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C1 Heart Exchange.

The old basement is damp, and the sound of dripping water sounds creepy.

The surrounding smell was very strange, and just by smelling it, one would feel very uncomfortable.

A woman was tied up, and her face was completely bloodless. Furthermore, she was weakly lying on a simple medical hospital bed.

Xin Shiyue's hands fiercely pinched the hospital bed as she stared at the man in front of her.

Xin Shiyue said with a hoarse voice, "Tang Mingyu, I have loved you for ten years and you are so cruel?"

Tang Mingyu lowered his eyes. There was not a trace of warmth in his voice. "Xin Shiyue, it was you who changed the braking system that caused Qian to have heart failure due to the car accident. Now she is still lying in bed. Now I want your heart transplanted to Qian. You should have used your own life to pay for her life! "

Xin Shiyue coughed and struggled," That car accident was not planned by me. "

Until now, Xin Shiyue still remembered Tang Mingyu.

However, Tang Mingyu did not listen to Xin Shiyue's explanation, "Back then you shamelessly chased after me. If it was not for Qian's accident, how would you have the chance to be with me?"

Tang Mingyu looked at Xin Shiyue. He thought that the injuries Qian suffered were all caused by Xin Shiyue. His face was full of hatred.

She was not ashamed at all!

It turned out that everything Xin Shiyue had done for Tang Mingyu was a joke in his eyes.

Xin Shiyue laughed sarcastically and sadly, "Yes, it was because I was so shameless that I gave up my chance to study abroad. Then I chose to go to the same school as you. In order to get you to prepare for the graduate entrance examination, I sold the dowry left behind by my mother to support your life. When the earthquake came, I didn't hesitate to break one of my legs to push you away."

" In the end, what I got was you hurting me. "

When Xin Shiyue said this, she only felt a palm pinching her neck, making her suffocate to the extreme.

Tang Mingyu was not moved at all. His face was gloomy and cold. He impatiently interrupted Xin Shiyue's words. "Enough, don't talk nonsense."

After that, Tang Mingyu turned around and did not look at Xin Shiyue anymore. He said to the staff waiting outside the door, "Hurry up and do it. Qian's body could not wait for too long."

Xin Shiyue looked at Tang Mingyu's determined back as he left without any hesitation. She shouted with a hoarse voice that had dried up for several days, "Tang Mingyu, you are not worthy of my liking at all."

" I treated you well in the past, count it as my charity to you. "

If there was a next life, then she would not love someone so lowly anymore.

If there was a next life, then she wouldn't hesitate to chase after her own dreams.

Unfortunately, there was no 'if'.

When Xin Shiyue woke up, she found that she was lying on a large bed.

Everything around her was so familiar that Xin Shiyue unconsciously widened her eyes.

Just as Xin Shiyue was in a daze, the door was fiercely kicked open.

"Xin Shiyue, quickly get up!"

Xin Shiyue heard this familiar voice and looked towards the door.

There was a middle-aged woman standing at the door. She was dressed very seductively.

This woman was Xin Shiyue's stepmother - Cao Mann.

Five years ago, after Xin Shiyue's mother died, Father Xin married Cao Mann back home. Following that was his illegitimate daughter, Xin Yuqing.

Since then, Xin Shiyue no longer had any joy in this house.

Cao Mann crossed her arms in front of her chest and the corners of her mouth curled into a mean smile, "Yesterday I discussed it with your father. The young master of Yun family, Yun Zehao, had a bad temper, and his appearance was ugly. Anyway, I won't let Xin Yuqing marry that ugly guy for a business marriage. "

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