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C7 Crisis!

Diantha lowered her eyes and let a small smile play on her lips.

In her previous life, he had indeed spun such tales.

Back then, even as she was battered and had suffered the indignity of an unknown assailant's attack, people scoffed, claiming she brought it upon herself and deserved it.

At that time, she had contemplated divorce, feeling utterly unworthy of Cassius—her body violated and spirit crushed by so many, she believed she didn't deserve him or the love she held in her heart. Yet Cassius had reassured her, saying none of it mattered, urging her to remain at his side as Mrs. Edwards. She was profoundly moved, her attachment to him only deepening.

But now, she wondered if Cassius had only been concerned about the social backlash a divorce might cause, particularly for Anthea, and had simply placated her with those words.

Clutching her phone, Diantha feigned fear. "I'm still scared, out here in the wilderness. Hitting my head made me see things clearly. I promise I won't go after Anthea again. Please, Sixth Young Master, take me home. Don't leave me all alone," she said, her voice trembling slightly as she added, "I'm scared."

Eliasz gave Diantha a skeptical look, then shook his head. "I don't buy it. You won't take your promise seriously unless you learn the hard way," he said, gesturing towards the door. "Are you getting out, or do I need to help you?"

Upon hearing this, Diantha's smirk deepened. She was no longer trembling or frowning. Calmly, she pressed the red button to pause the recording and slipped the phone back into her bag.

Then, with a single punch, she struck the car's storage box, which burst open with a resounding bang.

She arched an eyebrow; the force wasn't as devastating as in the apocalypse, but it was enough to meet her expectations.

Recently, during her rehab in the hospital, she'd discovered that the physical enhancements from her apocalyptic experiences had carried over to this world—a delightful surprise. At least now, she had the means to defend herself.

Diantha turned to Eliasz, her face devoid of emotion. "Now, Sixth Young Master, shall you continue driving, or shall I 'assist' you?"

She put particular emphasis on the word "assist," but Eliasz was too taken aback to ponder its significance.

He was stunned by Diantha's sudden show of brute strength. Was she always this fierce, this formidable?

In his memory, Diantha had always been the demure and haughty lady by Cassius's side, her demeanor artificial.

After his initial shock subsided, he mourned the damage to his beloved car.

"Diantha, what's gotten into you?!"

With a blank face, she replied, "So, you'd like me to drive? Understood."

Before Eliasz could respond, Diantha effortlessly hoisted him by the collar, dragged him to the passenger side, opened the door, and tossed him out. Her movements were fluid and swift.

As Eliasz lay dazed by the roadside, he saw Diantha exit the car and head towards the driver's side. Scrambling to his feet, he was about to intercept her when a sleazy voice echoed nearby, "Is she the one? That figure, tsk tsk, we're in for a treat..."

"Boss, there's a guy with her..."

"He looks like a pushover. What's there to fear? Plus, doesn't Liangzi have a thing for this type?"

Diantha's body instinctively shuddered at the voices.

A wave of revulsion and rage from a dark memory threatened to overwhelm her.

She fought back the nausea and anger, glancing back at the group—black jackets, streaked hair, young faces marred by lewdness.

In her past life, these were the men who pinned her down, blindfolded her, and tore her clothes. That day was her lifelong nightmare; her first time wasn't with her beloved Cassius but stolen amidst the grass by these brutes.

Meanwhile, one thug had already grabbed Eliasz's shoulder. Jolted by their conversation, Eliasz spun around and landed a punch on the thug's face.

Eliasz, though fit from regular workouts, was no match for the seasoned brawlers. His punch, while not insignificant, barely fazed the thug, who just rubbed his bloodied lip, looked Eliasz up and down, and smirked, "Feisty, I like it. Hold him down!"

The thugs laughed and moved in to subdue Eliasz. He struggled at first but was soon overpowered. Glancing at Diantha, he remembered her formidable strength and yelled, "Diantha! What are you doing? Help me out here!"

The thug caressed Eliasz's cheek, "Relax, that fine-looking lady isn't going anywhere."

The ringleader gestured to his crew, "Boys, slash those tires. We can't have our girl making a getaway." He then sauntered over to Diantha with a lecherous grin, eagerly rubbing his hands together.

Diantha inhaled deeply, her eyes briefly closing. When they opened again, she drew a scalpel—surreptitiously taken while the nurse was distracted. In a swift motion, she seized the thug's outstretched hand. A gentle squeeze was followed by the simultaneous sounds of breaking bones and the thug's agonized screams. With a slight upturn of her lips, she deftly pinned the thug's arm behind him on the car hood, the scalpel at his throat. She lifted her gaze to the three men holding Eliasz down and the four others charging towards her, and calmly commanded, "Don't move."

Her voice was soft, yet it pierced the air, reaching every ear. Whether it was the scalpel threatening the gang leader's neck or the icy resolve in her eyes, her words froze everyone in place. The thug boss, whether from pain or terror, shook like a leaf.

Eliasz, witnessing the scene, struggled but couldn't break free. He called out desperately, "Let me go!"

Diantha gave him a cool look and simply said, "Shut up."

Eliasz clamped his mouth shut instinctively.

"Good boy," she said with a smile that was both radiant and proper, yet none of the thugs dared to entertain any further ill intentions. Eliasz bit his lip, remaining silent.

A thug, thinking himself stealthy, shifted his feet, aiming to close in on Diantha. Without changing her expression, Diantha flicked a pebble with her foot, sending it flying into the man's knee. The sound of shattering bone rang out, and he howled, clutching his leg as he collapsed to the ground.

A hush fell over the scene.

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