Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C9 Diantha Might Not Necessarily Listen to His Words.
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Rebirth: Supporting Actress/C9 Diantha Might Not Necessarily Listen to His Words.
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C9 Diantha Might Not Necessarily Listen to His Words.

Suddenly, Eliasz's eyes shot open. He began to stammer, "You...," but before he could get the word "heart" out, it was stuck in his throat. Diantha, expression unchanged, casually pulled out a handful of marbles from her pocket. In an instant, guns and switchblades clattered to the ground. The three men behind her, who had drawn their weapons, now had their hands and a foot each shattered by the marbles, wailing as they collapsed. Diantha glanced at the three who had been ready to back her up, now standing beside Eliasz, and chuckled, "I said two fists can't beat four hands. Did you really take that to heart? It's understandable that Sixth Young Master Sullivan, raised in a greenhouse, might be a bit naive, but what's your excuse?"

One of the thugs stepped back, shaking so violently he could barely control his stuttering tongue. "Y-yes, Boss. The Boss told us to..."

Without turning, Diantha listened as the thug boss, bound hand and foot on the car hood, spat out, "Damn you, you coward! If we survive this, we're dead meat to the Boss anyway! Might as well go down fighting!"

"You want to fight, you do it! She's a monster!" the thug named Liangzi shrieked, dropping his weapons and bolting.

"I'm out too! If one of those marbles hits us in the chest, we're goners!" Inspired, the other two dropped their arms and fled after Liangzi.

Diantha flicked her marbles, hitting each of their knees. As they screamed and fell, she turned to the boss on the hood, her smile blooming slowly, like a beautiful but deadly specter, "Rest assured, none of you are getting away."

She then turned to Eliasz, whose face had lost its false warmth, and asked pointedly, "Was it Anthea who told you to leave me here?"

Without hesitation, Eliasz denied, "No, Anthea's too kind to do such a thing."

Diantha nodded. "Right, she's kind, so she wouldn't say it directly. But did she mention a small forest not far from the Edwards residence? A place with poor signal and no cameras, where she feared I might one day abandon her, unable to find her way home?"

Eliasz's lips tightened, and his face paled but he remained silent.

Diantha had guessed correctly. Anthea had indeed planted the idea in Eliasz's mind, repeating it until he was convinced. This time, he had volunteered to pick up Diantha from the hospital, believing Anthea's innocent fears, unaware of his own role in today's events.

Silent, Eliasz watched as Diantha cleaned her scalpel with a disinfectant wipe and stowed it away. She then made a call to the police with the weak signal by the roadside.

Once done, she crossed her arms and leaned against a tree, teasing Eliasz, "Sixth Young Master, better get dressed. You're not exactly presentable right now."

Eliasz, realizing his state of undress, scrambled to get clothed. Once he was decent, Diantha moved the thug boss from the car to the tree and arranged the others in circles around two trees. She glanced at Eliasz, "Luckily, they didn't slash the tires. You should drive off, Sixth Young Master. You wouldn't want the police to see you here with me and a bunch of thugs, would you?"

Eliasz hesitated, then looked at Diantha, "You..."

With a tilt of her head and a deepening darkness in her eyes, Diantha reassured him, "Don't worry, I meant what I said. No one's escaping."

Eliasz finally drove away.

When the police arrived, Diantha tearfully recounted being abandoned by a friend and encountering thugs. She praised the masked hero who had come to her aid, lamenting that he never revealed his face. She handed over the marbles and scalpel as evidence. The thugs watched Diantha's performance, mouths agape but silent, knowing the police would never believe a frail woman could take them all on alone. They quietly allowed themselves to be taken away.

There was another reason for their silence: with the news of Sulo being their boss now out, they felt safer in police custody.

Diantha was escorted home by the police. Butler Edwards, upon hearing the story and seeing Diantha's pale face, sighed deeply, saying nothing.

He had Mrs. Barnes take a cup of milk to Diantha in her room and then shot a text to Cassius.

While dining with Anthea, Cassius glanced at his phone, fatigue evident as he massaged his temples. He summoned Heyden and instructed Anthea, "Heyden will escort you home after tonight's event. It's not safe out there, so stay put, okay?"

Anthea paused mid-bite. "Elder Brother Cassius, what's going on? Aren't we going home together tonight?"

"I've got something to handle. I need to head out first."

"...Is it about Sister Diantha?"

He nodded. Anthea's grip on her chopsticks tightened, a pang of discomfort in her heart, but she managed a smile of understanding. "Go take care of what you need to, Elder Brother Cassius. Tomorrow..."

"I'll be with you tomorrow for your first day on set," Cassius reassured her, prompting a genuine smile from Anthea.

The chill of deep autumn hung in the air that evening as Cassius returned home, a cold presence about him. He handed his coat to Butler Edwards and inquired with a detached tone, "Uncle Edwards, where is she?"

Butler Edwards' ancestors were once without name or status until they were taken in by the head of the Edwards family, who bestowed upon them the Qin surname and raised them with diligence. Thus, they became an offshoot of the Edwards clan, serving faithfully through the generations.

Nearly fifty, Butler Edwards' temples bore streaks of white, but his spirit remained undiminished. Having watched Cassius grow up, he now felt a twinge of regret seeing the discord between Cassius and Diantha. He vividly remembered how, a year prior, the young master had come home fuming about his grandfather's marriage ultimatum. Despite his outrage, there was a spark in his eyes that made Butler Edwards believe he had found true love and happiness.

With a heavy heart, Butler Edwards responded, "The Young Madam has been in her room since she was brought back, not even touching her dinner. She's lived a sheltered life as a Foster, likely quite shaken by recent events. Young Master, perhaps you could persuade her to eat. As the saying goes, 'Man is iron, food is steel.' She's sure to heed your words."

Cassius recalled Diantha's demeanor at the hospital and doubted she would listen to him.

Still, he nodded and ascended the stairs.

Below, Mrs. Barnes wore a puzzled look as she addressed Butler Edwards, "Didn't the madam have her dinner?" Indeed, Diantha had devoured three bowls of rice and a hearty serving of braised pork, astonishing Mrs. Barnes with her appetite. She had even offered Diantha digestive aids multiple times, only to be reassured by her healthy, rosy complexion.

With a serene facade, Butler Edwards cryptically advised, "Mrs. Barnes, some things are better left unsaid."

He then strode away, his steps light, his achievements and reputation discreetly tucked away.

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