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C6 Difficulties

Tang Xinyi walked out of the villa with the cheque for five million tightly clutched in her hand.

Her face was one of confidence.

Tonight, the bright moonlight shone down on Tang Xinyi's face, and the depths of her obedient eyes were filled with desolation.

At ten in the morning, Tang Xinyi drowsily opened her eyes. Last night, she had thought about things for too long, which resulted in her not waking up this morning.

"Why did you only awaken now? Don't you know the rules of the Tang clan?"

Zheng Xiunian was sitting upright on the white sofa, her expression was a stark contrast with the color of the sofa, as she spoke in an overbearing manner.

Tang Xinyi looked at Zheng Xiunian's sharp eyes and her heart skipped a beat.

"Grandma, I couldn't sleep last night, so don't blame me for not sleeping well."

Tang Xinyi slowly walked to Zheng Xiunian's side. His eyes were filled with tears, but in the depths of his eyes, there was not a single bit of grievance.

"Hmph, you still know you're wrong. This is simply rare." Zheng Xiunian said with a sharp tone.

Tang Xinyi saw that every time Zheng Xiunian said it, his neck would twist and that large chunk of emerald hanging from his neck also shook. Zheng Xiunian didn't feel pain from his neck at all.

"Grandma, I ?" "It won't happen again." Tang Xinyi lowered her head and said.

When Zheng Xiunian looked at Tang Xinyi standing in front of her like an innocent person, her anger started to rise. When she looked at Tang Xinyi in this state, she hated him from the bottom of her heart.

Her cane immediately landed on Tang Xinyi's back.

This time, Tang Xinyi did not resist. She used her hands to support her walking stick, and looked at Zheng Xiunian with her sharp eyes.

"Grandma, I've only woken up at 10 o'clock, but little sister hasn't woken up yet. Auntie hasn't woken up yet, do you think ? they need to punish me as well?"

Zheng Xiunian looked at Tang Xinyi with a choked voice. This girl, her mouth was actually quite good.

"I want to hit you today, what can you do about it?" Zheng Xiunian stood up and stared straight at Tang Xinyi.

However, Tang Xinyi was not afraid at all, and in fact, her aura was even more imposing than Zheng Xiunian's. This made Zheng Xiunian feel very fearful, and in the past few decades, there had not been a lot of people who were not afraid of her gaze.

Of course she didn't know that the people Tang Xinyi had passed through from the hands of the god of death before, were all people that she had experienced before, and they were all far more terrifying than her current predicament.

Zheng Xiunian had a kind of premonition in her heart that Tang Xinyi would be the biggest opponent in her entire life!

"If you let go of them, I will naturally deal with them. But you, I must deal with you!"

Tang Xinyi of course knew, Zheng Xiunian was only saying that, but, other than being patient, she was also patient. Zheng Xiunian was a senior, the things she said, could only be followed!

Her hands slowly released, and the stick fell onto Tang Xinyi's back one after another. This time, Zheng Xiunian didn't know that there was a camera at a corner taking pictures of all of this.

's back was drenched in a little bit of fresh blood, but she still didn't make a sound to beg for mercy.

However, even if she was passive, even if she was destined to be injured, she still wanted to hurt the person who hurt her the most!

When Tang Xiyan came out of her bedroom and saw all of this, her eyes were filled with pride. As long as it was Tang Xinyi who was suffering, she liked it.

She quietly returned to the house and changed into a long white dress. It was designed by Master K himself. There were only three sets in the world. The hem of the dress was filled with pink pearls.

Tang Xiyan looked at her perfect self in the mirror and walked out of the bedroom with satisfaction.

Tang Xinyi looked at Tang Xiyan who had walked over to Zheng Xiunian's side and said with difficulty, "Grandmother, shouldn't we be dealing with our little sister now?"

Zheng Xiunian paused for a moment, she looked at Tang Xiyan's beautiful face, her beautiful figure was truly much better than Tang Xinyi, how could she bear to punish Tang Xiyan?

"Alright, I see that Yan Er is dressed in such a pleasant manner, so I shall exempt you from this punishment. You may leave."

Tang Xinyi lifted her head and saw Tang Xiyan's aloof and haughty gaze. It was as if she saw her past life where Tang Xiyan was using this kind of gaze to stare at her.

Tang Xinyi bit her lips tightly, her eyes filled with overflowing hatred.

When Tang Xiyan saw this expression, she was somewhat shocked. When she looked again, Tang Xinyi's eyes were full of grievance and cowardice.

Somehow, she felt a sense of relaxation in her heart.

When Tang Xinyi returned to the bedroom, she immediately opened up her laptop and looked at the video in front of her.

In her previous life, in order to help Shen Xiu accomplish great things, she went and learned computers. She was one of the top ten hackers in the world.

Transmitting this video wasn't difficult at all for her. She was going to send it right now, so no one would suspect her.

The moment the video was uploaded, not even half an hour later, tens of thousands of people forwarded it.

In the villa, when Mo Tianxing saw this video, his heart ached for no reason. Of course, he saw the scheme in this woman's eyes.

He knew that Tang Xinyi was an intelligent woman. Someone who could make her use such a method must have thought of all sorts of methods.

What kind of environment was she in? Her back was bleeding, so she could keep silent.

Mo Tianxing watched the entire video, and he deeply remembered that tenacious look in Tang Xinyi's eyes.

Beneath Tang Xinyi's weak body, was an unrelenting love for life. This woman was just an unpolished jade, an unpolished jade.

On the second day, Tang Zhenguo angrily went to Zheng Xiunian's room. His tone was filled with disappointment.

"Mom, how can you treat Yi'er like this? She's my daughter."

Zheng Xiunian was dressed in green, her hair neatly tied up and her eyes filled with disbelief. If not for that video, Tang Zhenguo would have believed it a long time ago.

"Zhenguo, what nonsense are you spouting?" Zheng Xiunian's tone was a little wronged.

Tang Zhenguo directly gave the newspaper to Zheng Xiunian.

Zheng Xiunian looked at the contents inside, her heart was filled with shock. Just when did these photos appear?

The first person that appeared in her mind was Tang Xinyi. However, she had only beaten him up yesterday, so she didn't have that much time left.

But if it wasn't for her, who else could have installed a camera at home!?

"Mom, give me a reasonable explanation." Tang Zhenguo said firmly.

"Zhenguo, I was wrong in this matter. Let me explain everything to you."

After Tang Zhenguo finished listening to Zheng Xiunian's words, his heart immediately softened. This was the first time this mother said she was sorry.

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