Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C3 Meeting Cassius Again!
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Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C3 Meeting Cassius Again!
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C3 Meeting Cassius Again!

The entertainment industry has been abuzz lately with the scandal involving rising starlet Anthea Hu, the head of Edwards Group, Cassius Qin, and his wife, Diantha Ye.

At the nurses' station in the hospital, a group of nurses sipped their tea while gossiping.

"Hey, have you heard about the patient in the VIP ward?"

"The one who hit her head, Mrs. Edwards?"

"Yep, that's the one."

"Who hasn't? The internet's been going wild with it. But honestly, there are so many ways to handle a homewrecker. Why choose such a drastic one and end up hurting yourself too? It just doesn't make sense."

"Well, you can't just say that. Anthea isn't the other woman. Edwards Group's official statement made it clear she's just a neighbor's sister who's fallen on hard times. Now that she's trying to make her way, Director Edwards, playing the big brother role, is just looking out for her."

"Exactly. Our Anthea is so sweet and young; how could she be a mistress? The official statement cleared that up. It's Mrs. Edwards who's the problem—so petty and intolerant, always picking on Anthea. She even visited her a few days ago and left in tears within minutes. It must've been something nasty Mrs. Edwards said."

Nancy Zhang, the nurse assigned to Diantha's ward, was the least experienced, which is why she ended up with the job nobody wanted—taking care of the notoriously difficult Mrs. Edwards. Despite her reluctance, Nancy had no choice but to take on the task.

Since Diantha regained consciousness, Nancy had been caring for her and found that Mrs. Edwards wasn't the petty, difficult person the rumors made her out to be. Many patients were irritable due to their suffering, but Diantha, despite her aloofness and cold demeanor, was actually quite pleasant and stunningly beautiful.

Nancy was initially nervous around Diantha because of the rumors. When she fumbled with the IV needle, she braced for a scolding, but Mrs. Edwards just smiled and reassured her. Still, Nancy's nerves got the better of her, and it took three tries to get the needle right. Mrs. Edwards laughed it off, her laugh more beautiful than most actresses on TV. In that moment, Nancy realized that the rumors were far from the truth. Why would Director Edwards neglect such a lovely wife for the likes of Anthea?

During the nurses' gossip session, Nancy had stayed quiet, but when one nurse, a clear Anthea fan, spoke up, Nancy couldn't hold back. "Mrs. Edwards is really nice, not petty at all..."

"Don't be naive," another nurse chimed in. "It could all be an act. Who knows what she's like behind closed doors?"

Nancy stood her ground. "But Mrs. Edwards is gorgeous, with a great figure. There's no reason for her to go after Anthea. Director Edwards isn't blind. With a wife like that, why would he be interested in Anthea?"

The Anthea-supporting nurse retorted, "What does our Anthea lack compared to Mrs. Edwards? Anthea's innocent, charming, and kind-hearted. She's a breath of fresh air compared to Mrs. Edwards, who seems like she's always in a bad mood. If I were Director Edwards, I'd prefer Anthea any day."

Nancy's eyes widened in disbelief. "Mrs. Edwards isn't like that at all!"

The other nurse rolled her eyes. "She's exactly like that. And if she weren't so petty, why would Anthea end up with a broken hand?"

Before the argument could escalate, another nurse intervened with a neutral comment, "Regardless, Mrs. Edwards is still the legitimate wife, and Anthea's injury was just a dislocation, not a break. There's no need to push someone to the brink. Mrs. Edwards may not be blameless, but Anthea, at just sixteen, might not be as innocent as the news portrays."

"That's true. Mrs. Edwards has been in the hospital for a week, and even though the young actress has visited, Director Edwards hasn't shown up once."

"Besides, the Edwards family owns a hospital. Why would Director Edwards choose to have Mrs. Edwards stay here? This isn't one of the Edwards Group's facilities."

"The news is full of speculation and half-truths. We have no idea what's really going on with those families. Just read it and move on—it doesn't concern us. Could you change the IV drip for the patient in room two?"

After their conversation, the nurses returned to their tasks.

Diantha sat on the single sofa in the hospital room, eyes closed, gathering her strength. If her memory served her right, she was up against a formidable challenge after discharge. She needed to be well-prepared.

The door to the room swung open, and footsteps approached—these weren't the familiar steps of the regular nursing staff. Diantha's eyes snapped open, her pupils shrinking in shock.

Two imposing men dressed in black suits entered first, positioning themselves on either side of the door. Following them was a tall man in a black shirt and pants, draped in an elegant black trench coat. His striking features and deep blue eyes exuded charm. His gaze was kind, yet there was an unmistakable chill behind it. It was Cassius.

A pang of pain surged in her heart, which she quickly stifled, only to be replaced by a more intense wave of hatred.

She had convinced herself she was over him, but his physical presence overwhelmed her, catching her completely off guard.

Her grip tightened on the sofa's armrest; she remained seated, eyes downcast. She feared that meeting Cassius's gaze would betray the resentment she harbored.

Cassius noticed Diantha's unusual demeanor—she wasn't rushing to greet him with shining eyes as she used to. He found it odd but didn't dwell on it. Dismissing the bodyguards with a wave, he approached and stood before her, speaking with detached calm, "Diantha, there's no need to take a child's words to heart."

So, Anthea had tattled, prompting this confrontation. Cassius had gone out of his way for this.

Diantha took a sip of water to quell the bitter taste in her mouth, then looked up with a faint smile, "Sixteen isn't so young. In a few years, she'll be old enough to marry you."

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