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Rebirth: Stock-market Queen/C20 Apologize from grandma
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C20 Apologize from grandma

After Tang Xinyi finished her meal, it could be said that she had fled in a panic.

After returning home, Tang Xinyi looked at the big table of food on the table. She really wasn't in the mood to eat.

"Yi'er, come over and eat."

Tang Zhenguo said with a face full of love. Naturally, it was not good for Tang Xinyi to say anything, so she directly walked over with a smile.

"Alright, dad, I'll come over to eat now."

Tang Zhenguo immediately gave Tang Xinyi's bowl with half a fish, causing Tang Xinyi's eyes to be filled with helplessness. Could she say, that she really couldn't eat anymore?

"You were late coming home last night, weren't you?"

Zheng Xiunian's eyes were full of satisfaction, this time, she would definitely let Tang Zhenguo see clearly what Tang Xinyi really looked like.

Tang Xinyi nodded.

"So, in the living room, grandma punished you to kneel for an hour."

Tang Zhenguo continued to ask, with that expression, there was no blame at all, it was just that Zheng Xiunian did not see anything.

Tang Xinyi replied softly, "Yes, Father."

"Where did you go?" Tang Zhenguo asked calmly.

"Dad, Department Head Wu gave me a bit too much work, I'm going to work now."

As soon as Tang Xinyi finished her sentence.

Zheng Xiunian immediately opened her mouth, "Zhenguo, look, Xinyi has already learnt how to lie.

When Tang Zhenguo finished eating, her face was full of seriousness. Tang Xinyi was very happy in his heart, but he absolutely could not show it.

"Mom, do you know that you're blaming Yi'er? From now on, you don't have to worry about anything happening to Yi'er. Every time you're blaming a child like this, my heart hurts as well."

Zheng Xiunian's eyes were filled with shock. She looked at Tang Zhenguo's unchangeable words and looked at him. No wonder this girl was able to kneel on the ground for an hour.

"Zhenguo, Xinyi is only a child, will she be working overtime?"

Zheng Xiunian's tone was full of doubt, she had originally been pining for Tang Xinyi in her heart, but now, she felt even more pained.

"Yea, I've seen the workload from yesterday. Even if you're not back for the whole night, it's only right and proper. Don't be so suspicious."

Tang Zhenguo's tone was a little anxious, her voice also became louder. He did not expect that, even after he said that, Zheng Xiunian still thought that Yi'er was lying.

Zheng Xiunian saw that Tang Zhenguo's face had darkened and her eyes were filled with anger and disappointment. She knew that she had done it this time.

Seated at the side, Liu Fanghua saw that something was amiss, so she hurriedly advised, "Zhenguo, mom is doing this for Xinyi too. After all, she is afraid that something might happen to Xinyi."

Tang Zhenguo did not want to talk to Liu Fanghua. Previously, he felt that Liu Fanghua liked Yi Er, but now, it seemed that was not the case.

He was really confused.

"Zhenguo, this is my fault. You must not be angry."

Tang Zhenguo turned his face away. Originally, when Zheng Xiunian had beaten Yi'er to such a state, he had told Yi'er to explain, and he was already uncomfortable with Zheng Xiunian's actions.

This time, he must tell his mother that he was in charge of her affairs. Otherwise, his mother would not stay here anymore.

Zheng Xiunian knew that if she did not give him a strong medicine, she would not have forgiven her.

Now, he had no choice but to go with that little girl ? Zheng Xiunian was a little unresigned in her heart. Tang Xinyi, her scheming is really deep.

To be able to make her fall twice was not simple. Killing intent flashed across her eyes.

She came to Tang Xinyi's front and bowed deeply, three words written all over her face. I'm sorry.

Tang Xinyi mocked in her heart, this Zheng Xiunian really ? It was done!

It doesn't matter, she can do it. After she's done, she can't just kneel down in vain, can she?

"Yi'er, forgive Grandma. My heart is tied to you too."

This heart-wrenching tone, this bean was so big that it made one want to cry. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Without a bit of effort, it really would have been impossible to achieve such a feat.

"Grandma, what are you doing? Yi'er has never blamed you for that. Hurry up and get up, and tell me if you want to forgive me or not."

Tang Xinyi's words made Tang Zhenguo nod his head repeatedly, this child, was not bad at all.

"Yi'er, I thought you were being weird."

Tang Xinyi looked at Tang Zhenguo with sincerity in her eyes, "Dad, I really forgot about what Grandma did last night. I feel very guilty because she is my Grandma."

The corner of Zheng Xiunian's mouth twitched, what she did was wrong, Tang Xinyi's mouth was really good.

"Mom, since you don't blame me, I will let it go. However, in the future, I can only take care of things for my son."

Liu Fanghua, who was sitting beside her, tightly gripped her chopsticks. At this moment, how she wished for Xiyan to be by her side.

At least Xiyan was able to say a few words.

There was nothing Zheng Xiunian could say, and she could only agree. Right now, she was truly an outsider to Tang Xinyi.

As Tang Xinyi ate, she was in a good mood. Her expression just now really made everyone want to laugh.

When she thought about that grandmother apologizing to me just now, she felt really good.

Under the meal, Zheng Xiunian's mind was constantly thinking of a way to get rid of Tang Xinyi. She had to hurry and get rid of Tang Xinyi before she grew up.

When Tang Xinyi returned to her bedroom, she thought about Zheng Xiunian's apology just now and truly felt that Zheng Xiunian was not simple. It was just that this person's status was too high, it was hard to deal with him.

Liu Fanghua came to Zheng Xiunian's room, her eyes filled with viciousness, "Mother, I really wronged you today. However, Tang Xinyi did not know why, but she had become so hard to deal with."

Zheng Xiunian held Liu Fanghua's hands, her eyes were filled with calculations, with her eyes, she had seen too many things, Tang Xinyi, she could not let him live.

"Fanghua, my apology is just a small matter. The main thing is, Tang Xinyi cannot be left alive, she will definitely obstruct us, so we must kill her."

Liu Fanghua's eyes were filled with disbelief that Zheng Xiunian actually wanted to kill her biological granddaughter.

She thought that Tang Xinyi at most would be an idiot or something.

"Mom, that was a life. Otherwise, we would have just fooled her."

Zheng Xiunian shook her head. Tang Xinyi had caused her to apologize to him twice, all these years, she had lost all those people who were able to make her apologize.

"No, Tang Xinyi must die, it's alright, Fanghua, leave this matter to me, it's just that, during this period of time, you have to be careful, and it's best if Xiyan doesn't come back."

Liu Fanghua nodded and left Zheng Xiunian's room. Her heart was still thumping loudly against mine.

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