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C4 Beat

At night, when Tang Xinyi lied on her bed, she couldn't sleep at all. She was truly very flustered in her heart, but she couldn't do anything about it.

She was really afraid that history would replay itself. She didn't fall asleep until three in the morning.

On the second day, the sunlight passed through the window and slowly shone upon Tang Xinyi's face. She slowly opened her eyes.

It had to be said that the current Tang Xinyi was truly moving. She was not that type of beautiful woman, but was instead that kind of pure and cute type.

After Tang Xinyi woke up, she walked towards the living room in a daze. She saw Zheng Xiunian, who was sitting motionlessly on the sofa, with Liu Fanghua and Tang Xiyan sitting on both sides of her.

She was slightly shocked in her heart. Why would Zheng Xiunian come to this place, she shouldn't have come so quickly. It seemed that in this life, many things had changed because of her.

Zheng Xiunian was wearing a red outfit and her white hair was tied up. Her eyes flashed with sharpness.

Tang Xinyi calmly walked over and asked in a low voice, "Grandmother, are you alright? Why have you come?"

Zheng Xiunian slowly stood up, and only heard a "pa" sound. Her right cheek was completely red and swollen, "Is there anyone who treats mother like this! This is simply outrageous. "

In this family, the person she liked the most was her granny. Every time she looked at Tang Xinyi in disappointment, she couldn't help but feel happy.

Tang Xinyi clenched her fist tightly. She knew that she couldn't be impulsive now.

"Grandma, I don't understand what you mean by that. What did I do to auntie?" Tang Xinyi lowered her head and said softly.

Immediately after, Zheng Xiunian threw a slap towards Tang Xinyi, "What do you call Fanghua, you should call her mother!"

Tang Xinyi naturally saw the smile in Tang Xiyan's eyes, but she couldn't resist at all right now, because the person standing in front of her was Zheng Xiunian, her nominal grandmother!

She bit her lower lip hard, to the point that she did not even know that she was bleeding. Liu Fanghua was really scheming, to the point where even her granny had moved.

"Grandma, I have a mother. Mom only asked me not to call you Aunt A a few days ago, so I can't not listen to her." Tang Xinyi said calmly.

"Kneel!" Zheng Xiunian roared loudly.

Tang Xinyi stared deadly at Zheng Xiunian. She knew that if she did not kneel, then it would be disrespecting her elders.

With a "bang", Tang Xinyi fell to her knees.

Seeing Tang Xinyi obediently kneel on the ground, Zheng Xiunian slightly raised her crutch and pointed it at Tang Xinyi, speaking arrogantly, "Let me tell you, you must call him today. The only mistress of the Tang Family is Fanghua."

Tang Xinyi felt extremely sarcastic in her heart. Turns out that her mother didn't even have a little bit of status in Zheng Xiunian's heart.

Tang Xinyi raised her head and looked at Zheng Xiunian, her eyes filled with determination, "In my entire life, there was only one mother, and that was Lu Xinya.

Looking at this stubborn Tang Xinyi, she laughed complacently in her heart. The more Tang Xinyi acted this way, the more heavily injured she would be today. In any case, the one who attacked was not her!

Zheng Xiunian immediately used her walking stick to continuously hit Tang Xinyi. Although Zheng Xiunian was already more than 70 years old, the strength in her hands was not small.

Even so, Tang Xinyi still did not make a single sound. She knew, even if she begged for mercy, it would be useless unless she called Liu Fanghua mother.

Pain! Other than pain, there was only pain. This was the first time she had been beaten since her rebirth, but now, she had no other choice but to carry it.

Just then, the door suddenly opened, Tang Zhenhua saw everything that was happening in the hall, he hurried over, and looked at the red and swollen face of Tang Xinyi.

He asked anxiously, "Yi-Er, are you alright? Daddy is here."

This was the first time Tang Xinyi felt that she wasn't strong enough. She clearly knew that she had to protect herself and her family.

But in the end, if her father hadn't arrived in time, she knew, she would have been covered in wounds.

Tang Xinyi's heart was filled with bitterness, she hated herself for being so useless, she swore that this kind of helplessness, was enough to experience once.

Tang Xinyi slowly shook her head, "Dad, I'm fine. Grandma's temper is just a bit too big, her actions aren't too heavy."

Tang Zhenhua looked at the pale Tang Xinyi, his heart aching. Since it's like this, how could he possibly be safe?

"Mom, no matter what crime Yi'er has committed, this punishment is enough. Stop hitting her."

Zheng Xiunian knew that Tang Zhenhua had returned. , Tang Xinyi, I will not punish you, but from today onwards, I want to stay in your house. "

When Tang Zhenhua heard Zheng Xiunian's assured tone, he knew that it was impossible to refuse and he could only helplessly nod his head and agree.

As Tang Xinyi looked at Liu Fanghua's successful smile, she knew that from today onwards, her life would not be a good one.

Tang Xinyi took the medicine box and slowly walked back to her room. Looking at the miserable state that she was in in in the mirror, her young and tender face was filled with vicissitudes and vicissitudes of life.

She really did have a twenty year old appearance and a thirty year old soul.

When Zheng Xiunian hit her, all of them were on her arms and back. She took off her pink pajamas and saw the green on her hands and the purple.

Tang Xinyi immediately used the medicine to rub the wound. These injuries were not serious, at least, they were better than her previous life.

However, what should she do to make her father understand that this grandmother of hers had her own ulterior motives? After all, his father was too soft-hearted.

Tang Xinyi's mind was in a mess, she did not know what to do.

Just at this time, her phone rang. Seeing that it was Shen Xiu who had called, her heart surged violently.

After she connected, she calmly asked, "Shen Xiu, why did you call me?"

Shen Xiu listened to Tang Xinyi's indifferent tone. His heart was filled with doubt. He spoke with extreme gentleness, "Xinyi, you haven't paid attention to me for so long. Did I do something wrong?"

After Tang Xinyi heard this, she almost vomited out all the food she ate yesterday.

"No." I was just scared. "

"Then let's meet tomorrow at three o'clock, in the caf? where we see each other so often." Shen Xiu said warmly.

The current Tang Xinyi suddenly thought of something. She felt that Shen Xiu was just a wolf in sheep's clothing.

She lightly agreed to Shen Xiu's request. She still could not lose decorum with Shen Xiu, this Shen Xiu still had a use.

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