Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C15 Elder Brother Cassius, You also Love Drinking Milk Tea!
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Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C15 Elder Brother Cassius, You also Love Drinking Milk Tea!
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C15 Elder Brother Cassius, You also Love Drinking Milk Tea!

Anthea couldn't fathom why Elder Brother Cassius would suddenly stop a plain-looking assistant in a sports jacket that hid her figure, but she disliked Elder Brother Cassius showing too much interest in others. In a soft, coquettish voice, she said, "Elder Brother Cassius, Brother Hollis is treating everyone to milk tea. She's Brother Hollis's assistant, here to take our orders." She smiled sweetly, as if she'd stumbled upon a delightful surprise. "I had no idea you enjoyed milk tea, Elder Brother Cassius. You've never had it at home. So, you like it too?"

Her words were cunning, laced with girlish charm and subtly highlighting her close relationship with Cassius, confirming that they were indeed living together.

In the corner, the assistant and makeup artist exchanged glances and quietly whipped out their phones to furiously start texting.

Diantha paid little mind to Anthea's sly maneuver. She simply rolled her eyes and silently retorted, "Yes, your beloved Elder Brother Cassius not only adores milk tea, but he has a sweet tooth for all things sugary."

Because Cassius had overindulged in sweets as a child and suffered cavities, Butler Edwards had always restricted his access to sugary treats. As an adult, Cassius exercised self-control for the sake of his image, though occasionally, he'd indulge in secret. He'd have his assistant bring him a cup of coffee to his office, then he'd reach for the sugar jar in the bottom drawer and generously sweeten his drink.

How did she know this? In her past life, Diantha's world revolved around Cassius, and she knew his preferences and habits better than he did himself. She could write an encyclopedia on him without breaking a sweat.

Diantha understood that Cassius, a man with a penchant for sweets, wouldn't pass up the chance to openly enjoy milk tea and simultaneously craft an image of being down-to-earth and approachable.

Yet, to Diantha's surprise, Cassius didn't take the phone. He merely glanced at her dirt-gray, baggy sportswear that concealed her figure.

With her hair pulled back into a bun and thick bangs covering her forehead, the rest of her hair was neatly pinned up, leaving her neck exposed. From Cassius's perspective, he could see her graceful neck and a glimpse of her shoulders and back hidden in the shadows of her clothing.

Cassius took out a cigarette and chewed on it. "Hmm, from the Hicks family?"

Diantha wasn't sure what Cassius meant by that, but she nodded lightly, causing a few strands of hair to brush against her neck.

Cassius gestured dismissively with his hand, signaling her to leave.

Diantha pondered for a moment, suspecting that Cassius might be resisting the urge to drink milk tea in front of Anthea to save face. Not particularly concerned, she didn't dwell on it, pocketed her phone, and walked away.

After Diantha left, Cassius, still biting his cigarette, gestured to Heyden not to light it and squinted his eyes, "Tell Ryant to come see me."

Heyden stood there, puzzled.

The boss had been in a good mood just moments ago. What had made him so irritable all of a sudden?

Was it because he'd learned that his wife had injured Miss Perry?

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