.

Tang Xinyi was actually a little worried, she was afraid that her skills were not as good as that man's, and she would not be able to help Mo Tianxing.

She was in the office, a little upset.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang. Tang Xinyi directly gave Minister Wu a leave of absence and left the company.

She watched as Mo Tianxing changed another car, she was a little speechless, was there really a need to advertise how rich he was, the three words.

The scent of jasmine wafted from the carriage.

"How did you know I'd like it?"

Tang Xinyi asked suspiciously.

Mo Tianxing's magnetic voice spoke, "Of course I know, the smell on your body is this kind of fragrance."

Tang Xinyi kept her mouth shut, she was pretending to be calm, but the red hue in her ears exposed her.

After arriving at the villa, Tang Xinyi didn't have the mood to think about anything else. She went to the study room and turned on the computer to look at the Mohist system.

Her brows tightly knitted together. This person's code was quite advanced, and even though it wasn't difficult for him, he still read the information on Mohist.

Tang Xinyi directly typed in a new code that would only appear three years later. She did not believe that this person would be able to decipher it so quickly.

Truly, if he were to fight his sister, he would have to die first.

In the dark room, only the light from the computer could be seen. There were two people sitting on the worn-out sofa.

"K, what happened? Why did the data automatically stop?"

The man was dressed in extremely elegant and luxurious clothes, with an aura that was on par with Mo Tianxing's.

"I'm sorry, but there's a very powerful hacker over there. I've never seen the code that was given to me before. Right now, I need more time."


Mo Tianxing was actually able to find a hacker at the same level as the second ranked K, surprising him.

However, could he stop K. just like that? He was too naive.

Tang Xinyi cleaned up the traces left behind by her opponent, it was very rare, this person, was definitely not a good person.

Tang Xinyi's forehead was covered in sweat, the code over there was about to be broken, otherwise, it would have directly hacked into her opponent's computer.

There was no other way, but it was risky.

"Mo Tianxing, is there anything important on your computer?"

Tang Xinyi asked quickly, her eyes filled with anxiety.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to hack into this person's computer right now, but if I fail, your computer will be hacked into as well."

Tang Xinyi explained, her hands never leaving the computer.

"Do it, I believe in you." Mo Tianxing said firmly.

Trust me.

Tang Xinyi didn't say anything, but her eyes told Mo Tianxing that she definitely wouldn't lose, and she didn't believe that a hacker who had been reborn wouldn't be able to beat this person.

Tang Xinyi immediately opened the hacking software.

Right now, she wanted to destroy his computer and check his identity.

"Oh no, they hacked into my computer." There was a hint of nervousness in K's eyes. The other party was truly powerful. He had no confidence that he would be able to win.

"What's the consequence of hacking into a computer? All the data will disappear and the information in the computer will be seen by the other party."

The man's eyes were slightly nervous. Mo Tianxing, so many years have passed, but you are still as capable as ever.

"Try your best. If you fail, it doesn't matter."

The man's voice was somewhat deep.

Tang Xinyi continued to decipher the other party's code. Now, all she wanted to do was to see the two of them, who had the most code and who was the fastest!

An hour had passed and Tang Xinyi's hands were sore. She was not a professional hacker, but the other party's speed had not slowed down at all.

It was clear that the other party was a professional hacker. Furthermore, his ranking must be very high. The only people who could stand a chance against her were those with high skills.

Now, he couldn't drag this on any longer. Otherwise, she would definitely be the one to lose.

Tang Xinyi directly sent a code message to the top hacker in the world the year she died.

She had to send out the shit button. She immediately cleaned up the other person's code, the last one, while the hacker was still trying to decipher her her code.

Tang Xinyi first destroyed the document he stole, then she checked the other party's information, K, World Hacker Number Two.

Tang Xinyi's back was now completely drenched. She did not expect that it would be K, and just now, she actually had a contest with K.

If she didn't have someone else's code, she would have lost. After all, her hand speed had slowed down.

However, there was no employer on the computer. Mo Tianxing's opponent was really mysterious, they had thought that they could actually find him.

Forget it, I'll just destroy his computer.

Tang Xinyi easily pressed down the start menu and the other party's computer went black.

After that, Tang Xinyi stretched her waist, feeling extremely relaxed.

"I've already destroyed the other party's computer, and your opponent is actually ranked second on the Hacker Ranking, K."

Mo Tianxing slightly raised his brows, his voice extremely tempting.

"Really? He got second place on the hacker ranking, but in the end, the one who won wasn't you. This means that you're even more outstanding than him, right?"

Tang Xinyi looked like Mo Tianxing's eyes. They did not hold any suspicions, nor did they contain any killing intent.

"Mo Tianxing, I have been rather curious. Are you not afraid that I will betray you?"

Tang Xinyi said casually, her hand constantly shaking. Right now, she really wanted to massage her fingers, she was really tired.

"You won't."

Mo Tianxing's words were firm and his tone was firm. They had only known each other for less than a month, what right did he have to be so firm?

Tang Xinyi avoided Mo Tianxing's burning gaze. She did not want to investigate the emotions behind it. She did not have the energy to do so right now.

"Let's go. We went out to eat and worked for you for two whole hours. I'm really hungry."

Tang Xinyi changed the topic.

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