Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C19 Milk Tea Stain!
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Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C19 Milk Tea Stain!
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C19 Milk Tea Stain!

Heyden was strikingly handsome, sporting gold-rimmed glasses that lent him a calm and steady gaze. He exuded an air of restraint and wisdom.

Anthea's eyes sparkled at the sight of Heyden, but her excitement faded when she didn't spot Elder Brother Cassius, whom she had been eagerly anticipating, behind him. A shadow of disappointment passed over her face, dimming her bright eyes. She was about to speak when she felt a weight on her shoulder.

Layla's hand pressed down on Anthea's shoulder as she preempted her, addressing Heyden with urgency. "Heyden, there's been a change in Xiao Xin's foot injury. The pain is excruciating, like a knife carving into bone, and it's followed by a period of numbness where she feels nothing. I fear it's more serious than we thought. We need to get her to the hospital for a thorough check-up."

Layla then turned and bowed deeply to Director Barnes in front of everyone, her voice earnest. "Director Barnes, I apologize for the inconvenience and delay to the production. Little Xin's condition is quite peculiar. She's young, and her health is her greatest asset. Could we possibly get half a day off to ensure a comprehensive medical examination and prevent any long-term issues?"

Heyden adjusted his glasses and reassured them, "Please, don't worry. The Edwards Group will fully cover any financial losses due to Miss Perry's absence."

Director Barnes, though visibly irked, had no choice but to acquiesce with a forced smile. "Take Little Xin to the hospital. Health is indeed our most valuable asset. Go ahead and get it checked out for peace of mind. I'll have the schedule coordinator make adjustments and push back Little Xin's scenes as much as possible."

Relieved, Layla straightened up from her bow, expressing her gratitude. "Thank you, Director."

Glean, clearly annoyed, rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath, "This just messes up the schedule for Clarity and Sabino. Why bother with acting when you could be pampered at home?"

Diantha, slightly amused by the turn of events, couldn't help but admire Layla's tactful handling of the situation. She had skillfully confirmed the authenticity of Anthea's injury while also justifying her ability to perform agile jumps despite the pain.

As Heyden made his entrance, Diantha knew the ordeal was likely over. Director Edwards might not have been present, but his timely intervention through his trusted knight had effectively saved the day.

It didn't matter, though. Diantha glanced at Sabino and noticed his indifference toward Anthea. His interest had clearly waned.

Her objective for the day had been met.

*Ring ring*

The phone rang, signaling the arrival of the milk tea. Diantha, without sparing another glance at Anthea, Layla, or Heyden, cheerfully dashed off to collect her order. The simple pleasure of food's arrival never failed to lift her spirits.

*Ring ring*

Nearby, a sleek black Bentley was parked. Inside, a man in the back seat watched through the window as Diantha effortlessly took two large bags from the delivery guys, thanked them, and with the same ease as if carrying a bottle of water, made her way back with over a hundred cups of milk tea.

The man's fingers rhythmically tapped his knee, each tap increasing the sweat on the brow of the pale, bespectacled man beside him, who seemed too nervous to even wipe it away. The stoic bodyguard in the driver's seat gripped the steering wheel, eager to leave.

Breaking the silence, the man in the back spoke softly, "You said Diantha hadn't left her room, yet when Mrs. Barnes checked, it was empty?"

The man with the black-rimmed glasses was Ryant, one of Cassius's most trusted aides, alongside Heyden. While Heyden managed corporate and personal affairs, Ryant led the Guardians, ensuring Cassius's safety and handling covert operations.

Ryant couldn't believe he'd been outwitted by someone he considered far beneath him. With a bowed head and a tone tinged with frustration, he apologized, "I'm terribly sorry..."

As Diantha returned to the set, blending into the crowd, Cassius stopped tapping his knee and stated firmly, "There won't be a next time."

"Yes," Ryant replied, his gaze still lowered in respect.

With Heyden, Anthea, and Layla gone, a somber mood hung over the set as Diantha rejoined the crew.

Diantha paid no mind to the small details as she effortlessly placed two large bags on the table designated for the crew's lunch boxes. She opened them up and began to take out the milk teas.

The crew, observing how easily she handled the bags without any assistance, initially suspected the milk tea shop of skimping on their order. Their skepticism turned to astonishment as Diantha methodically removed group after group of six milk teas, eventually covering the entire table.

Was Dith really that strong?

Once all the milk teas were laid out, Diantha didn't invite anyone to partake. Instead, she grabbed the most extravagant cup, brimming with oats, taro balls, and pudding, popped in a straw, and contentedly sipped away.

The crew fell silent.

Glean cleared his throat and approached the director to whisper something. With a nod from the director, the assistant director announced energetically, "Everyone's been working tirelessly, so Mr. White and Mr. Foster have treated us to milk tea. Let's enjoy a milk tea break for fifteen minutes!" He paused before playfully adding, "Unfortunately, Mr. White and Mr. Foster can only watch us enjoy our milk tea while they stick to their Pu-erh."

Laughter rippled through the group, lightening the mood significantly.

A cameraman fetched his milk tea and gave Diantha an appreciative pat on the shoulder, joking about her strength and suggesting she had a knack for photography. She might consider joining their team, he said, but Diantha politely declined.

Diantha leaned against the wall, blissfully savoring her milk tea, when Hollis joined her with a cup of Pu-erh in hand. After a moment's hesitation, he inquired, "Ms. Foster, aren't you scared of spiders?"

He recalled how, before Diantha had married Cassius, she accompanied him to a pet expo organized by one of his college professors. Despite encountering an array of spiders, lizards, and snakes, she had kept her composure. However, once they left, she turned deathly pale and suffered a severe bout of vomiting, followed by a fever that night. The doctor attributed it to shock.

Yet today, she had effortlessly caught a spider without a hint of distress.

Chewing on a taro ball, Diantha looked up and replied earnestly, "It's not venomous. Even if it bit me, it wouldn't be fatal. Why would I be afraid?"

To Diantha, who had survived the apocalypse, there was no reason to fear something that couldn't kill her.

As she tilted her head, the delicate whiteness of her neck contrasted with her sharp, petite chin and her lips, rosy and moist, were marked with a faint milk tea stain.

Hollis's gaze inadvertently drifted away.

Diantha finished her drink and reached for another cup. With Anthea, Layla, and Anthea's personal assistant absent, there were three extra cups of milk tea.

Diantha had every intention of claiming them for herself, but when she reached out, she found nothing.

The previously jovial atmosphere came to an abrupt halt.

Then she heard Hollis call out, "Elder Brother Cassius?"

Turning around, Diantha saw Cassius. He was still dressed in the same black outfit from the morning. With a casual air, he picked up a cup of milk tea. His eyes briefly lingered on the stain at the corner of her mouth before he turned to Hollis and said, "I need to speak with Director Barnes about something."

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