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C2 Rebirth

"Xinyi, you have been in a coma for an entire day, don't hurt me." A beautifully dressed woman was crying softly. Even her crying appearance was extremely beautiful.

When Tang Xinyi heard this voice, she had some doubts. Didn't she die, but the person who spoke just now was obviously Tang Yanran's mother, Liu Fanghua. She would never forget this voice.

She slowly opened her eyes, looking at the many people lying on the white bed, Liu Fanghua's tears were extremely moving.

Tang Xinyi's eyes were filled with hatred. Of course she remembered Liu Fanghua, it was her. She had caused her to be locked in the dark underground room for five whole months.

Her eyes were filled with bloodthirsty hatred. Seeing Tang Xinyi like this, she was really shocked in her heart, but when she shook her head and looked again, Tang Xinyi had turned back into that obedient and panicked look of her.

Liu Fanghua thought that she was overthinking things. How could Tang Xinyi know her true goal?

She gently held onto Tang Xinyi's little hand, but there was not a hint of care in her eyes, "Xinyi, this car accident really scared me to death."

After Tang Xinyi finished listening, she was extremely shocked in her heart. Of course she would not forget the car accident eight years ago.

She was glad that God had given her the chance to do it again, that it was all too late, that she could still think of the knife, of her baby alive, of me being killed.

She took a deep breath and put all of her hatred and hatred into her heart. This was the first thing she had learned in the past eight years: to hide her emotions.

"Auntie Liu, why did you come over? Where did my dad go? I want to see him now." Tang Xinyi's eyes were full of grievance.

Liu Fanghua listened to Tang Xinyi's words, and her scalp went numb. She could currently imagine the expression of all the people around her.

She looked deeply at Tang Xinyi, and did not find anything amiss. This child, usually called her mother, why did she call her Auntie instead?

Tang Xinyi naturally felt Liu Fanghua's gaze. However, the current Liu Fanghua, was fundamentally unable to see through the emotions she was hiding in the depths of her eyes. Otherwise, her entire eight years of existence would have been in vain!

"Xinyi, Zhenhua will be here shortly, you must not be afraid." Liu Fanghua gently embraced Tang Xinyi's shoulders.

Tang Xinyi coldly laughed in her heart. Why would she be afraid?

"Ah, it hurts. Auntie, let me go quickly. My shoulder hurts now." Tang Xinyi bellowed.

A middle-aged woman who was simply dressed at the side finally couldn't stand watching any longer. She walked over and reprimanded, "What are you doing? If you're not your child, can you torture me like this?!"

Liu Fanghua did not know what had happened, she had clearly wanted to comfort Tang Xinyi, but in the end she became like this.

She definitely could not let her hard-working reputation leave a single blemish. She hurriedly explained, "This big sister, I was just comforting my daughter just now. If you don't believe me, you can ask Xinyi."

Liu Fanghua had a face full of confidence. All these years, whenever she had encountered this kind of problem, Tang Xinyi would always help her solve it.

Tang Xinyi's mind raced, she wanted to destroy Liu Fanghua's reputation without batting an eyelid!

She lowered her head and said tremblingly, "This auntie, I ?" My aunt was very nice to me. She was really comforting me just now. "

As Liu Fanghua watched her movements, she screamed "crap" in her heart. Exactly what was wrong with this child, she kept feeling that today's Tang Xinyi was a bit off.

At this time, a middle-aged man wearing a black suit, with a lunchbox in his hand, slowly walked to Tang Xinyi's side.

Tang Xinyi's eyes were filled with tears. In her previous life, her father left way too early, so she didn't have the time to see her father's last time.

Back then, she had even naively thought that this was an accident. Now that she thought about it, her father's death was definitely related to Tang Xiyan and her daughter. This time, she would definitely not let her father die without knowing why.

Tang Zhenhua looked at Tang Xinyi who was covered in tears, he anxiously used a tissue to wipe away the tears on Tang Xinyi's face, "What's wrong, Yi'er, did someone bully you? Daddy will help you vent your anger."

Tang Xinyi slowly shook her head as she held onto Tang Zhenhua's big and broad hands, "No, Father, I was just too scared. Thinking about that car accident now, I still have a lingering fear."

Tang Zhenhua hugged Tang Xinyi, and comforted him, "Yi'er, don't be afraid, Daddy will always be by your side."

Liu Fanghua stood at the side and watched everything. She felt that it was especially dazzling as she tightly grabbed onto the leather jacket, hiding the jealousy in her eyes. She didn't believe that Tang Xinyi would always be pampered by Tang Zhenhua like this.

When Tang Xinyi saw all the emotions in Liu Fanghua's eyes, she was ridiculing him in her heart. It seemed that this woman had always been jealous of her.

However, this is also good. Let's just let her be envious of him. Only this way will he become even more interesting, no?

The middle-aged woman standing at the side saw this scene and walked out. "This big brother, you still have to protect your daughter well. This wife of yours isn't good to your daughter."

After Tang Xinyi finished listening, her heart was filled with pleasant surprise. She never thought that this aunt would actually speak up for her.

Tang Zhenhua was slightly startled in his heart. All these years, Fanghua had always been good to Yi'er.

He asked doubtfully, "What is going on?"

The middle-aged woman said everything she had just seen.

Liu Fanghua thought that things weren't good, but other than standing here and listening, she had no other choice.

After Tang Zhenhua heard this, he asked softly, "Yi'er, was what this lady had said true?"

Tang Xinyi knew that this matter wouldn't let her soft-hearted father completely change his mindset and let Liu Fanghua leave, so she couldn't admit it.

She shook her head and whispered, "Daddy, Auntie was very nice to me just now."

When Tang Zhenhua heard these words, he looked deeply into Liu Fanghua's eyes. He instantly saw clearly whether what Yi'er said was true or not.

Of course, Tang Xinyi knew that her father was suspicious of Liu Fanghua. Although it was just a small seed, after this matter, it would become much more convenient for her to do things in the future.

Liu Fanghua's scalp went numb when she was stared at by Tang Zhenhua. It seemed that in this period of time, she would have to treat Tang Xinyi the little girl better.

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