Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C10 Then Prove It to Me.
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Rebirth: Sweet Wife's Counterattack/C10 Then Prove It to Me.
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C10 Then Prove It to Me.

"I didn't."

Xin Shiyue suddenly opened her eyes. She immediately met his face that was very close to hers. She instinctively trembled and her face could not help but turn white.

Yun Zehao's eyes darkened. "Then prove it to me."

There was no light in the room. The white moonlight illuminated Yun Zehao's face even more terrifying.

If she gave up now, then everything she had done before would be in vain.

Xin Shiyue thought about it and closed her eyes again. She used her memory to kiss his lips.

Immediately after, she was tightly hugged by a domineering force.

Yun Zehao kissed her even deeper. He patiently taught her how to kiss back.

After that, she was pressed onto the bed by Yun Zehao.

She let out a low gasp and suddenly opened her eyes.

Yun Zehao had left a kiss mark on her neck, and he was looking up at her. He was very close to her.

Xin Shiyue could not help but tremble. Although her movements were very light, Yun Zehao still felt it.

"No." She suddenly pushed him away forcefully. Her body was already drenched in cold sweat. She only felt like she had walked through the gates of hell. "I'm not ready yet."

Although her mind was filled with the shouts of revenge, she did not plan to use this method to please him.

She was not fully prepared for intimate contact.

Next, it was obvious that she was trying her best to hide her nervousness and fear.

Under the moonlight, Yun Zehao could easily see the fear in Xin Shiyue's eyes.

The temperature around him suddenly cooled down. "Since you have already agreed to marry me, I hope you can accept all of this. Otherwise, what do you think I'll do with my wife?"

"When you're ready, come to the company and look for me." He coldly said this before turning around and leaving.

Although she hid it well, she was still afraid of him in the end.

What exactly did she want to do?

After Yun Zehao left, Xin Shiyue was the only one left in the room.

She lay on the bed, the emotions in her eyes changing. Cold sweat had already soaked the entire bed sheet behind her.

After dealing with her relationship with Yun Zehao, he dispelled his doubts about her. This was the first step she wanted to take revenge on.

However, Yun Zehao was born with great suspicion, and she couldn't even take this step. How could she dispel his doubts?

The moonlight shone on her pale face, and she slowly sighed. If there was anything, she would wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, Xin Shiyue walked out of the room with dark circles under her eyes.

Yun Zehao did not come back for the whole night.

When Xin Shiyue finished washing up and was about to eat breakfast, she found Mrs Yun staring coldly at her at the dining table with a straight face.

She did not know if it was an illusion or not, but she felt that Mrs Yun at this time was different from before.

"Auntie, good morning." Xin Shiyue tried her best to ignore Mrs Yun's unfriendly gaze. She greeted and sat down to eat breakfast.

"Hao didn't come back last night?" Mrs Yun suddenly asked.

She nodded.

Mrs Yun's face suddenly became gloomy. She fiercely slammed the table and the milk was so shaken that it almost splashed out. "Do you know what kind of duty as a wife should be fulfilled? Do you know why he left?"

Xin Shiyue trembled. She gritted her teeth and shook her head. "I don't know."

She didn't dare to say it because she didn't hide her fear of Yun Zehao yesterday, which made him leave in anger.

Although Mrs Yun did not say how warm she was to her yesterday, she definitely did not like her as much as today. Or it could be said that Mrs Yun's dislike for her was just perfectly concealed yesterday.

"You can't keep him if you don't have the ability." Mrs Yun pointed at Xin Shiyue and said, "You can't even keep a man? You want him to go out and live at night? Or is it that with your looks, you can't attract him at all?"

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