Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C11 Do You Want to Betray Me?
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Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C11 Do You Want to Betray Me?
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C11 Do You Want to Betray Me?

No sooner had she stopped speaking than Diantha sensed an almost tangible killing intent. Her back stiffened, her hands balled into fists, and she lifted her gaze to meet Cassius's unflinchingly. The usual mirth in her eyes had vanished, replaced by a dark and swirling vortex.

Cassius, with his typically smiling eyes, exuded warmth and tenderness, but when the laughter left his gaze, it was as if a sword had been drawn from its sheath—beautiful in its design, yet its blade was serene and sharply cold.

Yet, in just a moment, the blink of an eye, the man before her had completely concealed that bone-chilling murderous aura, his eyes once again cradling a spring-like warmth.

He regarded Diantha, his smile more radiant than ever. His voice, tender as if whispering the sweetest of nothings, was the gentlest she had ever heard from him. "Alright," he said, "convince me with a reason."

Drenched in a cold sweat, Diantha inhaled deeply to steady her nerves and spoke with deliberate calm, "I realize that my past complaints to Grandfather have diminished your trust in me, but this time, I truly hope you'll believe me. I've come to see, and to understand, that a forced bond yields no sweetness. If it suits you, we can proceed with the divorce tomorrow."

Cassius regarded Diantha, his smile deepening yet saying nothing.

Diantha pressed on, "Ever since we met, I've been following in your footsteps. Today might just be the most you've ever spoken to me in all these years. Anthea's been with us for only a year, yet she's spent more time with you than I have in four years. Cassius, I'm weary. And you—you have better options than a thick-skinned, dull woman like me. Why not part amicably and find our separate joys?"

"To part amicably and find our separate joys," Cassius echoed softly, his voice imbued with a lingering sadness.

He then rose from the sofa and approached Diantha, whispering in her ear with a teasing chuckle, "So, are you planning to betray me?"

Diantha stepped back warily, only to be swiftly encircled by Cassius's arms. Their bodies pressed together in an intimate embrace, her waist against his abdomen, her hands against his chest. Cassius, head bowed, held her chin, compelling her to look up, their eyes locked in a direct gaze.

"Do you know the consequences of betrayal, Diantha?" he asked.

The question triggered something within her, her pupils dilating as a memory flashed before her: a dark interrogation room, a desperate middle-aged man, and a man seated like a king, his lips curled in a faint smile—the scene she had inadvertently witnessed in a past life when Cassius dealt with traitors.

A bead of sweat trailed down her forehead, which Cassius's thumb tenderly wiped away, a fleeting glint in his eyes. He leaned in, feigning a kiss, and teased, "Are you frightened, Diantha?"

She had been sheltered all her life, never exposed to darkness. What had prompted such a reaction? Had someone spoken to her, or had she seen something?

Diantha's eyes fell, unaware of the dangerous glint that had passed through Cassius's gaze, her lashes quivering.

Cassius's hand glided from her chin to her neck, then downward, pausing at the raised scar on her left shoulder—a bullet wound from when she had shielded Old Master Edwards a year prior.

"Elder Brother Cassius, are you there?"

The silence was pierced by Anthea's crisp voice as she entered, her white dress and bright smile contrasting with the room's tension. Her smile faltered upon seeing Diantha and Cassius so close.

Hadn't Elder Brother Cassius always been indifferent to Diantha? Why were they now in such an intimate posture?

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt..." Anthea murmured, head bowed, lingering at the doorway despite her apology.

Cassius, still embracing Diantha, glanced at Anthea, his eyes crinkling with their habitual warmth. "What's the matter?"

Anthea's voice was timid, her smile shy. "Tomorrow's my first day on set, and I'm a bit nervous. I was hoping to talk to Elder Brother Cassius."

"Don't be nervous," he reassured her. "Hollis will be there too. I've spoken to him; he'll be there if you need anything."

Anthea fidgeted with her dress, "But I haven't really spoken to Brother Hollis, and I'm worried the others might think I've ousted Tong Tong and dislike me for it..."

Diantha let out a scoff. Seizing the moment when Cassius was distracted, she shoved him away and retreated, wiping her chin and neck with a towel as if by instinct. Then, seemingly oblivious to the sudden drop in the room's atmosphere, she quipped, "So this is what they mean by 'shameless in deed, shameless in denial.' I've truly seen it now."

Anthea's face drained of color as she gazed tearfully at Diantha. "Sister Diantha, I truly had no idea about the lead role. I've always seen you and Elder Brother Cassius as family. I thought you'd understand me just like he does, not misjudge me like everyone else..."

Diantha raised an eyebrow. "Hold it right there," she interjected. "Having Elder Brother Cassius understand you is quite enough. Please, don't lump me in with family. I can't handle that."

"I'm sorry..." Anthea stammered, her face a portrait of discomfort.

She sensed a change in Diantha. In the past, no matter how much Diantha might have disliked her, she would have restrained herself in front of Elder Brother Cassius, always showing her best side. Wasn't Diantha concerned that her behavior might turn Elder Brother Cassius against her?

Although it felt wrong, Anthea couldn't suppress a tiny surge of guilty pleasure at the thought of Cassius disliking Diantha. But she knew it wasn't right; she wanted Cassius to be happy. After all, he and Diantha were married; their harmony meant his happiness.

Diantha cracked a smile. "Well, be more careful next time. Not just anyone gets to call me 'big sister.' I'm certainly not old enough to have a thick-skinned little sister like you."

"I..." Anthea's voice trailed off.

She silently watched Diantha, then glanced at Cassius. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she covered her mouth and fled. Her white dress flared out behind her, blossoming like a white flower in her haste.

Moments later, a startled cry and a thud echoed through the air.

"Miss Anthea, are you alright?" Mrs. Barnes's voice followed.

Diantha turned to Cassius. "Don't look at me. You saw everything. I only spoke the truth. Whatever happens to her is not my concern. If her own fragility causes her to stumble, she can't pin that on me."

Sweat had soaked Diantha's sporty tank top, outlining the contours of her chest.

Cassius's eyes briefly scanned Diantha's figure before he heard Anthea's sobs from below. He averted his gaze and walked away.

With a nonchalant shrug, Diantha pulled out her phone and sent a message to Hollis.

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